IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-07-08

jelkner2. it will allow george to read it over when he gets here00:00
jelknerso, briefly describe what needs to be done00:00
jelknerhi Tom00:00
eldarhi TOm00:00
th1aI'm just setting up a new monitor and wireless keyboard.00:01
th1aTo improve my posture.00:01
eldar1. IF we can get Paul to explain how his code integrates with cando:00:01
th1aI am turning into a hunchback.00:01
eldara. add Competencies to the side menu of schooltool00:02
jelknermy brother was just saying a few minutes ago that "you are as young as your back is straight"00:02
eldarb. Create a page that will alow us to add, remove, browse, edit ALL competencies00:02
jelknereldar: that would be a great thing to do as soon as possible.  it is something the customer can see00:02
eldarc. get add/remove/edit competencies00:03
eldarimplement them all00:03
eldarand stuff of that sort00:03
jelknereldar: you can george can pair this evening and get some real work done00:04
jelknerwe will talk with paul by phone, but without internet, his participation will be difficult00:04
eldari'm looking forward to that, because I have no idea on how write it all in an agile way00:04
jelknerthat's what george is here for00:05
th1aSo... is the primary use case for a teacher to edit a list of all the competencies for a student?00:07
eldarno, this is for managers to manage all the competencies in the application00:08
eldarremember, we decided to have competencies be independent?00:08
th1aThat's what I thought.00:10
th1aI don't think Paul is on the same page though.00:11
th1aOr that's the impression I got.00:11
eldarthe way Paul made it, they're not00:12
eldarif they are, we need Paul to explain how that works00:12
dwooHey, anyone on?00:17
dwooGee, all that chatter and then no one answers me.00:19
th1aHere I am.00:20
th1aI'm doing some major rearrangement, so I'm a little distracted.00:20
th1adwoo:  What's up?00:21
dwooI'm having some problems with schooltool.00:22
th1aWhat's the problem?00:22
dwooI can't get schooltool to display the courses that a person is enrolled in.00:23
th1aOn their calendar?00:24
dwooNo, on the description page for each person.00:24
th1aHmm... OK.  Let me see if I have the same problem.  It might be an oversight on our part.00:25
th1adwoo:  That is a bug.00:31
dwooYay! It's not my fault this time!00:31
th1aI'll add it to issues.schooltool.org00:31
th1adwoo:  Anything that doesn't work as you expect is at least a bug in documentation or usability, if not actual functionality.00:32
dwooI have another question- How do you fix schooltool if you delete every user?00:35
th1aYou mean, if you delete the manager?00:36
th1aRight now, you don't.  That's something else that is being fixed for the next release.00:36
*** didymo has joined #schooltool00:36
th1aActually, I should make sure this problem still exists in the current development version.00:38
th1aI mean, the courses not being listed problem.00:38
th1aOK, entered as bug 304.00:54
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jelknerthla: Tom, you still here?01:56
jelknergeorge just arrived, and eldar talked to paul on the phone01:56
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th1aI am here.02:27
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th1aStill playing with my new toys.02:27
th1ajelkner:  Hey.02:30
th1aeldar:  ayt?02:43
eldartoo late, i guess :(03:02
th1aI'm here.03:02
th1aMaking dinner.03:02
th1aWhat's up?03:02
eldarin zope03:06
eldarwhen you implement a schema03:07
eldarusing :03:07
eldars = FieldProperty(InterfaceName['s'])03:07
eldarwill it instantiate it?03:07
eldari mean initialize03:07
eldarand what happens when we go s = [] somewhere else03:08
eldarand what happens when to go s = PersistentList() somewhere else03:08
eldaris it smart enough to just modify a little?03:08
th1aI don't know.03:08
th1asrichter:  ayt?03:09
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