IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-07-06

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gulaanyone using schoolbell via fast-cgi??08:11
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* tvon yawns19:34
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erchacheanybody here?19:35
tvonHello erchache19:35
erchachei send a mail to schooltool mailing list19:35
erchachewhere is tom?19:35
erchachenoboby knows?19:36
th1aI am here.19:36
th1aI was at a conference last week.19:36
th1aI'm going to be in Genoa next week.19:36
erchachewell i dont have much time to stay here19:37
erchachei have some little problems with schooltool i write all on the mail19:38
th1aApparently Genoa and Genova are the same place.  Took me a while to figure that out.19:38
erchacheand i have big experience on moodle19:38
erchachetoo difficult to join both....moodle and schooltool19:38
erchachebut its a good oportunity now....because other software are planned to join to moodle....19:38
erchachewe can get this moment to offer integration with moodle19:39
erchacheyou know?19:39
th1aThis is a good time to start talking with Moodle people?19:39
erchachei think so19:40
th1aFor most of your problems I think jinty is the best person to talk to.19:40
th1aIs he traveling now?19:40
tvonbeing written in PHP, I'd think they would likely hook in via the REST interface19:40
tvonth1a: question about external code in ST19:41
erchacheim not guru programmer....i hate programming.....programmers and hotline technicians are the bi... of computer bussines19:41
tvonth1a: the batching code we found is from the z3 bugtracker and under the ZPL, can we pull that in?19:41
erchachevery very hard work and poor payed and not recognized19:42
th1atvon:  Why isn't it in Zope3?19:42
tvonth1a: it isn't in the bugtracker any more, we found it in the CVS attic19:43
tvonth1a: IIRC it was deemed "inappropriate" for z3 core19:43
th1aSo it is in limbo?  Do you know who wrote it?19:44
erchachewell i left....19:44
erchachesee later!19:44
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tvonth1a: no name in the header, just (c) Zope Corp and ZPL... I could find out though19:44
th1asrichter:  ayt?19:45
tvonth1a: also, for the calendar widgets I found some BSD licensed javascript19:45
th1aLet's ask Stephan.19:45
* tvon nods19:45
th1aAs far as I know, we can use the BSD licensed code.  We just need to keep track of it.19:46
* tvon nods19:46
tvonthe batching code is very simple, granted19:48
th1aWell, if we could figure out where it came from, I'd imagine that whomever wrote it would let us use it.19:49
th1aOr, if it just happened to accidentally fall off the truck...19:49
th1aAdding that story is fine.  I need to send your initial invoice in.  I was waiting for POV's to send them in, and I don't think I ever got it.19:53
tvonokay, I'll get that to you shortly19:59
th1aAlso, I need to send you an email about what we'd need on our web server.19:59
tvonI still haven't gotten any information about it20:10
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th1atvon:  I'll send you an email shortly.20:19
tvonth1a: ah, thanks20:21
th1atvon:  How do you feel about doing forums in Plone, compared to something else.  Ubuntuforums use vBulletin, which, oddly, doesn't seem to be free software.20:39
tvonth1a: PloneBoard (or whatever it's called) works fine.  Is no as fancy as PHPBB or some other solutions out there but I have no desire to setup a whole separate system for the forums.20:55
th1aHm... I don't understand how installing Plone products using Ubuntu packages is supposed to work.  Have you ever done it that way?20:58
th1aI mean, I installed the packages, but they don't seem to appear in the ZMI.20:58
tvonnah, I never bother with packages and zope21:04
th1aHmm.  SteveA says:  "1. List the exact names of any Ubuntu packages you need installed on that server, or if the software is not available as Ubuntu packages, to say exactly how to get the software you need installed."21:05
tvontheir plone is 2.0.4 which is pretty old21:06
tvonpart of the reason I don't bother with packages21:06
th1aotoh, Mark says: "Is there any reason why this cannot just be a virtual server, where you get an Ubuntu image and root, and can pretty much do what you want?"21:06
th1aI'll take door #2.21:06
tvonthat should be fine21:06
tvonif we are not moving mail/svn to it21:06
th1aRight.  No real need to do that.21:07
SteveAi'd like you to move mail there21:07
SteveAsvn runs on pov's own server21:07
tvonah, thought mail did too21:07
SteveAi'm pretty sure that mail is running on a server that pov maintains, but that's actually my server21:08
SteveAsame with the bugtracker21:08
SteveAand the demo service21:08
tvonfor the price we might as well use something dedicated21:12
tvonlooking at the linode ram prices21:12
tvon512m ram minimum21:13
tvonunless I'm reading this wrong, do they really offer 64 M as a base? seems crazy21:14
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tvon$300/mo for linode with 512.. I must be misunderstanding something about this21:21
tvonwell, we use server beach for our hosting at $120-ish /mo with a gig of ram21:21
th1aThe memory seems overly expensive.21:22
tvonAs far as packages go, just zope2.7 from ubuntu and the rest installed manually21:23
tvonand I guess postfix/mailman/roundup21:24
th1aMy biggest priority is just being able to make changes to the server without having to go through a third party.21:24
tvonsounds like we'll be sharing something at canonical21:24
th1aOK.  I didn't understand what a "" server was.  I'd rather Mark just pay for us to have our own thing without having to beg off Canonical.21:25
tvonThe Power2200 from is more than sufficient I think21:26
tvonI'm open to alternatives, they've been fine with us but nothing I'd go out of my way to reccomend21:26
tvonon the rare occasion when you might need to speak to a human being, they can be hard to get ahold of21:26
th1aWell, presumably Mark has some reason for bringing up linode.21:26
tvonand for Ubuntu we'd probably need to upgrade from Sarge21:27
tvonmaybe because they can load Ubuntu, or maybe he doesnt understand our needs21:27
th1aOr perhaps there is some connection we don't know about.21:29
tvonthey aren't listed in the ubuntu marketplace21:30
* tvon shrugs21:30
th1aRegardless, I'll follow up on it with Mark.21:30
th1aThe RAM and CPU stats might be misleading, as the CPU is "burstable to 100% of the host's CPU," although hosting vendors aren't known for understating their specs.21:32
tvonI'm sketched out by vhosting... maybe I just don't understand it well enough21:33
tvonthat and we had a bad experience with vhosting and always running out of memory... but that was likely just a bad provider21:34
th1aWell, regardless, I'll follow up with Mark.21:34
* tvon nods21:35
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tvonth1a: do you have a tivo?21:43
th1aI don't have cable.21:43
tvonknew it was something like that21:43
tvonI have "it was on when I moved in" cable, which is nice21:43
tvonpicked up a tivo last week, it's pretty nifty21:43
tvonnever again will I miss an episode of The Daily Show or Battlestar Galactica21:44
th1aI got one for my parents for Christmas.  Turns out retirees aren't the target audience.21:44
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