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povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4065:10:27
povbot/svn/commits: This should be reviewed and backported.10:27
povbot/svn/commits: * Closes 242 and 259 * PersonPreferences altered to store actual time format strings.  * Time/date formats have to conform to the 1989 C spec in order to safely work10:27
povbot/svn/commits: across platforms.  This basically means days and hours have to be zero padded.10:27
povbot/svn/commits: * Evolution script for preference changes.  * A few changes to to use the new preferences and10:27
povbot/svn/commits: clean things up a little.10:27
povbot/svn/commits: * Some appropriate test changes.10:27
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povbot/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 4066:15:04
povbot/svn/commits: fix for issue275 tested in IE, Firefox, and Safari15:04
bskahanignas: can you take a look at r4066, I'm not sure why we were using display="table-cell" originally, also not sure if that's yours or tvon's15:14
bskahanthe change seems to work15:14
* bskahan shrugs15:15
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ignasbskahan, can't recall doing that15:44
bskahanignas: ok, I'll ask tvon15:46
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bska|mobilehi erchache16:42
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4067:19:02
povbot/svn/commits: Added missing functional tests, removed an unused function.  User can't delete himself anymore.19:02
th1a_alga:  Did you get the wireframes I sent to the list last night?19:04
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algath1a: yes, thanks19:18
th1aalga:  Does that match what you had in mind?19:27
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algath1a: It will be a large help once I get to writing a proposal19:48
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bskahanth1a: what's the conclusion about removing resources from groups?20:23
bskahanI'm for it20:23
bskahanI think booking is a better way to handle the association20:23
th1aNobody else seems to have a problem with it.20:24
th1aWell, let's discuss it for a minute.20:24
bskahanuse cases for resources:20:24
th1aYou certainly want to be able to designate which room is occupied by a section.20:24
th1aIn fact, you may want that to be a separate annotation.20:25
bskahanwe don't have location specific resources any more20:25
th1aWell, perhaps we should.20:25
bskahanif the use case is associating a room with a section I think we should20:26
bskahanwould groups need a location?20:26
bskahanthen my gut feeling is that resources should be tagged as locations (or not)20:26
bskahanand the section's location would be a relationship, not a member20:26
th1aThat sounds reasonable.20:27
bskahanthere's some further work there though20:27
bskahanmaybe not20:27
bskahanwe want the location to be "busy" at the times when the section meets20:27
bskahanso nothing else could book it20:28
th1aOK, so get rid of adding resources to groups.20:28
bskahanwhich also removes resources from sections20:29
bskahanadd a location marker to resources20:29
bskahanthen allow sections to choose their location20:29
bskahanmark the location resource as busy when the section meets20:30
ignasbskahan, well - not alowing to book a busy resource is not a good idea20:30
ignaswe discussed the resources some time ago and it was decided that conflicts should be left for users to resolve20:30
bskahanignas: I you can still book the resource20:30
ignaswhy locations should behave differently ?20:31
th1aignas is right.20:31
bskahanthat's ok20:31
bskahanI misunderstood what you meanyt20:31
th1aWarn, don't prohibit.20:31
* bskahan nods20:31
bskahanremoving the ability of resources to be members of a group may be complicated to upgrade20:33
bskahanfor people who currently have lots of groups with resources20:33
bskahanwhat would the upgrade do in that case20:34
th1aKick them out of their groups?20:36
th1aPerhaps we just should not allow resources to be added?20:36
th1aBut if they're already there keep them?20:36
bskahanI'm not sure20:36
th1aGiven that adding a resource to a group has no effect whatsoever, kicking them out shouldn't matter.20:37
bskahanfor this release there's probably no reason to kick them out20:37
bskahanor, no reason not to either ;)20:37
th1aWhatever is easier.20:37
bskahanI think kicking them out makes more sense20:37
bskahancan we assume sections only have one location?20:38
th1aLet's say one or none.20:39
* bskahan nods20:39
th1aWhatever use case involves mutliple locations is too complex to predict.20:39
th1aI guess you might have, say, adjoining rooms with a wall that opens.20:40
bskahanSections should be able to be related to a location resource.  That resource20:40
bskahanwill be shown a 'booked' for the meeting periods of the section.  Attempts to20:40
bskahanbook the resource for that time will warn about conflict.20:40
th1aAt some point we'll probably want to allow you to aggregate resources into a different sort of group so you can book them collectively.20:41
th1aLooks good.  It's pretty much the same behavior we had a year ago.20:41
bskahanth1a: the school name20:51
bskahanPretty straightforward.  It should show up on the front page.  Elsewhere?20:51
th1aThe footer?20:51
bskahanexcept that we're replacing the index with the calendar20:51
bskahanfooter is good20:51
th1aWell, like "Calendar for Huntingdon High School"20:52
bskahanspeaking of20:52
bskahanwho owns the generic calendar?20:52
bskahana group?20:52
bskahancould the groups name be the school's name20:52
th1aThat might be confusing.20:53
th1aCan the manager own it and then just use ACL to add others?20:53
bskahanwhat if the SchoolTool application was a calendar owner?20:55
th1aWhat if?20:55
bskahanthat would put the calendar at /app/calendar20:55
th1aThat seems like a reasonable place for it, I guess.20:56
bskahanand the title of the calendar would be the title of the application object20:56
bskahanI'm not sure if there's a reason that won't work20:56
bskahanits entirely possible20:56
th1aIf that doesn't have some kind of bizarre side effect it sounds ok.20:56
bskahanthe simple way is to make it /groups/school/calendar20:57
bskahanwell, /app/groups/school/calendar20:57
th1a... /app/calendar seems appealing.20:58
* bskahan agrees20:59
bskahanThe school name should display on the application index page and on the20:59
bskahanpublicly viewable calendar.20:59
bskahanthat's the way I'm writing the story, have to poke around a little to figure out the best way to do it20:59
th1aOK.  We'll see what POV thinks of the idea.20:59
bskahanshould it be in the footer as well?21:00
th1aI think that would be a good idea.21:00
th1aActually... can we have the version number in the footer, too?21:00
bskahanmakes sense21:01
bskahanjust mailed you the rewritten stories21:04
bskahanth1a: This calendar will show up on the front page of the site and will21:18
bskahanalways be overlaid on each person's view.21:18
bskahanfor the schoolwide calendar21:18
th1aDo you think that's a good idea?21:19
bskahanthat's going to work like the user calendar, always in the portet, and always on21:19
bskahanI'm not sure about the "always" on21:19
bskahanalways in the portlet makes sense21:19
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th1aHm...  Actually, I guess I was particularly thinking about the case of making sure schedule changes are visible to each person.21:20
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bskahanI'm just worried about the calendar being cluttered21:22
bskahanbut I don't feel strongly either way21:22
th1aBut based on our discussion yesterday those changes might not be school-wide anyhow, depending on the case.21:23
th1aSo let's say it is always in the portlet but can be turned off.21:23
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