IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-06-08

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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4068:11:08
povbot/svn/commits: Stylistic change.11:08
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4069:11:08
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* bskahan is grumpy about the existence of internet explorer16:32
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bskahantvon: did you take out the footer hack at some point?  or did we just discuss it?16:48
tvonWe just discussed it16:56
bskahantvon: can you test something in IE for me17:01
bskahananyone who's around actually17:01
bskahanI see the calendar year view page has its base font larger than the other calendar view pages17:02
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th1aSteveA:  ayt?17:23
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* tvon pokes ignas 18:21
tvonignas: templates/person_container_delete.pt18:21
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povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4070:18:26
povbot/svn/commits: Typo fix.18:26
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4071:18:28
povbot/svn/commits: Oops.18:28
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dwoothla: Tom, you here?  This is jeff elkner, loggin one of my students onto the channel18:56
bskahanhi jeff18:56
th1aHi, Jeff.18:56
dwoodavid woo is a very bright, if decidely eccentric student of mine whom i am hoping to groom as a schooltool/cando developer18:57
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dwoohe has a question about zope 3 which i can not answer18:57
dwoocan i turn him over to you folks?18:57
th1aI don't know if I can help him personally, but I imagine someone here can.18:58
dwoogood enough... here he is...18:58
dwooI'm learning about page template macros. In the book I'm reading, there's something there I don't understand...18:59
th1aWhich book?19:00
dwooIt's called "web component development with zope3"19:01
dwooIn the book they put a <div metal:fill-slot="body"> tag around the body of a page template they previously introduced.19:01
dwooThe problem is, there's already a <body> tag around it, so I'm wondering exactly what this tag is supposed to do.19:02
th1aWhat page is it on?  I'm probably the only other person with the book.19:03
bskahandwoo: the contents of that div will be used in another template where the19:03
bskahan          <metal:block define-slot="body"/>19:03
dwoo Page 11219:04
bskahanis that stephan's book or phill's?19:04
bskahanI just went out and bought z3 dev guide so I can appropriately fanboy srichter ;)19:05
bskahandwoo: the confusing bit is the fact that the xhtml <body> tag is mixed in with what is essentially an xml template19:06
bskahanthe <body> tag that will eventually get rendered is probably in the pt file where the slot is defined19:07
dwooWouldn't that mean that there is a body tag inside a body tag then?19:07
bskahanthe example your looking at has:19:08
bskahan...<body><div metal:fill-slot="body"> Some content </div></body>..19:08
dwooYeah, that's it.19:08
bskahanthe section within the div (including the div) will get rendered at the point where the define-slot="body" is19:09
bskahanthe content around your div won't be rendered19:09
bskahandwoo: does that make sense?19:10
dwoobskahan: Yes, but why doesn't the stuff around the dive get rendered?19:11
dwoo Hmmm... how do you do the red text?19:11
bskahanthe red text probably shows up when your name is on the line19:14
bskahanyou'd define your basica page structure in the file with the define-slot directive, then each new piece of content doesn't have to worry about the frame of the page, or the HTML header, they can just fill the body slot19:16
bskahancalling the slot "body" rather than "body-content" might not be the most readable practice, but its common19:17
th1aYeah, it seems like that is the confusing part.19:17
th1aRe-using the word "body."19:18
dwooOh, okay. I guess that makes sense.19:18
th1aSo what fills the body content won't bring its own <body> tag with it?19:19
bskahanin schoolbell the "body" is just the content well, and often not the entire content well.19:20
dwooThank you for your time.19:21
bskahandwoo: no problem, hope that helps19:21
bskahanth1a: see my mail about "timetables"19:23
th1aYes, I agree.19:25
bskahanthat's a 0.11 change?19:29
th1aUh... ask jinty.19:30
th1aIf there isn't disagreement I'd like to do it for 0.10.19:30
th1aI gotta run.19:30
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_maharajaany1 here who can help me understand and/or improve schoolbell?21:27
_maharajacause i would like to see better interoperability with sunbird21:27
bskahan_maharaja: hi21:28
bskahanwhat are you thinking about working on?21:28
_maharajawell - there are several things i would like to improve (or maybe i do not know how to enable some features of schooltool/sunbird)21:30
_maharajathings like:21:30
_maharajathere should be private entries where no1 except me can see the names21:30
_maharajaone can improve all day events21:31
_maharajabecause when i create an all day event in sunbird, it is converted to an event lasting from 00:00-00:00 in schoolbell21:31
_maharajaand it takes the whole screen to display that event21:31
bskahanthe all day event problem is known bug21:32
_maharajathere is a bug when an event ends at 12:05 and another one starts at 12:05 - while 12:00 <-> 12:00 is no problem21:32
bskahanI believe its now fixed in SVN and will be fixed in 1.1.121:32
_maharajais there a public svn repository?21:32
_maharajak - ill take a look21:32
bskahanI don't think there's a ACL level for setting individual events to private21:33
bskahanif you wanted to add it, you could take a look at the notes system21:33
bskahanthey have public/private status21:33
bskahansorry, typo21:33
bskahan should be the allday events in iCal bug21:35
bskahan_maharaja: what's the bug with 12:05/12:05 events?21:38
_maharajaill post a screenshot21:38
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bskahansunbird won't run on my machine21:42
bskahannever has21:42
bskahanalways segfaults21:42
_maharajamhm - strange21:42
bskahan_maharaja: what's the bug in that screenshot?21:42
_maharajathe alignment21:43
bskahanthe fact that they aren't in a single column?21:43
_maharajaor is this a feature? :)21:44
bskahanthat's tricky, because one ends at 12:05:00 and the other starts at 12:05:00 the rendering thinks they overlap21:44
_maharajaand they only align in a single column when they start/end at x:0021:45
bskahanwell, it should be consistent21:45
bskahannot sure which I'd call the bug21:45
bskahanbut one of them definitely is21:45
_maharajathe second example is:
bskahanit is the edge case of a feature though, events that overlap are offset so they don't get hidden21:46
bskahanI think your right21:47
bskahanthat looks better21:47
bskahanI suspect it won't be a fun thing to fix21:47
_maharajaso is it a quick fix?21:47
_maharajai do not know anything about the rendering21:47
_maharajabut i've once worked on an calender project21:47
_maharajaand getting things to render like that is magic :>21:47
_maharajanever touched this part of the calendar21:48
bskahani doubt its a quick fix, the overlapping event rendering code is pretty delicate CSS21:48
bskahancan you file a bug with those screensots though?21:48
bskahanof the things you mentioned the private events would be the best introduction to the schoolbell code21:52
_maharaja*searching for the bug ticket system*21:52
_maharajafound it21:52
_maharajawhere should i start reading?21:52
_maharajalike dokumentation/code21:52
bskahanfirst you probably want to find out if the iCal standard supports privacy at the event level21:53
bskahanI think it does21:53
bskahanthen you could take a look at src/schoolbell/app/ and src/schoolbell/app/browser/notes.py21:55
bskahanthe actual calendar event is in src/schoolbell/calendar/, iirc21:56
bskahangood starting documentation in src/schoolbell/calendar/README.txt21:57
bskahanI got sunbird 0.2 running without gtk-xft22:01
bskahanmmmm, no anti-aliasing22:01
_maharaja*building the svn .debs*22:03
bskahanrunning straight out of the svn checkout without installing is very easy22:05
bskahansvn co blah://blah/trunk schoolbell22:05
bskahancd schoolbell22:05
_maharajamhm - good to know22:06
bskahannot to discourage building/testing the debs22:06
_maharajaill do both ;)22:06
_maharajais my work python only code which is compiled on the fly?22:06
_maharajaor do i have to recompile schoolbell everytime i make changes22:06
bskahannope, make just compiles zope's BTrees22:06
_maharajai've got an error while compiling the debs22:07
bskahansb is all python22:07
_maharajamsgmerge: error while opening "src/schoolbell/app/locales/schoolbell.pot" for reading: No such file or directory22:07
_maharajai did: svn co
bskahanmake update-translations22:07
_maharajathats the error22:07
bskahannot needed if your running from the directory, but probably needed for the debs22:07
_maharajait is22:08
_maharaja(needed for the debs)22:08
bskahanmake get-rosetta-translations22:08
* bskahan is ashamed to say he's never tried building the debs22:09
_maharajamay i ask what you're doing at schooltool/-bell?22:09
bskahanwhat the roadmap is?22:10
_maharajano, what bskahan is doing :)22:10
_maharajalike coding module x22:10
bskahanheh, I work for etria, one of the 2 full time dev teams, POV is the other22:10
bskahanetria does more of the UI bits, POV does more of the internals/architecture22:11
_maharajai c22:12
_maharajawhy did you focus on zope?22:12
_maharajaor plone22:13
_maharajawhatever it is :)22:13
bskahanwe had a zope3 inspired system based on twisted and parts of zope322:13
bskahanwe moved to full zope3 in january after zope 3.0 was released22:14
bskahanthe general decision for zope was made before I was here, but the general benefits for agile programming, fast development probably applied22:14
_maharajai'm interested cause i'm starting a rather big project and i do not know what to use ;) right now, i'm planning to use php5 and prado (a php5 mfc framework)22:15
bskahandepends on the project, for larger projects I think zope makes more sense, but I'm biased22:15
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bskahan_maharaja: got to run22:16
bskahangood luck with private events22:16
bskahanmail the dev list if you have questions22:16
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th1a_maharaja:  Hi.23:31
_maharajath1a: are you a schoolbell hacker?23:47
_maharajaand/or know python?23:47
th1aI am the project manager, I do know Python but I've done very little work on SchoolBell itself.23:48
th1aI'm the educator here.23:48
_maharajai c23:50
th1aDo you have a specific question?23:51
_maharajawell - basically i struggle to implement some privacy features23:52
_maharajai've added a private attribute to the event templates23:52
_maharajaand do not know how to save this information23:52
_maharajaand to make things worse, it's my first time coding in python23:53
_maharajai do not understand how things work :-/23:53
th1aSo you added a field to the template?23:53
_maharajayes, i did23:53
_maharajai get the feeling that it is saved in the database, as i can do weired things with <tal:if condition="event/private">...</tal:if>23:54
_maharajabut in the python code, its not23:54
_maharajaits not working23:54
_maharajaas expected23:54
_maharajai'm confused as i even do not know how to debug python... :)23:55
th1asrichter has written a book on Zope 3, and there is a version of it online.23:56

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