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pcardunewell, i've already installed one zope server, and it seems like schoolbell is set up to install another zope server (unless it overwrites the first one?)00:01
jintyif you already have a zope server set up I srtongly advise you to run schoolbell from the tarball00:03
jintyI mean from the directory the tarball is un-packed into.00:03
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pcardunethat is what i thought i would do....00:04
jintyIn my opinion installing stuff without a package manager is a recipie for disaster00:04
th1apcardune:  Your time is probably more valuable than your disk space or memory at this point.00:05
pcarduneth1a: i don't know about that, I tried installing java and it said i need to clear up some disk space...00:05
th1ajinty:  That's why we love you.00:05
pcarduneanyways, i've followed the directions... for once... from the readme file, and i am now up an running with schooltool... hurray!00:06
th1aGood news.00:06
jintyth1a: I said package manager(dpkg, rpm), not package maintainer (pure BS);)00:38
jintypcardune: are you running as standalone or under the ZMI?00:42
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jintyth1a: how much is it worth to set up the tarball such that13:45
jintya user can unpack, go cd Zope3; ./z3.py13:45
jintyand run zope+integrated schoolbell?13:45
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bskahanSteveA: saw that16:57
bskahanI'm all for moving to bazaar in theory, but marius is right about the speed being to much of an issue on common operation (commit and status)16:58
ignasSteveA, after taking a glimpse at the article it occured to me that using something not 100% dependant on a central repo is a nice hing to have if you are using a laptop16:58
ignastwo days ago i wanted to do a commit and keep on working though i had no connection so i had to do all kinds of pseudo revert hacks ...16:59
bskahanSteveA: did you here back about the server btw?17:01
SteveAhas someone contacted marius or anyone else?17:01
bskahanno one has told me if they have17:02
bskahanits possible though17:02
bskahan makes me chuckle17:02
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bskahanwhen an administrator installs a new schooltool server, what are the first 3 things they should do?17:21
th1abskahan:  Good question.17:21
th1a1) Change their password.17:22
bskahangood call17:22
bskahanin that case, what are the first 4 things they should do ;)17:22
th1aProbably check the site preferences.17:22
bskahanare there any sitewide preferences in this release?17:23
bskahanI don't think so17:23
bskahangroups, then persons, then resources17:24
bskahanterms next17:25
th1aWhat about date format, start day of week, etc?17:26
th1aOr am I on crack?17:26
th1aAre those by user?17:26
bskahanby user17:26
bskahanthe defaults are european17:27
th1aOK.  I forgot.17:27
bskahanits something that should change but wasn't in this release17:27
th1aYeah, should be in there eventually.17:28
bskahanhttp://localhost:7080/ttschemas/+ I'm wondering if there's a rendering glitch that makes Period 1, Day 1 and X not align on that page17:31
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th1abskahan:  Anyhow, your sequence seems correct.17:31
bskahanbut that part is a little confusing17:31
bskahando timetables come before sections?17:31
th1aI was thinking about doing a box with "Things you haven't done yet" a la Basecamp.17:32
th1aTimetable schemas would come before sections, right?17:32
bskahanthat's what I'm thinking17:32
th1aYou want to indicate what period the section takes place.17:33
bskahanI'm going through the process now to see what can be fixed UI wise before we branch17:33
bskahanthat's actually what started this, I realized section labels don't include meeting time17:33
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* bskahan is going to make some coffee, back in 5 minutes17:34
th1aYes, I've been wondering about that.17:48
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bskahan    >>> links = IRelationshipLinks(student3)18:57
bskahan    >>> [link.role for link in links]18:57
bskahan[<URIObject Group>]18:57
bskahanlink.role vs. link.my_role19:02
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bskahanin retrospect I don't think it was a good idea to use Membership for section learners19:46
bskahanmakes it annoyingly complicated to seperate out what sections someone is a student of vs. what teams they are on in the UI19:47
bskahanthere's no Interface.notProvidedBy equivalent is there?20:02
th1aWell, there's an extra step, right?20:03
th1aYou have to see if it is a group or section.20:03
bskahanyeah, there's no way to just get the sections in one step20:04
bskahanyou have to get the groups and filter out the sections20:04
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ignasbskahan, i think one can get relationships of given type, not just relations with some roles and sections are connected by using a different relationship type20:25
ignasgetRelatedObjects(frogger, URIGroup, URIMembership)20:26
ignasREADME.txt ofschoolbell.relationships20:26
ignasonly 1 step ...20:26
ignasthe comment "In general, avoid reusing the same role for different relationship types."20:28
ignasis 2 lines below the example too20:29
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bskahanheh, hadn't seen that comment20:44
th1aSeemed like a good idea two weeks ago.20:45
bskahanthat doesn't solve the issue of using membership in a section to represent learning20:46
bskahanhave to filter the results of getRelatedObjects(frogger, URIGroup, URIMembership), for just objects that implement ISection20:46
bskahanin the end it didn't matter20:46
bskahansince I needed to use isTransitiveMember for other reasons20:46
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bska|mobiletimetables aren't associated with sections at this point23:48
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