IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-05-18

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bskahanth1a: I've allready reverted the section navigation link.  It really shouldn't be there.02:20
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* jinty goes to make a cup of coffee without salt13:44
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jintyth1a: Are you going to make a .zip of SB1.1rc1?14:30
mgedminschooltool's functional tests are broken14:37
mgedminGET /frogpond/courses/history returns "A system error occurred."14:38
bskahanit broke in 3807 or so14:46
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mgedminI am starting to hate subversion, thanks to its handling of externals15:26
bskahanspeaking of which15:28
bskahanwhat do you think about removing the externals for zope and schoolbell from schooltool, so the schooltool tree is just that15:28
bskahanthen having a schooltool-bundle with all the externals15:28
mgedminyeah, I think having two trees would be good15:30
mgedminone that a random person can just check out, type 'make', and have it running15:30
mgedminand another that doesn't annoy developers too much15:30
mgedminOTOH it is good when we all automatically have the exact same version of Zope 3 in our sandboxes, without spending any extra effort (other than waiting a bit) to achieve that15:31
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mgedminrev 3805 broke the ftest15:51
mgedminalthough in a different way15:51
bskahanmgedmin: I reverted the change from 380515:52
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mgedminI thoguht tom asked it to be kept?15:53
mgedmin3808 introduced the system error message15:53
bskahanhe did, after I reverted it15:54
bskahanI have a pretty strong opinion about it though15:55
bskahanthe sections are listed (associated with their courses) in the course index15:59
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erchacheanybody knows what happs with es_ES problem translation?15:59
bskahanhola erchache15:59
bskahanjinty is the person to ask16:00
bskahanwhen you run make update-translations the es_ES transaltion raises an error16:00
erchachelaunchpad bug?16:01
bskahannot sure16:01
erchachejinty: how i can solve es_ES translation problem?16:01
erchacheim too :D16:01
erchachemany entries are empty because arent needed to translate....perhaps is this?16:02
bskahanerchache: the error has something to do with the strings having \n at the beginning16:02
bskahanmgedmin: trying to track down that system error now16:04
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erchacheperhaps last translations relatives to python daemon which includes spaces and return entries are wrong typed by meç16:13
erchacheim going to repair it16:13
erchacheSpecial characters16:14
erchache    * • – a space character16:14
erchache    * ? – a new line16:14
erchacheIn your translation, include spaces and new lines matching those indicated. (Don’t use these symbols).16:14
erchachedont use these symbols?16:14
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* bskahan get confused when plone sites suddenly say " Jy is hier" until realising I still have af as the default locale16:23
tvon|x31still using the spanish desktop?16:23
mgedminbskahan, the system error message is caused by the <menuItem for="...ITimetabled" action="timetables/index.html" in rev 380716:24
jintyerchache: hola16:25
jintysorry, I was having lunch16:25
erchachei see entries which uses special characters on rosetta spanish translation and perhaps here is the error16:26
erchacheBad Gateway16:27
erchacheThe proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.16:27
erchachethis appears on launchpad....perhaps bug is there16:27
bskahanmgedmin: yeah, trying to figure out why16:27
mgedminthat would imply that zope 3 wasn't running on the server, and you got the error from apache that sits in front of it16:27
mgedminerchache, perhaps you caught the time when the launchpad software is being upgraded?16:28
erchache502 error16:28
mgedmindoes the error persist?16:28
erchachei will try later16:28
mgedminbskahan, I am going to commit a change that disables this broken menuItem directive for now -- otherwise the failure will continue to hide new ftest failures16:29
mgedminjust have to wait while subversion pulls a completely new full copy of the whole of zope 3 for the hundredth time toda16:29
bskahanshouldn't it be pinned to the schoolbell release version of Zope3 now?16:30
mgedminI used svn up -r $REV a lot when I was chasing the ftest bugs16:31
jintyerchache: the error from msgfmt says: msgid and msgstr entries do not both begin with \n16:31
jinty#: src/schoolbell/app/browser/templates/
jintymsgid ""16:32
jinty"Some Group, Some group description\n"16:32
jinty"Second Group\n"16:32
jinty"Another Group, Another description, this text will be discarded\n"16:32
jintymsgstr ""16:32
jinty"Algun grupo, alguna descripción de grupo\r\n"16:32
jinty"Segundo grupo, alguna descripción, este texto será descartado\r\n"16:32
jintyfor the above translation16:32
mgedminwhere do those \r's come from?16:33
jintythe file was directly downloaded from rosetta16:33
mgedminbrowsers do send CR LF characters when you add a newline to a web form16:33
srichtermaybe someone on windows edited the file16:34
mgedminI think rosetta should convert newlines to just \n16:34
jintyrosetta bug?16:34
mgedmincan somebody file a rosetta bug in malone?16:34
jintyI would be glad to add it16:34
jintyaside from that, the reason why it fails is the different number of \n's16:35
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th1ajinty:  I'm going to make a .zip.16:39
erchachejinty: im going to solve it16:42
jintyerchache, go to rosetta translation number 240.16:42
jintythere you can see one of the broken translations16:43
erchachehow i need to do? copy paste from text and translate overwriting?16:43
erchache  ?16:44
jintywhere the cornered arrow indicates a new line.16:44
erchacheSome Group, Some group description?16:44
erchacheSecond Group?16:44
erchacheAnother Group, Another description, this text will be discarded?16:44
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erchachei press enter to get these special character16:44
tvonerchache: that was meant to convey that extra values on the line would be ignored, but reading it now it is just confusing16:44
tvonI shall fixit16:44
tvoner, fix it16:45
erchachewhat do i do?16:45
jintytvon: there are a couple of others like it as well16:45
bskahanthey're changed in svn16:45
tvonfor csv importing? "Group Name, Group Description"16:45
erchacheand daemon messages16:45
jintytvon: make update-translations will give you a list of where the translations fail16:46
bskahantvon: take a look at course-csvimport.py16:46
jintybut erchache: I think in future, if you find a translation like that, make sure that your translation has the same number of newlines as there are in the text to be translated.16:47
tvonbskahan: eh?16:47
erchachei make exactly translation16:48
erchachebut help about special character are very ambigous16:48
erchachepecial characters16:48
erchache    * • – a space character16:48
erchache    * ? – a new line16:48
erchacheIn your translation, include spaces and new lines matching those indicated. (Don’t use these symbols16:48
bskahanI didn't like the language in, I changed it a bit in but didn't go back and change all of it in group/person/resource16:48
tvonbskahan: you said .py, confused me16:49
erchacheon space character y press space bar16:49
bskahanbut, we should try to get them all very similar16:49
erchacheon new line y press enter key16:49
jintyerchache: tvon and bskahan are going to change schoolbell to make it easier to translate, hopefully that will solve the problems...16:50
* jinty goes to file some bugs against rosetta...16:51
tvonbskahan: do you think the "this text will be discarded"/"text after a second comma" stuff should even be in there?  I'm on the fence16:51
bskahanI think taking it out of the <pre> and making that bold or em might be good though16:52
bskahanWorld History, 1000 A.D. through the 20th century, <em>text after a second comma will be discarded</em>16:53
erchachesend mail to mailing list when rosetta problems will be solved16:55
erchacheand i restore translation on conflictive numbers16:55
tvonbskahan: you can have styling inside pre16:58
tvonerm, I'm pretty sure16:58
tvon99% sure16:59
tvonso yeah, I'm down with em-ing it17:00
jintyfiled two bugs on rosetta: and any more?17:07
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bskahantvon: I was being lazy, is <em> xhtml 1.0?17:12
tvonbskahan: yeah17:13
tvonbskahan: wait, dunno17:13
tvonit's html 417:13
tvon(at least)17:13
bskahantvon: it is17:17
bskahanI thought <em> and <strong> were, just wasn't sure17:18
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erchachehow long are solved rosetta problems?19:09
erchachehow long are solved rosetta problems?19:15
tvona few minutes19:21
erchachei say bugs 709 and 71019:26 is updated in trunk now.19:27
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erchacheoko ko19:30
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tvon|x31erchache: sorry, my network is being bad19:58
tvon|x31erchache: is updated in trunk19:58
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erchachetvon: dont worry :D20:37
erchacheim installing ubuntu on a pc to make a linux install party next tuesday20:39
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mgedminjinty, what do you think about a unit test that recurses through all schooltool tree, finds all zcml files, and fails if it finds "../" inside21:19
srichterI think this is a good one21:22
srichterport it to Zope 3 as well :-)21:22
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SteveAwhat's wrong with ../ ?21:43
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mgedminit made jinty unhappy21:44
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SteveAthe problem is not ../ per se21:50
SteveAbut the problem is ../schoolbell21:50
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srichteryeah, but since you never know how packages are placed, it is a bad practice22:02
srichteror I should say risky practice22:02
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pcardunejust a quick question, are schoolbell and schooltool the same thing?  Or are they seperate Zope components?23:10
th1aThey are separate components.23:11
th1aMore specifically, SchoolTool depends on SchoolBell.23:11
pcarduneooooh... ok, that makes things a lot clearer, i thought it was the other way around23:11
th1aWe extracted SchoolBell from SchoolTool.23:12
pcarduneand it seems like schoolbell is packaged with a zope3 server, but there aren't instructions for installing schoolbell into an existing zope server23:13
th1aThere are instructions somewhere for doing that...23:13
th1aAlthough I'm not sure if they still work...23:14
pcarduneyeah, i think i just found them... sorry for asking questions before looking for the answers....23:14
pcardunethey are for schooltool 0.823:14
th1aNo problemo.23:14
th1aCan't use that.23:14
pcarduneat least for the linux install23:14
th1aThat's entirely obselete.23:14
pcarduneok, good to know23:15
th1aSee if that works.23:16
th1aWe could move that to a more prominent place in the source tree...23:16
pcarduneoh, yes, that is precisely what I am looking for23:17
th1aNow, whether or not that works with the latest version is another question.23:18
th1aLet us know.23:18
pcarduneok, i'll try23:19
jintymost of that should already be set up in the tarball23:20
jintyas a side effect of building the translations23:21
th1aIt's mostly changes to your Zope 3 configuration, isn't it?23:21
jintyyep, and putting schoolbell on the pythonpath23:21
th1aI don't know what happens now that SchoolBell might expect to run a second server for the XML interface.23:21
jintyme neither...23:22
pcardunewell, im just getting started with Zope3 and now schooltool... I hear i should use Ubuntu for easy installation... but dont feel like reinstalling a whole new flavor of linux just yet23:23
th1aThat shouldn't be necessary.23:23
th1aWhat are you using?23:23
th1aActually, that reminds me, I need to ping Eric Harrison to make RPM's.23:24
th1aI suppose I can wait until SchoolTool is ready, too.23:24
pcarduneyou wouldn't happen to know why the zope svn server is down?  It hasn't been working for days...23:24
th1aThere is a SchoolBell 1.0 RPM that he made for K12LTSP, but I'm not sure where you can download the package by itself (not on the ISO).23:25
srichterpcardune: if you are a developer, you might be interested in downloading the trunk or branch23:31
srichterpcardune: this way you can stay more uptodate23:32
srichterthanks to the test-driven development model in the larger Zope 3 community, the trunk/HEAD is often as stable as any release.23:32
th1apcardune: Are you looking at our brand-new SchoolBell 1.1 release candidate or SchoolBell 1.0?23:33
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pcardun1hmmm, i checked out schooltool from svn.  then i went into the src directory, and copied the schooltool directory into the lib/python/ directory of my zope3 instance, made the schooltool-configure.zcml file, and restarted my zope server., and it says it cannot import Timedelta... what is Timedelta?23:47
jintywhich version of Zope3?23:49
pcardun1whatever is the latest tarball you can download from the zope site... (the svn server is down or something)23:49
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jintyright now we need a much more recent version of zope23:51
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pcardunewhatever is the latest tarball you can download from the zope site... (the svn server is down or something)23:51
jintythere should be one in the tarball. magical reviaion 30380 if i am not mistaken23:51
pcardune3.0.0 is the one i've got23:52
th1apcardune:  Is there some particular reason you want to run this on a separate Zope 3 server?23:52
jintyNope, needs to be more recent...23:52
th1aI mean, in the long run it might be useful for various things, including hosting several SchoolTool instances on one server, but for getting started, it is probably more trouble than it is worth for you.23:53
pcardunereally?  I thought it would be more trouble to have more than one zope server running at the same time...23:54
pcarduneok, well i'll just do it the way it suggests in the latest release of schoolbell23:57
th1aWhat do you mean by 'more than one zope server?'23:58
jintypcardune: please ping me if you succeed. It might be interesting to have it work out of the box from the tarball...23:59
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