IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-05-20

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bskahanth1a: what are you thinking the timeframe for 0.11 will be?01:33
bskahani guess a more acurate question would be, what are you thinking about for the feature set for 0.1101:34
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jelknerthla: hi tom02:09
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th1ajelkner:  Hi Heff.02:41
jelknerthla: hi tom, you still here?02:58
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th1ajelkner: Huh, wha? Yeah I'm here.03:05
th1aJamesG:  Hi.03:05
JamesGI've spent, oh ages, looking for a web based calendar tool03:05
jelknerthla: our xpwdc codefest is working on zope 303:05
th1aJamesG:  Hopefully we can help you.03:06
th1ajelkner:  At this moment?03:06
jelknerthla: yes03:06
JamesGI hope so, because I've installed and tested about 7 so far, and every single one of them has sucked in one way or another03:06
th1ajelkner:  How is it coming.03:06
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th1aJamesG:  Well, I'm sure we suck in some way, too.03:06
th1aHopefully not in a way that matters to you.03:06
JamesGAt any rate, I'm wondering if there's a demo site somewhere so I can at least find out if it will suit my needs?03:06
jelknerthla: very well.  we are using the springer book03:07
jelknerwhich i like *a lot*03:07
th1aJamesG: I do have a site where I can give you a demo instance, but I should update it to the latest version.03:07
th1aSend me an email at, and I'll try to get it set up for you tonight.03:08
JamesGWell that would rule03:09
th1ajelkner:  I need to sit in the tub for a few hours with that book.03:09
jelknerthla: i'm going to log off and get back to the meeting... i'll be checking in with you soon03:09
jelknerthla: i was mainly just showing folks the channel03:10
jelknerthla: soon you will be finding more of my students hanging out here ;-)03:10
th1ajelkner:  OK, cool.  Have fun.03:10
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JamesGth1a: I don't mind setting it up myself if it's not too complex.. I just had a quick look at the docs and it seemed a lot of effort if it's not going to work for me.03:12
th1aWhat OS?03:12
JamesGLinux.. gentoo, to be specific03:12
th1aOK.  The tarball includes everything you need except Python and libxml2 (and its Python bindings).03:13
JamesGI have libxml2 already.. but possibly not the python part03:13
JamesGWhat about the "Python imaging library"?03:14
th1aDon't need that anymore.03:14
th1aTry the new release candidate:03:14
th1aThen 'make' and 'python' should do it.03:15
* JamesG wgets03:17
JamesGI should probably upgrade python at some point too03:19
JamesGIt can wait03:19
th1aWhat do you have?03:20
th1aI don't remember if that's recent enough.03:20
th1aYou'll know soon enough ;-)03:20
JamesGWell I'm getting XML errors, so I guess that's a sign that the XML2 bindings aren't set up03:20
JamesGre-merging libxml2 with python enabled03:28
JamesGI should have done this on the dual opteron server. Would have been much quicker.03:30
th1aI'm a little annoyed that we've got the libxml2 dependency again.03:32
th1aFor one brief shining moment we had no external dependencies.03:32
th1aExcept Python.03:32
JamesGHm, well03:33
JamesGI unfirewalled ports 7080 and 700103:34
JamesGAnd netstat shows it's listening03:34
JamesGBut.. nada03:34
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th1aNothing coming up on your browser?03:34
th1aIt says it is running?03:34
th1atry 'python'03:35
th1aSee if the tests pass.03:35
JamesGRan 340 tests in 17.971s03:35
th1atry 'make ftest'03:37
JamesGRan 16 tests in 42.050s03:39
th1aWhat URL did you try?03:39
JamesGThe IP of the server..
JamesGI can telnet localhost 7080 and it connects.. but "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" returns nothing at all03:40
JamesGHm, it works using links from the shell03:40
JamesGMaybe I foobared my firewall config03:40
JamesGOh, crap03:41
th1aIt might also be how the server is config-ed.03:41
JamesGI didn't set a target03:41
JamesGChain tcprule (1 references)03:41
JamesGtarget     prot opt source               destination03:41
JamesG           tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere            tcp dpt:708003:41
* JamesG bangs his head against a wall03:41
JamesGOk, now it works :)03:41
JamesGOh my03:45
JamesGThe interface is very pretty03:50
JamesGI appear to have set up an event which isn't actually visible, but hey03:52
JamesGWill do some more playing with it later.. Must get home before the wife kills me03:52
JamesGThanks for the help03:52
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th1abskahan:  What comes next is a good question ;-)06:57
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* jinty warns that he is about to change the magical zope revision to 30458 for schoolbell/schooltool/schoolbell-1.1.x15:17
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mgedmin/home/mg/src/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/tal/ DeprecationWarning: Automatic translation of message id's is deprecated and will be removed in 3.3. Use explicit i18n:translate="" instead.16:11
mgedmin  ' Use explicit i18n:translate="" instead.', DeprecationWarning)16:11
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bskahanare we releasing today?16:34
bskahanI found a problem with section permissions that I have a fix for but can't get the test fixture right for all the adapters to commit it16:35
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bskahanhi erchache16:51
erchachei see on rosetta how exist schooltool and schoolbell16:51
erchachewhy are separate?16:51
erchacheother work has been fixed?16:51
bskahanschoolbell is a geeral calendar for everyone16:51
bskahanschooltool is for schools16:51
bskahangeeral meant general16:52
erchachei cant translate both16:52
srichterthe problem is that rosetta keeps track of translations by project16:52
srichteri.e. one gettext file at a time16:53
gintastranslation of SchoolTool is useless if there is no corresponding translation of SchoolBell16:53
srichterso the translations do not duplicate16:54
srichtergood :-)16:54
bskahanthere's some duplication of templates that would create duplicate translation strings16:54
gintasI'd love to get rid of those clones though16:55
* bskahan agrees16:55
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bskahanin general the differnce between and
bskahancreates alot of duplication16:57
bskahanthere's a few other places, but I think that's the main culprit16:57
srichterI am convinced now that I should write my own translation web service ;-)16:57
bskahanwho's working on timetables?17:00
gintaspretty much everyone, I think17:06
gintas(from PoV, I mean)17:06
gintasmy part is still somewhat broken, sorry about that17:06
bskahangintas: that's ok17:06
bskahanI've just been going through the app and pushing buttons17:07
bskahando you need me to do anything to hook up sections to timetables?17:07
gintaslet me see17:08
gintasah, that explains why my timetable overlay wasn't working as expected! ;)17:09
bskahancan I substitute ftests for unit tests if I can't get the unit tests to play nice?17:09
gintaswhat's the problem?17:09
bskahanwith my unit tests?17:10
bskahansetting up a somewhat realistic permissions environment17:10
mgedmingintas, I think you forgot to copy the CSS for timetable & timetable schema browser views17:10
gintasuh oh17:11
mgedminbskahan, we rarely test permissions in unit tests17:15
mgedminalthough if you have some logic in view code that checks permissions and does something, a unit test would be nice17:15
mgedminyou can stub it heavily17:15
mgedminuse a stub interaction with some simple checkPermission function or something17:16
bskahanits just a subscriber to grant instructor view/viewCalendar/addEvent to their sections17:17
bskahanseperate question, I have one subscriber - setInstructorPermissions(event)17:18
bskahanif is get RelationshipAddedEvent it does a grant and RelationshipRemovedEvent gets a deny17:19
bskahanshould I make those seperate subscribers?17:19
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gintaswhoa, timetable overlay works!17:31
gintasafter a mile of hacks :(17:31
mgedminbskahan, up to you17:37
mgedminwhichever is simpler/looks nicer/is easier to read/test/whatever17:38
* bskahan nods17:38
bskahancommitted them as one subscriber17:38
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mgedmindoes anyone know what's up with those DeprecationWarnings from zope 3?17:39
mgedminabout implicit translation of message IDs?17:39
ignasyippie i just fixed the charset part of 22217:43
bskahanignas: nice17:44
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bskahanI have to go out for a bit, back in a few hours17:50
th1aSteveA:  Could you ping the Canonical sys admin again?17:52
mgedminthe zope 3 error reporting bug with unicode names (issue 233) has been noticed previously as issue 17618:05
mgedminI think18:05
th1aSteveA:  Thanks.18:05
SteveAi've communicated a reminder.  it's also on the list for when i have a phone call on monday.18:07
th1aOK.  I'd like to have the site moved and revised for the release.18:08
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erchachecan i test last stable release with spanish language pack?18:25
th1aerchache:  Of SchoolBell?18:31
th1aYou mean the 1.1 release candidate?18:38
th1a has the translations as of a few days ago.18:38
erchacheill see18:41
th1aWhat OS are you running?18:41
erchachenow im exploter xp18:41
erchachebut i will try later on linux18:41
th1aOK.  You'll need libxml2 and Python 2.3.  Python 2.3 you can get from (if you don't have it) and there's a url for libxml2 on the download page.18:42
erchacheok dont worry18:48
erchachei think have python 2.3 on my hoary18:48
erchachei need to install 2.3 if my version is 2.4?18:49
th1aOn Windows the package has precompiled binaries that only work with 2.3.18:49
th1aOtherwise on Linux you can use either.18:49
erchacheyes i know.....18:49
erchachei hit on my head with this little problem ;P18:50
th1aOr you can try to build the extensions on Windows yourself to work with 2.4, but I got stuck on that.18:50
erchacheits other way....18:50
th1aI had to rebuild my Windows development environment.  I'm not sure if I'm missing something, there's a bug in Z3 trunk, or what.18:51
erchachei need to read all python, zope documentation18:52
erchacheand know how to administrate z3 web server or apache integration instead18:52
erchachey get python on 1.2 perhaps 1.3 i dont remember i think it is very very different now18:53
SteveAffs, install ubuntu already!18:53
erchachei dont read actual docs18:53
erchachestevea: great!18:53
erchachenow update18:53
erchache1 hour with a good connection :P18:54
SteveAjinty does all this work packaging ubuntu18:54
erchacheand one more to install18:54
SteveAjinty does all this work packaging schooltool for ubuntu18:54
SteveAmay as well take advantage of it18:54
th1aAt least until we find someone equally interested in packaging for Windows.18:54
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th1aI'm getting this on SchoolTool:  ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', 'ImportError: Module schooltool.browser.timetable has no global SimpleTimetableSchemaAdd')19:46
th1aOn Mac OS.19:47
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erchacheminimum maximum19:58
erchachethe last19:58
th1aIt's a bit laggy across the Atlantic, apparently.19:59
erchacheyes :D20:00
erchacheim on spain20:00
th1aI know you are, but I wasn't sure if that's where the server is.20:00
erchacheon spain too....its my laptop :D20:01
erchachebut i have emule and this line is share with other computer20:01
erchachei have 2 mb of atm20:01
erchacheframe relay20:02
erchache2 mb up/ 2mb down20:02
th1aAh.  That's more than I've got.20:02
erchachedo you like yello?20:03
erchachei have all discografy here20:03
regebroMAN MACHINE20:03
* regebro makes jerky dancing motions20:03
th1aI'm more of a rock person.20:04
th1aGuitar, bass, drums.20:04
regebroI like everything.20:05
th1aI listened to more electronic music in college.  Not so much now.20:05
th1aExcept Bjork.20:06
th1aI worship Bjork.20:06
erchachechanging to cycle20:06
erchachemore punk :D20:06
regebroBjork rules.20:06
regebroIt goes in waves, but I listen to a lot of electronic stuff from time to time-20:07
regebroA lot of White Light society and Múm20:07
regebroAnd DAF. :)20:07
erchacheDAF DeutchAmericanisenFrountier?20:09
erchacheor whatever-writes20:09
th1aYou can hear some samples of me playing the drums here:
regebroFreundchaft, yes.20:09
erchachebjork lives on waynes world....she takes too drugs that live on Alice's Wonderland XF20:09
erchachei streaming now20:10 has a cool stream of homerecordists.20:10
th1atvon:  ayt?20:12
tvonth1a: yes20:12
th1aAre you going to be around, in case someone wants to give us the Canonical server info?20:12
tvonth1a: sure20:12
th1aI have to step out.20:13
gintasth1a, nice records20:13
th1agintas: Thanks.20:13
th1aI played on only two of the band's records that are on Amazon.20:14
th1aI need to upload some mp3's to my blog.20:14
th1aI shall return.20:16
erchachethis song is good20:24
erchachecycle- confusion!!!.mp320:24
regebroI though they were boring and stopped listing. Sorry. ;)20:26
th1aregebro:  That's not me!20:27
*** th1a is now known as th1a|way20:27
regebroThen allmusic made a mishtake.20:28
regebroI guess...20:28
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erchacheim restarting on linux20:54
erchacheill back on 1 minut20:54
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* mgedmin thwacks alga for breaking tests on trunk21:05
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erchacheschoolbell installed.....21:09
erchachevery very fast and easy21:09
erchacheapt-get install schoolbell and go!21:09
erchachevery very good jobs guys21:09
bskahanerchache: that's not going to be 1.1 though21:09
bskahanshould be 1.021:09
erchacheyes it is 1.021:10
erchacheon /usr/lib/libschoolbell are cointained all files21:12
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bskahanmgedmin: that i18n deprecation warning is really unhelpful21:48
mgedminbskahan, if you want to chase it down, hack the code to throw an exception instead, then at the traceback21:49
mgedminschooltool's inserts page template filenames and line numbers in tracebacks21:49
* bskahan nods21:50
gintasmgedmin, I have a problem21:56
gintasI really need to do several modifications to schoolbell, but as far as I can see SchoolTool has been pinned to a branch of SB21:56
gintasand I'm working with the trunk21:57
gintasis it OK to port my changes to the branch too?21:57
ignaswe are pinned to SB ?21:58
ignasthen my Issue222 fix does not apply to ST ...21:58
mgedmingintas, talk to jinty21:59
bskahanst/browser/ line 488 is an example of what causes the warning22:00
gintasI think someone finally committed that change to Zope 3 where you now have to mark all translatable strings that come from code with i18n:translate=""22:01
gintasin the template22:01
mgedminnow wasn't that nice of them?22:02
mgedminjust before we freeze for release22:02
bskahangintas: that looks like it, adding i18n:tanslate to the call in tal makes that go away22:04
* gintas is so in deep sh*t ...22:04
ignaswhat kinf of sh*t ?22:05
ignasnow is the time for the "Allways look at the bright side of life ..."  song :)22:05
* bskahan whistles22:06
gintasignas, "what kind of sh*t"?? what are you, a pervert? ;D22:07
ignaswell it matters a lot, you know ...22:08
ignasthe time you will need to get out of it depends on things like - can you swim in it ?22:08
povbot/svn/commits: mg committed revision 387022:08
mgedminsvn commit announcements are online22:09
gintas+1 geek point for mgedmin22:09
* mgedmin has nothing better to do with his time GIVEN THAT THE TRUNK IS FSCKING BROKEN22:09
mgedminignas, you misspelt "Always"22:09
SteveAroll it back22:13
SteveAyou gotta roll it back to the last working state22:13
mgedminoh, the trunk's been fixed already22:13
mgedminI didn't notice22:13
*** mgedmin is now known as grumpy_mgedmin22:13
* bskahan notes that there are lots of those i18n warnings22:14
povbot/svn/commits: alga committed revision 387122:14
bskahanthey're not getting fixed till sb 1.2, they don't consitute a bug, and there's quite a few22:14
* grumpy_mgedmin gets even grumpier22:17
bskahannever seen that22:19
* bskahan thinks it should go back in :-D22:19
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*** SteveA_ is now known as SteveA22:25
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bskahancan povbot get the summary from the commit as well?22:27
bskahanmore interesting than the revision number :)22:27
tvonat least the first line/80chars or so22:27
bskahani was just thinking the written summary22:27
tvonjust knowing someone committed isn't as fun, unless we have a buildbot too that tells us when they break something :)22:28
bskahan-m ''22:28
grumpy_mgedminwhat is a summary?22:28
tvonbskahan: yeah, but that can be long22:28
grumpy_mgedmintvon, "$idiot broke tests" kind of announcements have been on my mental todo-list for quite a while22:28
tvongrumpy_mgedmin: It sounds up your alley22:28
povbot/svn/commits: gintas committed revision 387222:29
gintasI think that writing the commit message to the channel might not be such a bad idea22:30
grumpy_mgedminsvn post-commit script now just does echo "..." >> /svn/commits22:30
grumpy_mgedminit's trivial to change22:31
gintasthey're not that long, you'd just have to cut smart, and set a sensible ceiling for the number of lines22:31
bskahanadding "$idiot broke tests" to the topic of the channel would be good22:31
*** th1a|way is now known as th1a22:31
tvonwe could just setup CIA22:31
bskahanset us up the bomb?22:32
povbot/svn/commits: 0925_vestuves 12b-1996.jpg 2004-11-23-pazyma-del-du.sxw 36_ir_kuom_ne_sekta.JPG 6031 - instructor - page24.pdf 6031 CV_template.doc 6031_Albertas_Agejevas.doc 7643290310_BA_GB.pdf AcapulcoMP52.pdf Agejevas4.xls AlbertasAgejevas_cv_en.sxw BodyArt.pps CDlist2.xls CV.doc Del algos.jpeg Desktop EA1120F6 EP_budget.sxc FR0512.doc FR0512_pvz.sxw Intranet.doc Jaunius Belickas - RESUME.pdf LVCleese_LG.flv Mail Meeting with Eversheds - Dec04.doc MinoltaColorPagePro.pdf OSS05.pdf OnlyIn.doc POV-rgb.eps Photo PoV-logo-600dpi.png PoV_Lockdown_proposal_v1.pdf Prasymas_i_darba.doc ProjHours.gnumeric Romena_akl_TestavimoMetodai.sxw Romena_akl_webVadovas.sxw Snegurochka.mpe Vardai.xls WhiteMail Zope3 a.out arbuzai backups baltupiai.jpg bin boards bochs.cfg businesscards cal.html checkin commit config cv.pdf cv_en.sxw cxoffice deklaracijos diff docs docs.sxw egles_vestuves elisp emacs21-common_21.3-2_i386.deb emacs21_21.3-2_i386.deb emacsen-common_1.4.15_all.deb f faksas_vinitai.png firewall.up fldocs froms.txt gprs gpsdrive.png haxored.png hd0 ibm-mbr in internet.mp3 isafdoc.pdf kodas laida-1996.jpg lietuva.png lietuviu.dlkz.bz2 m6 magistrinis.pdf meetingpoing.svg morninglight.mpg mutt.el nohup.out overlap.png p9180074.jpg p9180075.jpg pak0.pk3 palm pics pik-moz-1251.pdb pkirkor.mp3 pppd projHours.xls public_html quake2 report-to-steve.txt report.xml report_spec_documentation.xml rip romenai1.png romenai2.png romenai3.png romenai4.png romenai5.png romenai6.png rus-win-24.prc sb-zope3-propsal-updated.txt sc-timetabling.txt sc1.0-Workflow.pdf sc1.1-Workflow.pdf schoolbell-proposal-v1.txt schoolbell-proposal-v2.txt schoolbell-proposal-v3.txt schoolbell-proposal-v4.txt schoolbell-proposal5.txt schoolbell-proposal5.txt~ schooltool-proposal-7.txt schooltool2-report.gnumeric shk.asm siemens skriptai.tar.gz skyders spiat ustalyje igrushki!!s.mp3 src storyTracking.xls template.xml testreport.xml texlt.tar.gz timelog-svn0019.tar.gz troskulys.bmp tt-us-4day.xml unix.pdf uploads viesbuciai.sxw vilnius5250x5250.png vim-mode.el visalietuva_KADAFI1956136842084.png vitas.wma whack white xp.mgp xptracker.tar.bz2 zea-proposal-short.pdf alga committed revision 3873:22:37
povbot/svn/commits: Made the simple tt schema add copy start times to period ids if the latter22:37
povbot/svn/commits: aren't provided.  Made it skip periods that don't have both times specified.22:37
* bskahan ponders the contents of /home/alga22:37
grumpy_mgedminoh, that's what "echo * $foo bar baz >> file" does22:38
algamg: you don't seem much grumpy any more22:38
Aistegood thing it wasn't my /home :)22:38
gintasmg, you made my day22:39
gintas+10 geek points22:39
grumpy_mgedminsomebody please commit something22:41
grumpy_mgedminI want to see if my fix works :-)22:41
th1aYeah... right.22:41
* bskahan saw what happened to that last person22:41
th1agrumpy_mgedmin wants to see if he can get it to recurse.22:42
*** regebro has left #schooltool22:42
th1aPerhaps recurse isn't a word.22:42
th1aNot a verb.22:43
tvonI'll commit in a sec22:43
tvonone sec22:44
povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 3874:22:45
povbot/svn/commits: Inheriting from sb.PersonCSVImportView instead22:46
*** Aiste has quit IRC22:47
tvonthat was a lie, its sb.PersonCSVImporter22:47
algaetria, have you tried creating learning or instruction relationships via REST?22:48
algacause it seems it does not work22:49
grumpy_mgedminwaah, >50 unread checkins since the 18th22:49
* bskahan goes to try22:50
ignasand i can't find a functional test that does that too22:50
ignasand nodeclarations in zcml22:50
th1aBy the way, Jennifer and I have rented an apartment on Mindaugo Street (Ave, Blvd?).22:51
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 3875:22:51
ignaslbh ynml onfgneqf22:51
povbot/svn/commits: Ported revisions 3857, 3869 and 3872 from trunk.22:51
povbot/svn/commits: jinty, I don't know if this is legal, but these changes are essential to having22:52
grumpy_mgedminAiste & Steve used to rent an apartment on a corner of Mindaugo and Basanaviciaus22:52
povbot/svn/commits: proper timetabling support in SchoolTool and they would be blocking (actually,22:52
povbot/svn/commits: have been blocking) my commits to the SchoolTool trunk.22:52
tvonshould any refactoring stay out of the 1.1 branch?22:52
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 3876:22:53
povbot/svn/commits: Timetable calendar overlays should finally be functioning properly.  I am not22:53
povbot/svn/commits: particularly sure about their reliability though; I will be testing them22:53
povbot/svn/commits: a bit more tomorrow.22:53
tvonI want to change some csv code to make it easier to inherit, but I was going to wait till ST was out the door22:54
*** bskahan has quit IRC22:54
tvonI'm off for a bit22:57
*** grumpy_mgedmin has quit IRC23:06
tvonbskahan got kicked offline and will look at the REST stuffs when he gets home23:09
tvonnow I'm off for real23:09
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 3877:23:09
povbot/svn/commits: I had forgotten to port CSS for  Thanks Marius for pointing that out.  Now the timetable display is much prettier.23:09
*** jinty has joined #schooltool23:11
ignasjinty, i have commited a fix for Issue222, yet ST is now tied to a particular version of SB, is the issue important enough for backporting it ?23:22
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 3878:23:24
povbot/svn/commits: RESTive views for composite timetables.23:24
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 3879:23:30
povbot/svn/commits: Made the form handle incorrect format more gracefully.  Added missing i18n attributes in the template.23:30
*** gintas has quit IRC23:44
*** jinty has quit IRC23:59

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