IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-05-13

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jelknerthla: Tom you here?03:37
jelknercan anyone tell me how to start schooltool on an ubuntu 5.04 system?03:38
jelkneri did the install from the packages in universe03:38
jelknerwell, i figured out that it is already running on port 7080 (read the documentation! ;-)03:45
jelkneranyway, i gotta run03:46
jelkneri'll check back in here another time03:46
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*** ignas changes topic to "Schoolbell 1.0 is out! Get it from | MORE UNIT TESTS!"11:46
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bskahanshould managers be able to add sections that aren't associated with a Course?15:33
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srichterdo you have a use case for that?15:34
srichterI think a section without a course makes no sense15:35
bskahanin the REST interface referencing the course by URI is simple enough, in the web UI the only "Add Section" button is on the Course page so the course is passed in the request15:35
bskahansrichter: I agree15:35
bskahantrying to decide what the CSV format for passing the course would be15:35
srichterI don't understand15:36
bskahanusers would expect it to be the Course.title which is what they see in the UI, but isn't unique15:36
bskahana manager can upload a CSV to create multiple Sections, adding a field to the CSV determining what Course the Section is part of is simple enough15:37
srichterright, so here is what unis and other software does15:37
srichtera course has a name and code15:37
bskahandetermining what the content of that field is though15:37
srichtera section also has a code15:37
srichterso when you get data you always see " Course.code Section.code"15:37
srichterexample: Physics 1 0001 A15:37
srichternow, things are a bit more tricky than that though :-)15:38
srichterbecause a section can sometimes represent several courses15:38
srichterfor example, at Tufts you can take Physics 1 with or without lab15:39
bskahanwe don't currently have a Course.code, and Course.title isn't unique15:39
srichterso we have Physics 1 0001 and Physics 0001N15:39
srichteryou really need to have a code15:39
srichterthis is something that is used in all universities I have seen15:40
bskahanI think your right, with string Course.title + Course.code required to be unique15:40
srichterthe code itself should be unique15:41
srichterbut I would always display both15:41
bskahanBiology 001 and Physics 00115:41
srichteruuh, that's something else15:42
srichterA course always belongs to a department too15:42
bskahanwe don't have any representation of departments currently15:43
srichterin Tufts, for example, we have the following type of dept codes: AST, BIO, PHY, MAT, ...15:43
* bskahan nods15:43
srichterthen I would add a department code to the course15:43
bskahanthat's going to be less common in High Schools and very uncommon in elementary15:43
srichteryes, right; so you can have a sensible default15:44
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bskahanfor US high schools you won't often have15:45
bskahanMath 101 Section 001, you have Algebra 1 - Mr. Johnson15:46
bskahanthat should have been Algebra115:46
srichterbut this a UI and import/export issue15:47
* bskahan nods15:47
srichteryour model below should be most flexible15:47
srichterbtw, I have the same problem with the workflow stuff15:47
bskahanjust need a unique, human readable id15:47
srichterwell, noone said how the code has to look like15:48
srichterso for HS you leave department code blank15:48
srichterand make the course code "Algebra1"15:48
bskahanand require that to be unique15:49
* bskahan nods15:49
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srichterI think eventually we want to think about "model skinning"15:49
srichterwhere we provide alternatives based on the school form and country15:50
* bskahan agrees15:50
srichterI have to address this issue with the workflow as well15:50
srichteron the one hand it should be flexible on creating education levels, but then I really should provide sensible defaults for: elementry, middle, and high school, as well as college15:51
bskahanfor the model it would be nice to have a layered model so that schools could reuse the "US Highschool" and "Maryland Highschool" default then add their own on top of those15:51
bskahanideally the department codes would be set at a site level then the Course add form would just have a selection15:59
bskahanbtw, hi I'm Brian, nice to see your working on the workflow16:05
srichterhas not yet been approved, but I think it will :-)16:08
srichterbskahan: so you are with Etria, right?16:09
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bska|mobilesrichter: yeah16:17
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bska|mobilefor some reason section and course add forms still think the exist at /groups/+/add... rather than /sections/+/add...18:34
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erchacheany spanish here?21:03
th1ajinty lives in Spain, but he's German, iirc.21:04
th1aI was in Castellón last week, but I don't speak Spanish.21:04
erchachei write to mailing list21:05
erchachebecause we have 5 spanish dictionaries on rosetta translation21:05
erchachewe are doing 5 times same work21:05
erchachewe need unify all21:05
erchachein only one21:05
th1aThat makes sense.21:06
th1aHave you talked to the Rosetta guys?21:06
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th1acarlos: hi21:08
SteveA_th1a, erchache: this is carlos, a rosetta guy21:08
th1aSteveA_: Thanks.21:08
erchachehola carlos21:08
erchacheacabo de aterrizar en el schooltool21:08
carloserchache, hola21:09
erchachetu eres developer de schooltool? o simplemente usuario?21:10
carloserchache, ni lo uno ni lo otro21:10
erchachecomo estas aqui?21:11
carloserchache, soy uno de los desarrolladores de Rosetta21:12
carloserchache, y me han pedido que me pase por aquí que me necesitabais21:12
ignasne nu man tai keista kai kanale ispaniškai kalbėt pradeda ...21:12
carloserchache, do you mind if we continue in English?21:13
Aistegal pradėti lietuviškai rašyti?21:13
erchachea second please21:13
SteveA_ignas: ispaniškai nėra per sunkus21:13
erchachecarlos: i see 5 dictionaries for schooltool....and i want to get a bigger only know....but i send a mail and i waiting for replies21:14
carloserchache, where did you send the email?21:14
carloserchache, and can you show me the URL to the 5 dictionaries? I don't understand the term "dictionary" related to Rosetta...21:15
erchachea second please21:15
erchachesee find 5 targets....must be one....21:16
erchachespanish its same in these countries21:17
erchachehablando en plata....tu que eres español.....que el español es el mismo aqui que en hispanoamerica21:18
erchachey te lo digo yo que trabajo tambien para enciclopedia libre....el fork de es.wikipedia21:19
carloserchache, oh, *that*21:19
erchachethat que21:20
carloserchache, we fixed it yesterday21:20
carloserchache, but need to create a way to migrate21:20
carlosthe data so the language duplicates disappear21:20
erchacheahhh ok21:20
erchachetomorrow could be repaired?21:20
erchacheor need to wait more time? i dont know where write now21:20
carloserchache, well, we prevent to create new ones, the migration is not so simple so that "fix" will take more time21:22
erchacheok i know :D21:22
erchachework without hurries21:22
erchachecurra sin problemas :D21:22
erchachey la ñ21:22
erchachecan be support ñ?21:23
carloserchache, isn't it working already ?21:23
erchachei dont know21:24
th1acarlos: How do I give permission for someone other than me (the maintainer) to upload new translation templates?21:25
carlosth1a, at this moment, anyone can do it21:26
carlosbut soon we are going to close it so only the owner of the translation resource can do it so you only need to change the ownership (will add a way to do it)21:27
carloserchache, it should work21:27
th1aApparently more people than I've realized have done at least a little translation work on SchoolBell.  The problem is that we've changed the application a lot since we uploaded those files.  When we update them, are the old translations merged somehow?21:27
carlosth1a, yes21:30
carlosusually the web translation has preference over the one imported from the .po21:30
carlosth1a, please, add here:
carloswhatever you think is needed in Rosetta so it makes your life easier21:35
AisteI just got a huge red system error in Rosetta21:35
carlosAiste, could I get a URL, please?21:36
Aisteif it helps :)21:36
th1aI wish to find someone else to manage the translation process.21:36
Aistei found two identical strings in the translation from the same file but different lines in the file21:36
th1aAs a mono-lingual English speaker, I have a serious disability in this area.21:36
Aistei translated them, pressed save and voila - system error21:36
Aisteth1a: what do you mean by manage?21:37
th1aKeep track of it.21:37
th1aStay on top of it.21:37
Aistecarlos: by going back and removing one of the translations of the identical string and pressing save -- no system error21:38
Aisteth1a: that is a lot for one person, there is only so many languages that one person can understand21:38
th1aI don't mean to understand all the languages, I mean just move the files around at the right time.21:39
carlosAiste, I don't see two identical strings...21:40
Aistejust a sec21:40
carlosAiste, one says name and the other username...21:40
Aisteand then further down it says username again21:40
AisteI checked :)21:40
carlosoh, right21:41
carlos66 and 7021:41
Aistejust found it myself :)21:42
Aisteand i think, that is what crashes the whole thing, or maybe it is just a coincidence?21:42
carloswell, that should not be possible...21:42
carlosso I suppose that it crashed because it21:42
Aisteso i thought21:43
carlosit's ok21:43
carlosthose are different21:44
carlosone has only one white space between "username" and "already"  and the other has two21:44
Aisteso why did it crash?21:44
carlosth1a, that's a bug in your code :-)21:44
carlosbut the crash is a problem in our side...21:44
carlosAiste, don't know21:45
* carlos checks21:45
Aistehopefully nothing major21:46
Aistegood luck with fixing :)21:46
* Aiste finally going home21:47
Aistebye everyone21:47
carlosAiste, bye21:47
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carlosAiste, no breakage from the Spanish translation ... so no idea, sorry21:50
Aistehm... indeed strange, maybe it does not like Lithuanian :)21:50
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jintyhoy carlos, ayt?23:31
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