IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2005-05-14

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erchacheim translating schoolbell via rosseta now12:56
erchachekraftwerk -Tour de France Etape one (Riga).mp312:56
erchachekraftwerk -Tour de France Etape two (Riga).mp312:58
erchachekraftwerk -The model (London).mp313:05
erchachekraftwerk -Numbers (San Francisco).mp313:08
erchachekraftwerk - Home Computer (Warsaw).mp313:17
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erchacheeboing to fall13:19
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erchacheim translate like a insane13:31
erchachetake a bit13:31
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erchache1st june is new schooltool release?20:10
jintyhi erchache, the planned date is May 31'st. But depends on your timezone and how things go.20:18
jintythere should be a release candidate sometime next week20:19
erchacheok, translating all i can on rosseta20:19
erchacheim going for 38120:19
erchachea second20:19
erchacheim translating 382 of 1030 items20:20
erchachewhere are you from jinty?20:21
jintynot to put down the work you are doing, but I just want to want you that we havn't sorted out how we work with rosetta yet20:21
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jintysoy de sur africa, preo ahora vivo en barcelona20:22
jintyy tu?20:22
erchachesevilla capital20:22
erchacheandalucia sur de espaƱa :D20:22
erchachese escribe junto....sudafrica20:22
jintyun lugar donde quiero visitar en un momento en mi vida20:22
erchachesuena mejor que surafrica20:23
th1aerchache:  I'm worried that you might be starting too quickly on the translation.  I don't know how many of the strings have been changed since we posted those files on Rosetta.20:23
th1aWe need to update them.20:23
erchacheat least all information are on a database no? ;D20:23
erchachei never program on python but looks very easy20:24
jintyth1a: perhaps I could, as a temporary measure, update the .pot now?20:24
th1aAs long as you understand there is a little risk right now.20:24
th1ajinty:  Please.20:24
jintyok, erchache, hold on!20:24
erchacheye yeaa very dangerous....dont do it too fast....i dont have hurry20:24
th1aCan we export the current translations, just in case?20:25
erchacheon my work a teacher wants to use program....but.....can wait until next course....on october :D20:25
* jinty thinks that with in a week or two he will know how the process is going to function20:26
* bskahan wonders how many translatable strings we have20:26
th1aerchache: What does the teacher want to use it for?20:26
erchacheim working on university of sevilla.....and we are planning to use guadalinex(gets ubuntu on 2005 release) and schooltool can solve a very important problems on my job20:26
erchachetimetable management of classrooms20:27
erchachei work on a computer science laboratory with 100 pc20:27
erchacheand teachers do class on the rooms20:27
erchachei do reservation with a excel page.....with schooltool teachers can do this work for me.....and most important....i dont take dangerous risk with rooms attachments ;P20:28
erchachejinty: how are you doing on barcelona? which is your job?20:29
erchachemost important....guadalinex are used on all high schools of andalucia....for this reason....i think schoolbell is a great program to include on Ubuntu20:30
erchachemoodle is other program...20:31
* jinty does a lot of things, mostly not for money20:31
erchacheim too....20:31
jintybut barcelona is a good place to live20:31
* jinty should have gone to the beach today20:32
erchacheare you studiying, working or what? how old are you? 29 old20:32
jinty26 at the moment, working sometimes20:34
tvonwhenever I hear 'barcelona' I think 'barthelona'20:34
tvonfascinating, no?20:34
jintytvon: thats the catalan pronunciation (I think)20:35
erchachecatalan is a own language, a mix between spanish and french20:35
jintyI normally keep my mouth firmly shut when catalan is the topic of discussion20:36
jintyjust too dangerous20:37
erchacheyes....all catalans are very very independentist of spain...use catalan language like a weapon20:38
erchachethey are stupids....because many many people of catalunya are outside them20:38
jintywhen you are in a barcelona bar, late at night and start having this kind of conversation, things can get difficult20:40
erchachejejejejeje and more with 10 beer in your stomach20:40
jintyThey do have a point though, I think with wanting local language and administration20:41
erchacheyeah...first step to independence from spain :D20:41
jintyThough I have heard some ugly things, like "catalans are more intelligent than xxxx"20:41
erchachepuffff this is fascism groove20:42
jintywhich kind of remins me of some south african wisdom during the apartheid years20:42
erchacheuhuhuhuhuhuhu.....noooooo....this is very very very different20:43
erchacheyes....same concept...different maner20:44
erchachewell im going to do something on my house....i left20:45
erchachesee you tomorrow or monday :D20:45
jintysure, no worries, I'll try get that template file up20:45
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bskahananyone know the missing test setup that causes this error:21:15
bskahan      File "/home/bskahan/Development/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/app/traversing/", line 113, in namespaceLookup21:15
bskahan        raise TraversalError("++%s++%s" % (ns, name))21:15
bskahan    TraversalError: '++view++absolute_url'21:15
bskahanit works in practice and ftests21:15
bskahanfound it21:22
bskahan        >>> ztapi.provideView(Interface, Interface, ITraversable, 'view',21:22
bskahan        ...                   namespace.view)21:22
jintyth1a: I've downloaded all the .po files with done translation, but can't seem to upload the template file.21:23
jintyI think it might be a permission problem, could you try?21:23
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