IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-05-12

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th1abskahan:  ayt?19:52
bskahanth1a: hey19:57
th1asrichter and I were looking at SchoolTool yesterday and had some thoughts.19:58
th1aI think I confused everyone by making the discussion of naming students/teachers etc. too complicated.19:59
bskahanhow so?19:59
th1aJust that "learners" and "staff" seem like overly obtuse group names in the interface.20:00
* bskahan agrees20:00
th1a"Students" and "teachers" should do fine.20:00
th1aAlso, can we make them top level containers?20:01
bskahanthose groups aren't doing anything currently though, they may not survive till next week20:01
th1aOK.  Good.20:01
bskahanthe thing is we have a scalability issue in real use cases with 500+ users20:02
th1aWhere are school-level configurations like timetable, etc going to go?20:02
th1aWell, we're going to have to rebuild some search interfaces for ST 0.1120:03
bskahanUI scalability not performance20:03
bskahannot sure where the site wide configs are going to be, have to ask albertas about timetable configs20:03
th1aOK.  There'll have to be a link off the root level.20:04
bskahanI think it can just be a menu item for people with permission to manage it20:05
bskahanif i get done rewriting courses and sections today I'll take another crack at cleaning up the menu system20:05
th1aJust get those courses and sections done, or ignas is going to bitch-slap you ;-)20:06
bskahanthey're almost back to where they were 2 weeks ago20:07
th1aBut seriously, POV's got a lot to finish, so we can't hold them up.20:07
bskahanI'm working on it, but I'm basically redoing everything I did 2 weeks ago to get back to the same end user features, I think I can finish it today20:08
th1aOK.  It is important to get it done.20:09
* bskahan nods20:11
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tvonth1a: the stories specify the csv/mass-add stuff should be in the normal 'add view' for groups/resources, I'm not sure this makes sense though21:17
tvonthat importing is probably only going to be done once21:17
tvonor at least very infrequently21:17
th1aOK.  My main concern is that the csv import is associated with the type, rather than one main "csv imports" page for all types.21:18
th1aIf that makes sense.21:18
th1aThe way it was done in 0.x didn't seem intuitive to me.21:19
tvonAfter a phone talk with Brian, having it all one page makes some sense.. esp for schooltool where some things might be imported every semester21:22
th1aIs one of you on the road?21:23
bskahanI'm in NY21:27
th1aI see.21:27
bskahanok, courses and sections should be usable again21:39
bskahanthey're not hooked back up to the UI yet21:39
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