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bskahanwe should switch to bazaar instead of svn with the new server ;)15:16
th1aI'm in Spain now, btw.15:17
SteveAbaz-ng isn't really ready yet15:18
SteveAbaz rocks, though15:19
bskahanset a read-only archive of the ST svn trunk at with the archive
mgedmin6 months ago baz was incredibly s l o w15:22
bskahanseems ok today, creating the mirror took a bit longer than svn checkout15:23
mgedminhow long does 'baz status' take?15:23
* SteveA tries15:25
bskahanone sec, created the archive before I svn upped today, committing the svn updates now15:25
SteveAi'll try in a minute15:25
SteveAi can get the baz guys at canonical to bring in the svn tree with all its history15:26
SteveAif you really want to switch15:26
SteveAthe only problem at the moment for some projects is the lack of win32 support15:26
bskahanI'd be interested in switching, but not until after 1.0/1.1 releases15:26
bskahan... interested in looking into switching ...15:27
bskahanmgedmin: baz commit is noticably slower than svn commit15:27
bskahanSteveA: is anyone working on win32 support?15:29
mgedminbskahan, what version of baz do you use?15:29
bskahanwhatever is in hoary15:29
SteveAthere were a couple of sessions to look at win32 support at UDU15:29
SteveA i don't know what came of it though15:29
* bskahan nods15:29
bskahanis there OSX support?15:30
SteveAbazng will work on win3215:30
* mgedmin wants to wait for baz-ng15:30
SteveAand baz will converge with bazng in due course15:30
bskahanthe speed is still an issue, about 5x longer to baz commit than svn commit, where svn has to go over network to and baz is commiting locally15:32
SteveAit took 20s to do baz status on my launchpad tree just now15:33
SteveAit took 1m20s to do so just before that, but i'd come out of suspend, so all sorts of things weren't in ram15:33
mgedminit takes 15s to do svn status of schooltool including Zope3, and less than 0.2s without Zope315:34
mgedminI find those 15s absolutely unbearable15:34
SteveAthe main thing with baz is the ease of working on branches15:35
mgedminoh, my Zope 3 tree wasn't in cache15:37
mgedminsvn st of the whole st + z3 takes 1.2 seconds now15:37
SteveAthat's comparable with bazng15:38
mgedminthe question is, does the ease of working on branches outweight the cumbersomeness of the user interface, general slowness, extreme usage of disk space (1gb in the never-automatically-cleaned revision library in a couple of days) and lack of robustness (try simultaneous baz commits in the same working tree)?15:39
mgedminit probably does for launchpad (lots of developers, lots of branches, strict merge guidelines)15:40
mgedminI do not think it does for schooltool15:40
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bskahanbaz status  4.94s user 1.07s system 26% cpu 23.080 total15:49
bskahansvn st  0.05s user 0.02s system 2% cpu 2.729 total15:49
SteveAbskahan: run two of each of the commands in a row15:52
bskahanbaz status  4.66s user 0.74s system 94% cpu 5.733 total15:53
bskahansvn st  0.08s user 0.03s system 74% cpu 0.152 total15:53
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bskahancurrently schooltool has nothing like the old teaching facet16:20
bskahana persons status as a teacher is determined by being in the URIInstructor role of a URIInstruction relationship16:21
bskahanI'm leaning towards adding instructor/learner annotations but wonder what people think those should look like16:22
bskahanI'm looking at a PersonView that distinguishes between instructors and learners, would anyone else have a use for that annotation?16:23
algahey, bskahan16:30
algawhat's a schedule on ISection?16:30
bskahandon't know16:30
bskahansomething that I can pull a meaningful time/date value from about when the section meets16:31
algaok, so you don't mind if I ditch that?16:32
bskahansections need to be identifiable as "Mr. Smith's sections of Biology that meets at some time"16:32
bskahanI thought I would use it to get the "some time"16:32
algahm, but where does the timetable stand?16:32
algathey have to be synch'ed, right?16:33
bskahanthe timetable could replace that16:33
bskahanno, that could be replaced with the timetable16:33
bskahani left it vague intentionally because I wasn't sure what the timetable would provide16:33
bskahanI'm happy to ditch that attribute in favor of accessing the section's timetable directly16:34
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algaNow I think that composing titles out of section data is a bad idea16:43
algait might be "Hoffman's English Mondays"16:44
algabut in a different school it might be described by some other terms16:44
algamight use teacher's first names, not surnames16:44
algaor the students' year rather than teacher's nane16:45
algaanyway, the system administrator might easily assign the "Hoffman English Mondays" title if he wants it16:46
bskahanthat would fix my 'section-of-, section-of-1' bug16:52
bskahanI'm going to pass it onto th1a before changing it though16:53
algathere might be some thing that goes over all sections and sets their titles according to the provided format once the relationships and timetables are set up16:55
bskahanI think that's a good idea16:59
bskahanits actually the section.label that I'm interested in more than the title16:59
bskahanthe title could be set manually and the label could be generated17:00
bskahansince I made the seperate label property specifically to get the (teacher, course, time) tuple17:00
bskahanI only made the title autogenerated because its not really an important attribute and making it autogenerated speeds up the workflow for creating 5 sections of a course17:01
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bskahansomehow the schooltool 0.9 release ended up on todays daily python URLs18:37
bskahanah, freshmeat update18:37
FarcePestit was a little weird to have a MySQLdb recipe come up on Planet Python last night18:37
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tvon|x31I did freshmeat ages ago19:10
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tvon|x31unless I'm on crack19:17
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mgedminhow are week numbers calculated when the user chooses to have weeks starting on Sundays?20:02
mgedminsame as usual, except that Sunday is assigned to the week of the following Monday?20:02
mgedmintvon|x31, bskahan: ?20:05
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bskahanaparently the chandler folks are working on CalDAV for their next release20:33
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