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th1abskahan:  ignas nagged me the other day about not updating the SchoolTool listing on Freshmeat from 0.8 to 0.9, so I finally updated it.00:31
th1aNice photo.00:32
bskahanmight update the (freshmeat) screenshot when you have a chance00:32
th1aYeah, I know...00:32
bskahanthanks, that picture got my better sude00:32
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coastGNUth1a: ping01:53
coastGNUHi Tom01:53
th1aWhat's up?01:53
coastGNUI got in contact to Professor Hoegl, University of applied science Augsburg germany who might be interesting as a partner for Schooltool development in germany01:54
th1aPartner in what sense?01:55
coastGNUWe met last November at Systems IT Fair Munich and he told me that he is a Friend of python programming iat the Institute of technical informatics Augsburg.01:56
coastGNUFrom a german point of view I think he might be interesting as a partner to add administrative functionalities which are used in school administration here in germany01:57
th1aAh.  Ok.  That makes sense.01:58
coastGNUThere still are such applications, all proprietary windows apps, and there is no free software to do this till now01:58
coastGNUUnder a strategic aspect it will be very helpfull to have free software for this. A lot of schools don't use free software / GNU/Linux because this fact.02:00
coastGNUWill someone from Schooltool be at linuxTag Karlsruhe, Germany, this year?02:02
th1aWhen is it?02:02
coastGNU22 to 26 of June02:03
th1aI guess not.  How far is that from Lithuania?02:04
coastGNUHmm, Lithuania, by plane to Stutgart six hours I would say02:04
th1aI guess central Europe isn't as small as I think.02:05
coastGNUThe problem is more that you have one or two stopovers02:06
coastGNUWhere in Lithuania exactly, I may have a look then02:07
th1aNo direct flight from Vilnius to Karlsruhe?  Don't bother looking it up.02:07
th1aI wasn't sure if it might be a short drive.02:07
coastGNUVilnius... 22 to 28 hours by train via Sestokai, Wwarzaw, Berlin to Karlsruhe02:11
th1aPoland!  I forget Poland is in there.02:11
th1aI'm afraid I'm used to looking at WWII era maps of Europe.02:12
th1aAnyhow... it doesn't look like we'll have anyone at Linux Tag.02:15
th1aWe'll have more to show next year.02:15
coastGNUI just had a look at Lufthansa web page. Its only three hours from vilnius to Stuttgart by plane02:16
coastGNU"I'm afraid I'm used to looking at WWII era maps of Europe." AFAIK there is a Poland in that ages, so thats what my grandma told me.02:21
coastGNUShe should know this, she's Polish. :-)02:22
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th1aYeah, there was still a fair bit of Poland between Eastern Prussia and Lithuania, wasn't there?02:24
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jintyHi again, are there plans in this release for an import-sampleschool and schooltool-client?12:53
algait's not in our plans, afaik, but it is feasible12:54
algaThe RESTful API changed a bit, so the old clients might not work out of the box12:55
algabut it should not be hard to make them work12:55
algabut it's a bit early for that as the timetabling code does not have any RESTful views yet12:56
jintyI'm doing a clean up of the build-install code12:57
jintyand wanted to know if I should leave the code for them lying around12:57
jinty(build-install code that is)12:57
algawill it hard to put it back if needed?12:58
algaI'd say scrap it for now12:58
jintynot too hard, but I am lazy.12:58
jintyAs you say, it's not in the plans, so I'll do the scrapping13:00
algaIn fact it was a very useful thing for demos and for testing13:01
algabut probably it shouldn't be in the build sequence13:01
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* ignas_ looks at the event view view and wonders - why is it so ugly ?16:37
ignas_and why one with event editing permissions gets the "view" view instead of edit view ?16:37
bskahanignas: better than everyone getting edit16:39
bskahanignas_: and I'm in the process of cleaning up all the read-only views16:40
bskahan(including event)16:40
bskahando you know an elegant way to test ACL in tal, btw?  I need it in a few places16:41
ignas_bskahan, add a function to a view16:41
ignas_and use it16:41
* bskahan nods16:41
bskahanI wasn't sure if there was something allready setup16:42
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bska|mobileno I remember part of why event view isn't pretty, its looking at the event, not the EventForDisplay ...17:09
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