IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-05-03

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mgedminsomebody decided to import locale twice in schooltool's app.py14:22
mgedmin"just to be extra sure"? ;-)14:22
bska|mobiletwo locales is better than one14:23
bska|mobileI caught that playing with pylint guess I never committed that stuff14:23
* mgedmin is torn between two choices14:30
mgedminshould the TermService (a container for Terms) be an attribute, or an item?14:30
mgedminapp.terms or app['terms']?14:30
mgedminthere are pros and cons for both14:31
mgedminitem: symmetric with groups/persons/resources, we get traversal and ILocation for free14:31
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mgedminattr: differs from groups/persons/resources, the interface is more explicit, code looks nicer14:32
bska|mobilemgedmin: what is a Term?14:41
bska|mobileI like it as an attribute14:44
bska|mobile(found it in the glossary)14:44
mgedminwe used to call it 'time period'14:49
mgedmina range of dates + an indication which days are schooldays and which are holidays14:49
* bska|mobile nods14:51
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mgedminwoohoo, we have a new SchoolTool logo17:23
mgedmintwo things: shouldn't SchoolTool be BiCapitalized?17:23
mgedminand the second one: the background color in the picture differs from the background color set in CSS17:24
mgedminwould that be some sort of color profile adjustment that Mac OS X does, but Firefox on Linux doesn't?17:24
mgedminor gamma correction?17:24
bskahanwhat's the official policy OnBumpySchoolTool17:24
mgedminMaybe we should put the text in HTML where it is easy to change17:25
bskahanI made that in gimp and it matched17:25
mgedminand make png contain the zebra but no text17:25
bskahanyeah, that's what it will have to be17:25
mgedminxmag tells me this: picture background is #efebe6, html background is #eae8e317:26
mgedminwe could just use a transparent png if it weren't for MSIE :(17:26
bskahanmicrosoft should really pay me for the time spent on that headache17:27
mgedminmsie under wine renders two different colours as well17:27
Aistebut aren't there workarounds for MSIE?17:27
bskahanAiste: yes17:27
bskahanits a hack though17:28
Aistewell, sort of universally accepted hack17:29
bskahanyeah, I'd rather avoid it if we can17:29
bskahanI'll try seperating the logo from the text17:30
mgedminthe patents expired already, didn't they?17:30
bskahanthe text edges won't anti-alias right in gif17:30
mgedminbut if we remove the text from the image...17:30
bskahanthat's what I'm going to do now17:31
mgedminbtw what happened to the logo that was in 0.9?17:32
mgedminoh, you did that already ;)17:34
bskahannot sure why i didn't use it in the first place ......17:35
* bskahan goes to make coffee17:35
bskahanoh yeah, I think 0.9 was broken in IE17:36
bskahannot sure thougj17:36
mgedminah, maybe it was transparent17:38
bskahannot going to use HTML for the text after thinking about it (and making coffee)17:40
ignaswell, one can allways create a png without alpha transparency, we know that the background will not be changed17:40
bskahanignas: yeah, that was my original plan, maybe I just set the color wrong17:41
ignasset it right and leave it at that, or you want to change the background ?17:41
bskahanI thought I set the image background to match ...17:42
mgedminI made a transparent png with a background colour that renders correctly in MSIE17:45
mgedminshould I commit it?17:45
mgedminor will I step on your toes if I commit it?17:45
mgedminoops, it is not transparent at all17:46
mgedminbut nevertheless it renders correctly ;)17:46
bskahanI just committed one that should look right17:47
bskahantry it, if its not right please do17:48
mgedminnow I did it!17:48
mgedmin(not commit -- I made a transparent png with a fallback background color that is rendered in msie)17:49
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bskahanAlternatively, with the Gimp you can make a normal (unindexed, RGB image with alpha channel) PNG and select the option to save the background-color. This way IE will display the saved background color while better browsers will display transparency as intended.17:59
bskahanif anyone knows where that option is in gimp ...17:59
bskahanwell, its in the png export dialog, but doesn't appear to work as expected18:01
ignasbskahan, well i do ... selecting background color must be performed in the default fg/bg color box18:02
ignasi mean you must select the bgcoloryou want to become the fallback color18:02
ignasand then (without even using the color) save the png18:02
bskahanignas: thanks18:04
mgedminI just did that, 15 minutes ago18:05
mgedminit worked18:05
bskahanyeah, setting the background as a layer worked on 2 out 3 computers here18:06
bskahanbut that seems to work on all of them18:06
* bskahan can't wait to see what's broken in ie718:07
mgedminI suppose there's not point in making a transparent png with saved background color18:07
mgedminif you can just make a nontransparent png with background color18:07
bskahanthat's what I did a few minutes ago18:07
bskahanthe background rendered correctly in IE and Firefox on a desktop, and right on safari, but wrong on firefox in linux18:08
* bskahan shrugs18:09
bskahanthe save background version seems to work on everything here18:09
bskahanchanged it to SchoolTool while I was at it18:09
* mgedmin searches for uses of add_url in schoolbell's container views18:12
* mgedmin finds none18:12
mgedminI noticed that container views have a delete button at the bottom18:12
mgedminperhaps they should have an add button too?18:12
mgedminbut it would duplicate an action item from the sidebar18:13
mgedminso I'm not sure18:13
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bskahanI'd like to move many of the thing from the action menu into the frame, similar to plone18:14
bskahanso that the actions that directly impact the thing your viewing are in the fram with that 'thing'18:15
bskahanwhile the actions in the sidebar are more generic18:15
bskahanbut plone's design for that is a little confusing ...18:15
bskahantom's worked on a few variations but none have worked out18:16
bskahanthat would put Add and Remove both in the frame on a container view and not in the sidebar18:19
th1aThe distinction between the menu and the sidebar in Plone sites can be pretty arbitrary.18:37
bskahanth1a: how so?18:40
bskahanor maybe, which menu18:40
th1aOh, by "menu" I meant "tabs."18:41
bskahangmail is actually a better example of what I'm thinking of in some ways18:41
th1aI'm feeling more than a little flustered because my trip to Spain wasn't confirmed until this morning.18:42
bskahanthe controls that affect a piece of content are located immediately around the content18:42
bskahanwhen do you leave?18:42
th1aAnd I had a hard time motivating myself to write the presentation without knowing for sure I'd even be there.18:43
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bskahanwhen's the actual presentation?18:45
mgedminsparklines without matplotlib (but with PIL instead):
bskahanthat's exciting, I wasn't thrilled about a matplotlib dependency18:47
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bskahan happy accident19:46
mgedminlooks kinda nice19:50
bskahanits the browser cache sticking between schooltool and schoolbell19:51
bskahanmay try to implement it for real later on19:52
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mgedminare there any switches for starting day of the week (sun/mon) in schooltool/bell?20:15
bskahanin user preferences20:16
mgedmincan you give me a name to grep for in source code?20:17
bskahanin browser.cal20:18
mgedminI was actually hoping for the interface name, but this will do20:18
bskahanor IPersonPreferences in app20:18
mgedmina TextLine???20:19
mgedminwhy isn't it a Choice?20:19
* mgedmin was hoping for an attribute containing an integer constant, such as calendar.MONDAY or calendar.SUNDAY (import calendar)20:20
bskahanI can refactor it that way, I need to get rid of the Form in anyway20:21
mgedminthat'd be nice20:22
* bskahan nods20:23
bskahandoing it now20:23
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bskahanmgedmin: committed20:57
mgedminbskahan, thanks!21:02
bskahancommitting an evolution for it in a minute21:09
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mgedminsee ya!21:12
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