IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-04-21

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bskahanth1a: good title for the talk16:03
th1aI was feeling slightly spunkier when I was doing the Python UK proposal.16:03
bskahanit works with the "groupware bad" manifesto16:05
algabskahan: what's up with schooltool-ng?16:42
algaour setup is basically done, now we need your stuff to hook up timetabling to16:43
bskahanalga: ok16:45
bskahanI'll start committing today and tomorrow16:46
bskahanalga, th1a: i hacked up a quick contact details adapter for IPersons in schoolbell, anyone object to me commiting it?17:25
th1aI'm noncommittal.17:26
bskahanit was a 30 minute hack and it adds very basic addressbook features to schoolbell17:26
bskahanusing the same style as schooltool 0.7 with the PersonInfo facet but using an annotation instead17:27
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bskahanreally, there's no reason it can't be a seperate product since it just adapts IPerson, but that's what changes it from a 30 minute experiment into a waste of a day17:35
algaI don't mind if you check it in17:36
algain case it has tests and all17:36
* bskahan nods17:40
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bskahanalga: since we don't have the root/community group anymore to use for a default public calendar what do you think about bootstrapping "the school" as Resource and using that calendar as the default public calendar?18:51
algaI think root group was a better idea19:02
algaa special resource will be very much a special case19:02
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bskahanalga: what are the things you actually need from our end to start on timetabling20:39
algawell, persons and sections to hook up the timetables to21:24
algasome of the code is pretty standalone, so I'm porting it already21:25
algabut the views will want live objects, especially ftests21:25
bskahanI'm trying to figure out the skins and layers at the moment21:26
bskahanonce I get that working I'll add some ftests21:26
bskahanif you have insite into what I'm missing in the last 2 commits to turn on a schooltool skin with a fallback to the schoolbell layer ...21:28
algayou have to derive the st skin from the sb skin21:30
algaand set it in the event subscriber21:30
bskahanI created a new skin that includes the schoolbell layer, and set the new skin in the event subscriber21:32
bskahan(or so I thought)21:32
algayeah, looks fine21:33
algadoes it work?21:33
bskahanthe tests based on the schoolbell skin tests pass21:34
bskahanbut it doesn't seem to be picking up the new logo21:34
bskahanor breaking, which was the result I really expected ;)21:35
algawell, is the skin applied?  in a view, check in request provides the skin interface21:37
algatry registering some view for the new skin, see if you get to it21:37
algamaybe the schoolbell layer somehow gets above the schooltool layer21:37
algaah, one more thing21:40
algathere are two subscribers now21:40
bskahanI registered a dummy view for ICourse in the new skin21:40
algaone from SB, another from ST21:40
algamaybe the SB gets called last21:41
bskahanI think making SchoolToolApplication maybe should implement ISchoolBellApplication21:41
bskahanshouldn't implement ISchoolBellApplication21:42
algathen you'd have to re-register all the views21:42
algabut that's a possibility21:42
algaalso, you'd have to fix all the SB code that gets to the app to do some stuff21:43
algagetSchoolBellApplication() basically21:43
algaI hope there's a better way...21:43
algamake a third interface21:44
alga1) base21:44
alga2) SB21:44
alga3) ST21:44
algaregister the views for base21:44
algain the subscribers, check SB and ST21:44
algaand make ST inherit from base, but not SB21:44
algawell, the names have to be good21:44
algaISchoolBellApplication would be base21:45
algaISchoolToolApplication would inherit from that21:45
algaas would IRealSchoolBellApplication21:45
algashrug :)21:45
algaI know21:46
algain ZCML, make SB implement ISchoolBellSkinnable21:46
algaor something like that21:46
algaand in the SB subscriber check for that21:46
* bskahan nods21:46
bskahanI'll try that21:46
algafor the time being, see if the subscriber thing is really the case by commenting the bad one out21:47
* bskahan nods21:49
bskahancommenting out the the subscriber in schoobell/app/browser/configure.zcml kicks you out to the rotterdam skin21:53
algahee hee22:25
algain that case, even our subscriber does not get called :-)22:25
algaST skin inherits the SB layer22:25
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bskahanlooks like the browser/configure.zcml in schooltool isn't getting called22:44
bskahan  <include package=".browser" />22:47
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bskahanI've acheived something23:03
bskahanI'm just not sure what23:03
bskahani think I've made an empty skin (eg., on that doesn't fallback to schoolbell)23:04
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