IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-04-20

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gintasth1a, ping18:48
th1agintas: Hi18:49
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gintashow's it going?18:49
th1a|PyUKI just got in my room a little while ago.  I need a nap.18:49
gintasI wanted to clarify one bit about i18nalization18:50
gintasI'll be quick18:50
th1a|PyUKDo you know when mgedmin's flight is/was?18:50
gintasI'm not sure18:50
gintasAiste probably knows18:50
th1a|PyUKOh.  I have an email from him.18:50
Aisteth1a|PyUK: he shoud be in Oxford around 200018:51
Aistelocal time18:51
gintasI'm having some difficulties with the i18nalization of the script18:51
th1a|PyUKWhat's the problem?18:52
gintasthing is that during startup some of the translation utilities are not set up (those are parts of Zope)18:52
gintasand the config file is read not too early18:52
gintasI wonder if translating the schoolbell.main script is all that important18:53
* th1a|PyUK knows extremely little about how i18n actually works.18:53
gintasI don't want to implement gettext stuff just for a few usage strings during startup18:53
th1a|PyUKI see.18:53
th1a|PyUKLet's not get hung up on little details.18:53
gintasthere is one important thing that needs to be translated18:54
gintasthe default titles for some users and groups18:54
gintasand I'm a bit uncomfortable about this one actually18:54
gintasthese are created when the database is initially constructed18:54
* bskahan perks up18:55
gintasso if you create a database and configuration is the default, and the locale is English, you will get English titles for the basic users and groups18:55
gintasthing is that the database is created implicitly (when the server can't find it)18:56
th1a|PyUKThat seems like a more serious problem.18:56
bskahanthose ids will go in URLs too, so there's some encoding issues18:56
gintasi.e., you start the server, find out that strings are in English18:56
gintasthen find out that your locales are misconfigured18:56
gintasrestart the server, everything works fine in your language, but the groups initially created are still English18:57
bskahanwas this handled previously in schooltool?18:57
gintasyou would have to either manually rename them or delete the database by hand (which I don't think can be expected from an ordinary user)18:57
gintasI don't remember right now18:58
gintasbut I think we had a similar situation18:58
gintasperhaps noone gave it much thought18:58
gintasmaybe it isn't a significant problem, I just wanted to point out that it exists18:58
th1a|PyUKIt sounds like a bug to me.18:59
gintaswell, it's somewhat inconsistent with the rest of the system19:00
gintasI suppose we could do some magic, change strings if they have not been changed by the user, etc.19:00
gintasbut I can't think of a neat solution19:01
th1a|PyUKThis is a little beyond me, especially without sleep.  It does sound like a hackish solution will be required.19:01
gintasanyway, what about the first part; is it important to translate things such as command-line help?19:01
gintasOTOH, maybe that's not so hard to do19:03
bskahanideally the command line help transaltion wouldn't be based on the site preference but on the machines locale19:04
gintasbskahan, that's the case19:04
gintasanother question: should console output be in the machine's locale or in the language specified in the config file19:04
bskahanconsole output should be in the machine's locale19:05
gintas(btw., the default config language setting is 'auto', which means "according to user's browser settings", which I think is cool, but cann't work during server startup)19:05
gintasbskahan, ok, that seemed sensible for me too19:06
gintasbskahan, what?19:06
bskahanauto would be ideal19:06
gintaswhat do you mean?19:07
bskahannot being able to use it would be unfortunate19:07
bskahanthe language setting being "according to browser setting"19:07
bskahanis ideal19:07
gintasthen perhaps we don't need a configuration setting for it at all?19:08
bskahanparents accessing the site who's first language isn't common to the school would probably appreciate that19:08
gintasI suppose so19:08
bskahanI figure within most schools one language would be prevelant (if not even mandated)19:09
* th1a|PyUK is going back to sleep.19:10
bskahangintas: I'm not really sure, the only use case I can think of for the browser setting taking precedence is for parents19:11
bskahanbut I live in a place where all official business is in one language and we have an unhealthy attitude towards bilingual education19:11
gintasok then, it stays19:14
bskahanI'm curious about the right way to create "teacher" and "student" groups in schooltool19:15
bskahansince it hadn't even occured to me that they need to be trnslated19:16
bskahan /groups/seccións wouldn't work in IE19:18
gintasgood point19:24
gintasbut it would URLencoded19:24
gintasso I don't think there's a problem19:24
gintasthe URLs would look a bit messy though19:24
gintasI'd prefer nice HTML pages to nice URLs19:26
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* bskahan nods19:48
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