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* bskahan wonders why his ftests aren't getting run00:03
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bskahanhey albertas16:17
bskahangot the schooltool skin working without figuring out how to fall back to schoolbell skin16:17
bskahanbut if you uncomment the subscriber in configure.zcml a Course will use the file instead of group.pt16:18
bskahanI'm not sure what to do about shared templates like at the moment16:19
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bskahansince it finds when view a group (teachers), but it never finds the frame or CSS from schoolbell16:20
algawell, if your skin interface derives from the sb layer interface, the SB layer should be there16:21 should be registered for our layer16:21
algaI suppose we will have to override as the layout in ST is probably going to change from SB16:22
algaam I making sense?16:22
bskahanwell, the second part.16:23
bskahanI figured view_macros would get diverged, not sure about resources and things though16:23
bskahanyou were saying to use the sb view_macros I need to register it for the ST skin?16:24
algaSB registers it own view_macros for the SB layer16:24
algaif we do not register view_macros in ST layer, we will get the SB one16:25
algabut we can override it in ST layer16:25
algawhen we need that16:25
bskahanyeah, that was the way I understood it should work16:25
bskahanI seem to have missed something though16:26
bskahansince I can get either ST layer, or SB layer (depending on wether I register the ST skin applier, or not)16:26
bskahanthe ST skin doesn't pick up the SB layer16:27
bskahandespite the layers declaration for the skin in ZCML16:27
algadoes your ST skin interface inherit from SB layer?16:42
bskahan  <skin16:42
bskahan      name="SchoolTool"16:42
bskahan      interface=".skin.ISchoolToolSkin"16:42
bskahan      layers="SchoolTool SchoolBell default" />16:42
algabut how is ISchoolToolSkin defined?16:43
bskahani tried mispelling "SchoolBel" and it kicks a traceback on not finding it16:43
algathe skins mechanism changed a while ago16:43
algamaybe the ZCML declaration is a decoy16:44
bskahanok, I based this on the example from srichter's book16:44
bskahanthe ISchoolBell interface doesn't do anything explicitly16:44
bskahanclass ISchoolToolSkin(ISchoolToolLayer, ISchoolBellLayer,16:46
bskahan                      IDefaultBrowserLayer):16:46
bskahan    """The SchoolTool skin"""16:46
bskahanis the entire definition16:47
algatake a look at Zope3/src/zope/app/publisher/browser/
algamaybe it'll help16:47
bskahanit looks like I'm allready doing option 216:49
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bskahanresources from the schoolbell layer are available at ++resource++name17:25
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bskahanthe schooltool layer logo.png takes precedence over the schoolbell logo at ++resource++logo.png17:27
bskahani think I found it17:33
bskahanin schoolbell/app/browser/configure.zcml the view_macros and and widget_macros are registered with layer=".skin.ISchoolBellSkin", not ISchoolBellLayer17:35
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bskahanalga: the skin should be working properly now17:57
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th1abskahan:  Should the current svn version of schoolbell have rounded corners on the navigation bar?18:44
bskahanone rounded corner18:45
bskahanon the bottom right of the left column18:45
bskahanand a slight drop shadow18:45
bskahanis that what you mean?18:45
th1aHm.  Perhaps it doesn't work in Safari...  Let me check Firefox.18:45
bskahansafari has the grey rectangle?18:46
th1aAlso, I'm getting some ugly rendering of the expanded events.18:46
bskahanno shadow, no rounded corner?18:46
th1aI'm not seeing it.18:46
th1aChecking Firefox...18:46
bskahanis the safari nav bar "ugly" or "not as pretty"18:46
th1aWorks in Firefox.18:47
bskahani know there was a khtml issue, but I was under the impression tom had a workaround18:47
th1aNav bar is not as pretty but not a big deal.18:47
th1aEvent expansion == bug.18:47
th1aI'll have to take a screenshot.18:47
bskahanthat would help18:47
bskahanI know tom tested in konqueror, but no way for us to test in safari18:48
th1aAh, wait...18:48
bskahan(I'm not sure that konqueror passed the test)18:48
th1aIt's the _other_ Safari issue.18:48
bskahando try shift-reload18:48
th1aThere it is.18:48
th1aOK.  Both problems fixed.18:49
bskahanI love it when a plan comes together18:49
th1aOTOH, the labels and fields still don't line up on forms in Safari.18:51
bskahanI ran into another form issue with long field names so we'll look at both18:53
th1aI think mgedmin just farted, but I'm not sure.18:54
algawhat did you feed him?19:05
bskahanwhat should the ids (in url) of sections look like?19:07
bskahanthe section display name will be something like a "course, teacher, first time in the week"19:09
bskahanI lean towards three digit incremental strings, with the option to specify something else19:09
bskahanhrm, nm19:10
bskahanthat doesn't work19:10
bskahanif they could only be in one course then I'd say something like algebraI-001, algebraI-00219:11
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th1amgedmin doesn't seem to appreciate the Al Franken Show.19:36
th1abskahan:  the ids of sections don't need to be relevant.19:37
th1aIn theory, some school somewhere may have some system for assigning section id's, but it seems unlikely to me.19:38
ignasth1a, just commited deletion view ;) you might need it :)19:38
bskahanth1a: the ids just have to be not ugly, and preferably memorable19:39
th1aYou know, in this case I wouldn't even worry about memorable.19:40
bskahanignas: didn't you just swipe one of our stories?19:41
bskahannot that I mind ... and I could be confused19:43
ignasbskahan, wha ? no :P this one has been hanging behind me for the last couple ofmonths!19:43
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Aistebtw, are both Etria nad POV proposals somewhere on line?20:08
bskahannot that I know of20:09
th1aGood point.20:10
AisteI was just wondering about what bskahan20:16
bskahanit was on our list for this contract20:17
Aistethis task has been stranded on out taskboard for a few months20:17
Aisteand we were kind of arguing, that it was not explicitly in our stories20:17
Aistebut Ignas did it anyway....20:17
Aisteoh well :)20:17
bskahanI foisted it off to tvon though ;)20:17
th1abskahan:  I think the events on the calendar should link to the 'view' view rather than the 'edit' view.20:22
bskahanth1a: yeah, absolutely20:22
th1a'cause it is tough to find the notes otherwise.20:22
bskahanthanks for reminding me20:22
th1aNothing like a presentation to get me to pick over the application...20:22
th1aMarius found a display glitch, too.20:23
th1aThe highlight when you mouse over one of "tomorrow's events" isn't the same as the others.20:23
th1aIt doesn't go all the way across the div.20:23
bskahanoh yeah20:23
bskahanit sucks20:23
bskahanit's not supposed to do that at all20:24
bskahanbut it didn't want to go away when I was playing with it20:24
bskahanit shouldn't have the background change20:24
bskahanth1a: did you guys allready do the presentation?20:30
th1aNo.  mgedmin is drafting his thesis now.20:30
bskahangood luck with it20:30
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