IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-04-15

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th1aOK, I managed to force myself to work on the glossary before going to bed:
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bskahangintas: how do I run schoolbell with a language other than english?14:35
gintasat present it uses the default Zope language negotiator15:16
gintaswhich means that the language is determined by the browser settings15:17
gintasi.e., the Accept-Language header15:17
gintasI intend to also add a global switch to the configuration file to force a language (as we had previously), but this is also nice to have15:17
* bskahan nods15:19
* bskahan wonders how to change firefox's language15:20
bskahanwithout logging into es locale15:20
gintasit's in the preferences15:24
gintasyou don't need to play with the OS locales to test that15:25
gintasbtw, I have a small script for easy testing of i18n, I think I'll paste it into one of my commit messages ;)15:25
bskahanI just want to keep track in future work that I'm not missing translations15:30
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Aisteyes :)18:19
th1aI was just thinking that I we should discuss the stress points for releases in the next year.18:20
AisteI love discussing things on friday evening :)18:20
th1aOh, sorry.  It is morning here.18:21
th1aI can send you an email.18:21
th1aWell, I haven't been up very long.18:21
th1aAnyhow, the point is that you should take into account that our big releases for the year will be next month (SchoolTool Calendar), September (SchoolTool 1.0) and especially next April (SchoolTool).18:24
Aisteit's probably better, cause I'm afraid, that my brain is not functioning very well on Friday18:25
AisteI keep those things more or less in mind when scheduling work for POV18:26
th1aRight.  Just wanted to make sure that you were conscious of the timeline.18:26
bskahanth1a: when next month do you want to release SC 1.0?18:29
th1aWell, let's see what POV's estimate is now...18:30
th1aI just received it.18:30
AisteIt just got extended to 12th of May I think18:30
Aistewe added Internationalisation18:31
bskahanI'm going to be at hopkins next week and can talk to them about providing that UI review.  which I'd like to get before 1.0 or 1.1 whichever we expect shools to use for 05/06 year18:31
th1aOK.  If they can look at SchoolTool Calendar, that'd be cool.18:32
th1abskahan:  Can you handle the 12th?18:32
bskahanfor 1.0 or 1.1?18:33
bskahanfor 1.0 yes18:33
th1a1.0 or 1.1 of what?18:33
th1aRight SchoolBell 1.1 and SchoolBell Calendar 1.0.18:34
bskahanthe setup workflow/wizard is for SC 1.1 based on your initial mail18:34
th1aSchoolTool Calendar.18:34
th1aSetup for timetables?18:35
bskahanone sec18:35
bskahanschool setup workflow from your mail on 28 march18:37
bskahandid that end up in POV's stories?18:37
bskahanI'm pretty sure we don't have it18:37
th1aIt's slightly simplified from the original timetable requirements.18:38
th1aLeaves out some of the edgier cases.18:38
bskahanI thought it was in the 1.1 set for some reason18:39
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th1aWe've got 20 students in our dining room now.19:19
th1aJennifer is having a (secular) seder for the students she's had for three years.19:20
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* mgedmin looks up seder in a dictionary19:25
th1amgedmin: Unfortunately, probably not so many seders in your part of the world.19:35
Aisteah, jews19:44
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bskahanalga: did you see my followup about ftests and dublin core?20:03
bskahanit looks like the only way to fix this in schoolbell is to give permission when we give schoolbell.edit20:05
algaI saw that20:06
bskahanwhich may constitute a bug in Zope, but I think that's the current state20:06
algaI thought about it too, but it is an ugly workaround20:06
algaand it would spoil the acl view code a bit20:06
algaI commited a hack with removeSecurityProxy to Zope 3 a couple of hours ago20:07
alganow the tests pass 100% for me20:07
bskahanlovely, thanks20:07
bskahanI'll get around to mailing z3-dev list about it, neither is a good solution20:08
algawell, there's a bug in the tracker20:08
* bskahan nods20:09
algayou can't possibly require that the persons who, for instance, post responses to a forum,20:09
algashould have a change access to DC metadata on all responses20:09
bskahanyeah, but you do want the dc to get updated accurately20:09
bskahanjust not voluntarily20:10
algaremoveSecurityProxy does it right20:10
algait's just that it's considered a bad smell20:10
bskahanthere's probably one more spot that needs it in then20:10
algawell, I've hacked 3 spots20:11
bskahantimeannotator, creatorannnotator,20:12
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