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[g2]so other thatn python and zope3 what do I need to run schooltool ?05:03
th1aWell... SchoolBell you only need those.05:04
[g2]does zope3 have a lot of dependencies ?05:04
th1aSchoolTool has more dependencies, but we're moving it entirely to Zope 3 as well.05:05
[g2]how about the memory footprint ? any idea how large it is ?05:05
th1aI recommend you just look at SchoolBell right now.05:05
[g2]I've to an embedded xscale box with 32MB memory05:06
th1aHm... I don't know what the memory footprint is.05:06
[g2]actually it's a Linksys NSLU2 with reflashed firmware05:06
th1aThat would be pushing it.05:06
[g2]there's a swap space05:06
th1aYou'll just have to try it.05:06
[g2]I'll have to get zope3 running on it05:07
[g2]python already runs05:07
th1aZope 3 is included in the SchoolBell package.05:07
[g2]so I just need python then ?05:07
th1a'make' and 'python' should do it.05:07
th1aWhat distro is on this thing?05:08
[g2]I've got make and python05:08
[g2]well it's built with open embedded if you are familiar with that at all05:08
[g2]it's full-on custom firmware05:08
[g2]well, the bootloader isn't currently replaced, but we've got one05:09
th1aGive it a shot.  Let us know if it works.  Hm.  I don't know anything about embedded Linux, I'm afraid.05:09
[g2]it's not for the faint-of-heart, but it's quite do-able05:10
[g2]is python 2.4 ok for schoolbell ?05:26
th1aYes, except for the Windows binaries.05:26
[g2]well this is Linux
th1aShould be fine.05:27
[g2]so we're pretty far away from windoze05:27
[g2]th1a, can I paste 6 lines in here or will I get shot ?05:40
th1aIn this room?  That's fine.05:40
[g2]~/schoolbell-1.0# make05:41
[g2]python schoolbell build_ext -i05:41
[g2]running build_ext05:41
[g2]cd Zope3 && python build_ext -i05:41
[g2]running build_ext05:41
[g2]error: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.4/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)05:41
[g2]make: *** [build] Error 105:41
th1aThat's odd.05:42
[g2]my life is odd05:42
th1aI'd look at the Makefile in the Zope3 directory.05:42
th1aMake sure it is pointing to your python instance.05:43
th1aCheck out the SchoolBell Makefile, too.05:43
[g2]I already switched the first, but not the second05:43
[g2]or visa versa05:44
th1aDid that work?06:03
th1aSame thing?06:06
[g2] I think it expects python to be build on the machine06:06
[g2]I've downloaded 2.4.1 and I'm trying to natively build it right now06:06
th1aDid you look at
[g2]I did06:06
[g2]it didn't make a bunch of sense to me though :)06:07
th1aWhere is your python?06:08
[g2]well actually06:09
th1aI'd try putting the full path to python in the Makefiles, if you haven't already.06:10
[g2]I changed the name of python2.3 to python to match my system and changed the PYTHONPATH also06:11
th1aHm... perhaps you didn't want to change the PYTHONPATH, at least for SchoolBell.06:13
[g2]well it was blowing up otherwise :)06:13
th1aI don't know what would be causing it to look in the wrong place.06:14
[g2]It's looking in the right spot, but those files aren't there06:15
th1aDid you try just changing the python binary location but not the PYTHONPATH?06:16
[g2]originally yes06:16
th1aNone of the gurus are here now, unfortunately.06:16
[g2]it's dying on trying to run the inplace build for zope306:16
[g2]well I'm building python 2.4.1 natively now06:28
[g2]this will probably take some time06:29
[g2]then I'll make test and make install and then try schoolbell agani06:29
[g2]or again06:29
[g2]thx for the help06:29
th1aOK.  I have a feeling that won't help.06:29
th1aWhat timezone are you in?06:29
th1aIf you can stop by during the day tomorrow you'll get better advice.06:30
[g2]day ?06:30
[g2]9-5 EST ?06:30
th1aHalf the developers are in Lithuania.06:30
th1aThe other half in Baltimore.06:30
[g2]what Lithuania GMT+206:31
[g2] ?06:31
th1aSomething like that.06:31
[g2]it's all Internet time :)06:32
th1aWe all sleep late in our own timezone.06:32
[g2]so what part of schooltool/schoolbell are you working on ?06:32
th1aI am the pointy headed manager.06:33
th1aThe actual school person.06:33
th1aI am the "school" in SchoolTool.06:33
[g2]so you are in school administration ?06:34
th1aI was an English teacher and technology coordinator, and I've done school design work.06:35
[g2]well good night06:42
[g2]thx for the help06:42
th1aGood night.  Hope we can sort this out.06:42
[g2]I'll check back tomorrow after I try the natively build python06:42
[g2]oh it's all part of the process06:43
[g2]this is quite tame really :)06:43
th1aPatience is a virtue.06:43
th1aGood night.06:43
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[g2]th1a, ping08:32
[g2]FYI schoolbell is running08:47
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bskahanwhat's the zope3 equivalent of schooltool.common.UnicodeAwareException15:40
bskahanwhich just does:15:41
bskahan    def __unicode__(self):15:41
bskahan        return u" ".join(map(unicode, self.args))15:41
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[g2]morning all16:29
bskahan[g2]: morning16:29
[g2]I'm running schoolbell (slowly) from a small embedded device16:31
[g2]I added some people, but I can seem to log in with them16:31
[g2]however, the manager wokds16:31
bskahanschoolbell 1.0?16:32
[g2]I've got it running with python 2.4.1 on a reflash Linksys NSLU2 Network Attached Storage devices16:32
[g2]yeah 1.016:32
bskahanwhen you added them, you gave them username/password?16:33
bskahanare you getting any errors on the console?16:33
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[g2]maybe is a case issue16:34
[g2]let me try again16:34
bskahanusername and passwd are case sensitive16:34
bskahanignas: :-P16:34
bskahanignas: see the mail about schoolbell.relationship and zope core?16:35
[g2]well is was 2:00 AM when I set them up :)16:35
[g2]I'm in now16:35
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algath1a: would you like to finish talking about the stories in the proposal in the near future?22:29
th1aYes.  Sorry I was unavailable earlier.22:30
th1aI did add to my little diagram, which hopefully will be helpful.22:30
th1aI'll send it now.22:30
th1aOK.  Sent.22:31
th1aWant to set a time tomorrow?22:32
th1aIt's getting late in your part of the world.22:32
algawell, I have some work still, and I intend to work for a couple hours more anyway22:33
algaso a bit later today is OK for me22:33
th1aOK.  I'll be here.22:33
th1aDid the additions to the chart help.23:04
th1aThe thick red borders indicate possible entry points for the user, if they aren't going through the whole process.23:04
algathis diagram is much clearer23:23
th1aCovers more of the process.23:23
algaby the way, can you explain why there are time-based or named periods23:24
algaI would assume slots should have to be either named "9:00" or "Slot A"23:24
th1aSlots are always time based.23:25
th1aPeriods may not be in the same slot every day.23:25
algalike, A and B Mondays, C and D tuesdays?23:25
th1aI think of the canonical example as being the schedule from my middle school years.23:26
th1aThe day had six periods.23:26
th1aA, B, C, D, E, F.23:26
th1aEach day, the periods shifted down one slot.23:27
th1aSo the second day had B, C, D, E, F, A23:27
th1athird day: C, D, E, F, A, B23:27
th1aSo in this case there are six slots.23:28
th1aWhich are always the same, but in different days in the cycle, the periods go in different slots.23:28
algaaha, got it23:29
algaI have to admit I'm not familiar with how the timetables for persons/groups are filled in in ST 0.923:31
th1aHopefully someone is...23:32
algado you want the same behaviour replicated, or is there anything new in your flowchart's final couple of sections?23:32
th1aSo the timetables are slightly simplified in this flowchart.23:33
th1aBut eventually we'll want to add in all the features that were in 0.9.23:33
th1aSo don't change the model.23:34
algaexcept the TT exceptions?23:34
th1aBut we'll eventually need to do mutliple concurrent schemas and periods of different lengths on different days of the week.23:34
algaI hope porting timetabling code  will be easier than the previous bits...23:35
th1aThe biggest difference I want you guys to focus on is setting up the UI so that simple time and days of the week schedules will be easy to do.23:35
algaSo, I assume you'll want to provide a lot of feedback while the work is in progress?23:36
th1aThat and having sections as a specific type of group.23:36
th1aThat would be a good idea.23:36
algaAFAIR sections were marked as a story for Etria, right?23:37
algaas far as I remember23:37
th1aWe can make sure they get them done early.  Not much to it, really.23:38
algabasically, sections will be groups with some marker interface, right?23:42
algathey will be able to participate in teaching relationship23:42
th1abskahan has done some work on it already.23:43
algaOH, we have some questions re. ReSTive interface23:46
algawhat about ReSTive views for notes?23:46
algawho should do them?23:46
th1aI'll have Etria do them.23:47
algaalso, what about ACLs and preferences?23:47
th1aYou mean, should you be able to set ACL's via REST?23:47
th1aOr should REST calls be controlled via ACL?23:47
algathere weren't ReSTive views for these things in 0.9 AFAIR23:48
algathe former23:48
algaideally, REST should allow to automate everything23:48
th1aI agree.23:48
algathere are more borderline things: calendar overlay settings for a user23:49
algathese are the browser presentation metadata23:49
ignasimho allowing ACL modification through REST is a must for any 50+ person organization ...23:49
th1aI'd say browser presentation doesn't need to be controlled via REST.23:50
ignasth1a, yet sometimes it is nice knowing which calendars a user has overlayed23:50
ignasso one could display same calendars in another app23:51
algaso, there's still quite a bit of work to be done for ReSTive views...23:51
ignasthat's why the issue isborderline ...23:51
th1aIt's just that the external calendar apps that actually exist use a very different model for subscribing to and overlaying calendars.23:52
ignasthough CVS SB should allow importing all the users,resources,groups and playing with them (realtionships are still MIA)23:52
ignassvn SB23:52
algath1a: so, can you pass the ReSTive views for user prefs and notes to Etria, and we will do the ACL ReSTive view?23:53
algaso, it seems that we will be able to start work on STC from the middle of next week or so23:55
th1aOK.  I'm anxious to know when you think you'll be done so we can pin down a firmer release date.23:57

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