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[g2]how is one supposed to shutdown schoolbell ?  just control-c the app ?00:13
algaor kill `cat schooltool00:14
algaor kill `cat`00:14
algath1a: are you really keen on having the estimates soon?  They would be more accurate if we could get Marius have his say00:35
algaright now he's ill with high temperature and on antibiotics00:36
th1aI'd rather have them be accurate.00:36
algascheduling for an individual student is basically a matter of adding him to appropriate sections?00:38
th1aMarius and I put that together in 0.9 (that is, I told him what to do, and he did it).00:40
algathe mass import with a CSV and a TXT file?00:41
th1aWhat about it?00:42
algaI mean, is it called 'Scheduling an Individual Student'?00:44
th1aThere's a UI for that.00:45
algaI'm browsing around st 0.9 but can't find another way to set up a timetable00:45
th1aLet me check.00:45
algaOK, found it00:48
th1aTook me a minute, too.00:49
algabasically, after uploading sections timings with a CSV import, one can select sections for each slot for a given person?00:49
th1aSections for each period.00:50
algaOK, I got the picture...00:52
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bskahanI've replaced all occurences of parse_time and parse_datetime with the tz aware versions16:23
bskahanthe new versions are parse_timetz and parse_datetimetz16:24
bskahanshould the old verions be removed, or is it valuable for schoolbell.calendar to have seperate methods for naive date/time16:25
algath1a: ping17:13
algaapparently in 0.9 CSV timetable import is available only TTW17:14
th1aGood morning.17:15
algashould be there a ReSTive view for this?17:15
algaGood morning17:15
algawell, it is quite possible to automate uploading these CSV files via the web views17:17
algaand ReST has its own access to the real structures underneath17:17
th1aYou need to be able to set up sections >> course, teacher, students, period via the REST interface, but I don't think you should have to be able to do it via a CSV.17:17
th1aIf you wanted to write a CSV > REST client app, you could.17:17
th1aIf you know what I mean.17:18
bskahanalga: opinions on removing naive parse_[date]time?17:30
algai18n-naive you mean?17:45
algawe're not i18n-naive, we are ISO 8601 :-)17:46
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algath1a: what's the timeframe for our timetabling work?17:57
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th1aWell, I had been hoping to get it done this month, but the transition period here has kinda stretched out, as it tends to do.17:58
th1aBut it is important to get it out ASAP, because now is when schools are making plans for next year.17:58
algath1a: by the way, interested in the photos of my kid?
algaThankyou :-)18:03
bskahanalga: parse_time returns a naive time with tzinfo=None, parse_timetz returns an aware time with tzinfo=UTC by default18:08
bskahanI'd like to replace parse_time with parse_timetz but it changes the default behavior so I wanted to get opinions first18:08
bskahancute baby, what's her|his name?18:09
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algahe's a boy18:19
algabskahan: sure, if parse_time is not used, ditch it18:20
algabut I guess it should be used somewhere...18:21
algaprobably we'll need a thing like that in the timetable code18:22
algaperiod "9:00-10:00"18:23
algasuch things are zone-naive, aren't they?18:23
algaso that when daylight savings switch, the timetable still makes sense18:24
algaor am I on crack?18:24
bskahanparse_timetz can take a tzinfo=None to make naive dts18:24
bskahanis the period an event?18:24
bskahancurrently no event can be stored except in UTC, all local times are handled in view code18:25
algait becomes an event, eventually18:25
algawhen the timetable is transformed into a calendar18:26
algabut the timetable might take care of the TZ conversion18:26
bskahanone thing that's needed at this point is a site preference for default timezone18:26
bskahansince currently its UTC for anyone who doesn't have a preference set18:27
bskahanactually, the best thing to do is probably to use the request locale to set the timezone for anon viewers18:27
* bskahan will do it that way18:27
bskahanI'm still working on getting the Edit/Add event views to work properly but I'll document the local time to UTC conversion there18:28
algarequest locale? you mean the most accepted language?18:34
algabut if I prefer en_US it does not mean I'm in NY18:35
bskahanlooking at request locale info now18:35
algaI don't theink you have timezone there18:35
* bskahan nods18:35
algaJavascript can find it out18:35
bskahanis that better than setting a sitewide default?18:36
algaSecretly post something that sets your locale in the session18:36
algaprobably the sitewide default is OK18:37
algaanyway, it's mostly for anonymous users18:37
* bskahan nods18:37
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bskahanalga: you mentioned csv earlier, just wanted to make sure you saw that I moved over to schoolbell yesterday19:30
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algathanks for telling19:38
algaI was browsing around st-0.9 release branch19:39
bskahani didn't do anything to except change the namespace and make it pass with schoolbell tests19:40
bskahanbut I need it for sb 1.1 stories and I was procrastinating other stuff19:41
bskahanso I'm not sure how much of it we want to keep intact19:41
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bskahanwhy do we have IAdaptableToSchoolBellApplication?20:36
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qopiis there anywhere I can try Schoolbell out?22:13
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