IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-04-06

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bskahanignas: has there been any discussion about moving schoolbell.relationship into zope core?15:45
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ignasbskahan, guess no, why would one want to do that ?15:50
bskahanseems like a generically useful component15:50
ignaswell i think so too, yet would zope get any real benefit out from it ?15:57
ignasthe ones writing zope projectswould ;)15:57
* jinty is hoping one day to install the schoolbell module under the zope so that other projects can use it. At least on debian.16:06
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bskahanwas resource booking in 1.0?17:32
* bskahan gets confused what was in the release vs. what's in the tree.17:32
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bskahantvon: hey18:16
tvonbskahan: howdy18:17
tvondammit, I re-broke the logo in IE when I scaled it18:17
bskahanlogo needs some artist love18:18
tvonand IE is so stupid about "transparent"18:18
bskahanthe new smaller version looks blurry18:18
tvonI'll re-do it18:18
tvonto get rid of the blur, not for the artist love.. which I am incapable of18:19
* bskahan nods18:19
th1aI thought that SchoolBell 1.0 would work with Python 2.4.18:20
bskahanI did too18:20
bskahanit does18:20
bskahanyou mean the mailing list comment?18:21
* bskahan nods18:21
bskahanI didn't realize python was difficult to set up on windows18:21
th1aIt isn't...18:21
th1aOh, I know,18:22
th1ait's because I made the binary with 2.3.18:22
* tvon reads his commit log and wonders what 'marging' is18:22
tvondamn I hate IE18:26
bskahanth1a: paper looks good18:31
th1aOne thing that I've forgotten about is that we should probably reintroduce the distinction between regular resources and ones that are locations.18:42
* bskahan agrees18:42
th1aWe really could cram a lot more data into the index views.18:52
th1aLittle summaries of availability.18:52
bskahaner., weren't you saying something about index views?18:53
tvonfor people/groups/resources18:58
tvonor "persons"18:59
bskahani know we were talking about them at some point18:59
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Litlun? anybody there ?22:26
Litlunis this problem fixed already?22:26
Litlunor did I get everything correctly and is the trunk still broken22:27
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th1aAre you trying to run SchoolTool?22:29
Litlunlooks interesting as an OSS python project to join22:29
th1aSchoolTool is still waiting for us to begin shifting it to Zope 3, so it is still in limbo, hopefully for only a few more days.22:30
th1aCheck out SchoolBell.22:31
Litlunanything I can do to help?22:31
gintaswe've been focussing on SchoolBell recently22:31
gintasI'm not even sure right now how broken SchoolTool is, as Zope 3 trunk is a moving target22:31
gintasshouldn't be that bad ;)22:32
Litlunis Bell in its own svn repository?22:32
gintasnope, I think in the same one as SchoolTool22:32
th1aBut much of the ST code is on the verge of going into the scrap heap.22:32
gintaswell, not exactly, but we will be refactoring lots of things22:33
th1aAll the Twisted stuff will disappear.22:33
Litlunthat won't be much of a loss (for me)22:33
gintasI don't think there's that much "Twisted stuff"22:34
gintasthere's a module that deals with twisted, and we're using things that are obviously idiomatic in Twisted rather than Zope 322:35
gintassuch things will change of course22:35
th1aWell, regardless, SchoolBell is a better representation of the direction development is going.22:35
Litlunchecking it out currently22:35
th1agintas:  I think we'll be using Ruby on Rails by fall.22:35
th1aBetter pre-order the O'Reilly manual.22:36
gintasnah, Ruby won't run on those cute new Nokia phones22:37
bskahanzope has a marketing problem22:37
th1aEveryone has a marketing problem compared to 37 Signals.22:38
th1aDid you catch the quote from Jim I blogged about a lightweight Zope 3?22:39
* bskahan nods22:39
bskahanyeah, pretty happy about that22:39
th1aI was thinking that's what was needed.22:39
ignasth1a, what quote ?22:39
th1aI'd like to make it easier to use Zope 3 technologies without the full application server. I've started a new Bobo project that will make it easier for people to build small applications without ZCML. ZCML is really only appropriate for application servers, where you want to compine software in large pieces.22:40
th1a<that's Jim Fulton>22:40
gintaswhen I think "Zope without ZCML", I think "unit test setup"22:40
gintasthe latter one is a PITA as you might have found out22:41
gintase.g., registering all kinds of components just to render a template22:41
gintasbut I'm sure Jim didn't have that kind of thing in mind ;)22:42
* bskahan wonders if unittesting is part of the rails culture22:42
th1aIt is.22:42
th1aRails _is_ nice.  That's why we're going to migrate everything to it soon.22:43
th1aThe next implementation will be a keeper.  I promise.22:43
* bskahan wishes you wouldn't even joke 22:43
gintasth1a, you're scaring me22:44
ignashe is giving me creeps!22:44
th1a;-)  It takes more effort every time.22:44
ignasyet i don't know python yet, so learning ruby will not setme back that much22:44
ignasand the "learn programming" thingie i am always foreting ...22:45
th1aHow do I know that ignas even exists.22:45
th1aWasn't mgedmin experimenting with bots around the time he showed up?22:46
bskahanhe was, actually22:46
gintasignas, you won't learn that much more python than you already know22:46
th1aCoincidence?  I think not.22:47
th1aignas IS python.22:47
ignasnah, Common Lisp really ;)22:48
* bskahan looks at rails trunk22:48
th1aThat's why it is such good AI.22:48
Litlungot bell running at this moment, thanks for the help ;-)22:49
ignasguess i should commit myself into svn, just in case you know ;)22:49
th1aActually, I think Ruby might have some appealing features to a Lisp hacker.22:49
th1aignas:  Good idea.22:49
th1aFor some reason ignas's name makes me think of Natas Kaupas, which is probably the only Lithuanian name I've known since I was a kid.22:50
th1aDo you guys know who Natas Kaupas is?22:50
* bskahan does22:50
gintasI don't22:51
ignasme too ;)22:51
th1aI know bskahan does.22:51
LitlunI don't22:51
ignasi don'tk nkow I mean22:51
th1aHe is very important.  An innovator.22:51
gintasthat's actually an odd name for a Lithuanian22:52
th1aI think he was born in the states.22:52
th1aHe was a pioneer in using the "ollie" in street skateboarding.22:52
* bskahan didn't know he was lithuanian22:52
th1aI think it is a Lithuanian name...22:53
gintaswhat's an ollie?22:53
th1aIt is where you pop the board up in the air without grabbing it.22:53
gintaswell, it looks like one, but I've never heard of anyone with the name Natas before22:53
ignaswell, his parents or grandparents were lithuanian if i understand correctly22:54
* bskahan had that video in middle school22:54
ignasand for my name - it translates into lati pretty straightforwardly :)22:54
th1aAnthony Kiedis, Dick Butkis, Monica Lewinski, Charles Bronson...22:56
th1aI didn't know they were Lithuanian Americans.22:56
th1aJohnny Unitas.22:56
gintasMonika LevinskienÄ— :)))22:56
bskahanI love the descriptions22:56
th1aNatas is Satan spelled backwards, which we always got a kick out of.22:56
th1aI was never convinced it was his real name, but apparently it is.22:57
Litlun... the issue tracker at, does it track -tool or -bell issues, or both ;-)22:58
th1aSeeing Natas Kaupas ollieing onto the bumper of a car on the cover of Thrasher changed my life.22:59
ignasgintas, na kaip ... ish motinos puses lietuve ...22:59
ignasmaternal line is lithuanian so ... not LevinskienÄ—22:59
th1aThe scales fell from my eyes.  A whole world of possibility opened up.22:59
th1aIt was a fucking revelation.22:59
ignasok bye23:00
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