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SteveA"i am an archivist!"00:12
SteveA"i know what i want, and i know where to file it!"00:12
SteveA"i need to index dewey decimally!"00:13
SteveA"cos I.... wanna be.... "00:13
SteveA"well preserved"00:13
th1aRick is archiving Samuel Johnson's papers at Harvard.00:13
SteveAhell, the sex pistols never were good with rhyming00:14
th1aOK, I get it now :-)00:14
th1aHarder to pick up when you can't hear the tune.00:14
SteveAthere's a tune?00:15
SteveAthe sex postols never were good with tunes00:15
th1aWell, the sneer.00:15
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th1aThe games for the NGage seem to have uniformly crappy reviews.01:32
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bskahana good goal for STC 1.[01] would be to get packages into fedora/REL/Novell18:53
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tvonwth... I added a favicon.ico + the appropriate line to configure.zcml and tests are failing all over with traversal errors21:52
tvonis there something obvious I'm missing? the tests don't seem to setup anything special for other resources21:53
mgedmintvon, how did you add it?21:54
mgedmin<browser:resource /> ?21:54
ignaswell if you would transferr the error message to us via your psychyc link ;)21:54
mgedminor <browser:page for="...ISchoolBellApplication />?21:54
mgedminresource won't work21:54
tvonmgedmin: yeah, same as the javascript/png's and whatnot21:54
tvonresource... ah21:54
mgedminbecause it puts the icon to /@@/favicon.ico21:54
mgedminIE wants /favicon.ico21:55
tvonmoz finds it fine, I figurd there was no good way to satisfy IE21:55
* mgedmin all for a generic favicon.ico view for ISite that would try to look up a resource named 'favicon.ico' and return it21:55
tvon(added the appropriate line to view_macros for non-ie browsers)21:55
* mgedmin all for pushing this view into zope 3 core21:55
tvonthat would be good21:56
SteveAi did add a browser:icon directive to launchpad21:56
SteveAor was it browser:favicon21:56
SteveAit is launchpad-specific though21:56
* tvon wonders when launchpad will be unleahsed to the masses21:57
tvonmgedmin: page will work? for ie? or are you just saying there is no way to make it work properly for ie?21:58
mgedmintvon, page will work -- if you use the standalone server where / is ISchoolBellApplication21:59
mgedminif you use Zope 3, just add an Image object named 'favicon.ico' to the root folder21:59
tvonmgedmin: soo, should I not add a favicon.ico with a link tag in view_macros?22:00
mgedmintvon, I think you should22:02
tvonah, okay22:02
mgedminbut that's completely orthogonal22:02
mgedmin<link> for firefox etc.22:02
mgedminhardcoded url for ie22:02
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tvonOkay, I'm entirely confused.  /@@/favicon.ico seems to work, though I did nothing for it.. aside from adding the resource.  is there some automagic I'm missing?22:36
tvonactually all the resources work like that22:37
mgedmintvon, ie will never look for /@@/favicon.ico22:37
mgedminie will always look for /favicon.ico22:37
tvonmgedmin: I understand that22:37
mgedminthen I don't understand what problem you are trying to solve22:38
mgedmincertainly all resources are automagically available at /@@/resourcename22:38
mgedminthat's what they're for22:38
tvoninitially I was trying to solve the traversal errors kicking out of the tests with the resource22:38
tvonoh, that I was not aware of, i tought they required ++resource++foo22:38
mgedminand the traversal errors were for what url, precisely?22:38
mgedminfoo/@@/resourcename works if and only if 'foo' is a site22:39
mgedminfoo/++resource++resourcename works always22:39
tvonone sec, pasting them online22:39
mgedminalso, in a TALES expression context/++resource++resourcename is evaluated22:39
tvontest failures are here:
mgedminand becomes absolute_path_of_nearest_site/@@/resourcename in the output22:39
tvonah, okay22:40
mgedminTraversalError: (< object at22:40
mgedmin0xb6e0906c>, 'favicon.ico')22:40
mgedminsomething is looking for /favicon.ico22:40
mgedminnot /@@/favicon.ico22:40
mgedmintry /@@/nonexistentresource and you will get a different TraversalErrir22:40
tvonWhy would something be looking for /favicon.ico now?22:41
mgedminis that a functional test?22:42
tvonI added this line to view_macros: <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="favicon.ico" tal:attributes="href context/++resource++favicon.ico"/>22:42
tvonmgedmin: no, ftests pass22:42
tvon<resource name="favicon.ico" file="resources/favicon.ico" layer=".skin.ISchoolBellLayer" />22:42
tvonin configure.zcml22:42
* mgedmin doublechecks22:42
mgedminsome page template is broken, I guess22:42
mgedminI'd like to see the <link> element you added to view macros pt22:44
tvonthats the svn diff from browser/22:44
tvonand in practice it seems to work fine22:44
mgedminand this diff breaks unit tests?22:44
tvonwell at least my confusion wasnt completely unfounded22:45
mgedminwe have some funky stubbing for the ++resource++ directive in unit tests22:45
mgedminit could be our unit test setup that is broken22:45
* tvon pokes around22:46
mgedmindef setUp22:46
mgedmingrep for 'layout.css'22:46
tvonah, score22:47
mgedmintry adding 'favicon.ico' to the list and try again22:47
mgedminweird error, though22:47
tvonokay, thanks22:47
mgedminI guess something inside Zope 3 converts a ComponentLookupError into a TraversalError?22:47
tvonNow, on making this work with IE, were you saing that to do that we would need to add an image object to the app object?22:47
tvonnot that I'm overly concerend with IE,I mostly just got tired of the 404's on favicon.. but we should fix it at some point22:48
mgedminforget what I said22:49
mgedminI misunderstood the problem22:49
mgedminI'm not familiar with ie and favicons22:49
mgedminI wouldn't be surprised if IE ignored the <link> element and always performed a GET for /favicon.ico22:49
tvonI know it looks in / and I'm pretty sure it doesn't support the link method.22:49
tvonyeah, I'm pretty sure that's what it does22:49
mgedminin that case my statement about <resource> being insufficient still stands22:49
mgedminand you will need to register a browser view named 'favicon.ico' for the root object22:50
algawow, smart22:50
mgedminor -- if there's already a traverser registered for ISchoolBellApplication -- just change the traverser22:50
mgedminif name == 'favicon.ico':22:51
tvonoh yeah22:51
mgedmin    resource = traverse(self.context, '@@/favicon.ico')22:51
mgedmin    view = zapi.getMultiAdapter(resource, 'index.html' uhh22:51
* mgedmin handwaves energetically22:52
mgedminin short, just return the view for the resource object22:52
mgedminsort of what we do in ICalendarOwner traverser for 'calendar.ics'22:52
mgedminit looks up the view named 'calendar.ics' for a subobject of self.context and returns that22:52
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FarcePestso schoolbell doesn't seem to support the group hierarchy that schooltool does. is that going to change at some point?23:46
mgedminthat was an intentional change23:47
FarcePestis schooltool going to continue to support it?23:47
mgedminwe collectively decided that group hierarchy is an unnecessary complication that will only confuse users23:47
FarcePestah ok23:47
mgedminI personally don't have a strong opinion one way or another23:47
mgedminI'm not sure about future schooltool versions23:48
mgedminask th1a when he becomes available23:48
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FarcePestis there a way with the standard schoolbell setup (i.e. make run) to use the zope3 zmi? I am trying to get LDAP authentication working and need to add an LDAPPrincipalSource somehow23:58

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