IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-03-30

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bskahantvon: off the top of your head do you know if listofevents.sort() works?01:53
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* bskahan is still wishing he'd made it to the timezone talk at PyCon15:40
bskahanhaving all datetime methods create immutable naive objects by default is crap15:44
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ignashas anyone added evolution scripts for TZ aware events ?16:18
ignasdatabase compatibility is kind of broken at the moment ...16:19
bskahanno, I started on them last week ad got distracted16:22
* bskahan adds to TODO16:23
bskahanhow should we test evolution scripts?16:23
algaif they went into head along with the format change, the evolution scripts would have received some real-world testing16:23
algain all of the developer's sandboxes ;-)16:23
* bskahan nods16:24
bskahanit didn't really occur to me until the next morning that all the existing databases would break16:24
bskahanI would have at least sent a heads up mail if I'd been thinking clearly16:24
algathe evolve script that I wrote did not have the tests, but I made a database of an old version and used it several times16:25
algauntil the evolve script worked flawlessly16:25
* bskahan nods16:25
bskahanI'm still trying to get TZ rendering right, I'll do the generations script after that16:26
algaOK, I nuked my DB already anyway :-)16:26
bskahanspeaking of16:27
bskahanif something is tested in schooltool unit tests should I add to that test or start testing new funcionality in a seperate doctest16:27
algaif the existing test works fine enough for you, you can extend on it16:28
algaif it's too big, too complex, split it16:28
algaif you're doing something that deserves a different chapter, so to speak, you can make a separate test16:29
bskahanthere's a comment about them being 'Legacy' so I wasn't sure if the plan was to replace them over time16:29
algaah, you mean whether the tests are deprecated?16:30
algathey are not16:30
algaIt's just that doctests are easier to write new stuff16:30
algano problem16:45
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bskahanth1a: what's the target release date for STC 1.0, SB 1.1?19:06
bskahanmid/late april?19:06
bskahan(I could track it down in email, but evolution sucks)19:06
th1aIdeally, but the beginning of May seems more likely.19:06
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th1aSo got two NGages from Nokia today.21:04
th1aWho wants to learn some Python for Series 60?21:05
tvonalways wanted to hack on a mobile device, heh21:06
th1aOK... I'll probably send an email to see if anyone else is interested.  We'll have an essay contest for the winner ;-)21:09
* bskahan wondered if it was fair to ask at 8pm LT time21:09
th1ajinty already turned his nose up.  I figured he should get first crack.21:10
* tvon would almost be wiling to buy one21:11
th1aI'll give it to jinty and he can sell it to you.21:13
th1aThen everyone will be happy!21:13
* mgedmin hasn't made up his mind yet21:15
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tvonwell, if POV passes, I get it before bskahan, just remember that :-D21:42
tvonbecause I shouted first21:42
th1aIt's all logged.21:43
th1aI have my bluetooth console running.21:43
tvonbskahan: sucker21:43
th1aNot sure how hard it'll be on Linux.21:43
* mgedmin could try, hint, hint21:43
th1aDo you want to be in the lottery mgedmin?21:44
* tvon thinks mexican knife fight is the appropriate way to decide these things21:44
tvonor a lottery21:44
th1aI think we could probably get another one if necessary.21:44
th1aI think they'll have plenty of these things lying around, especially now that the PSP is out.21:45
* tvon thinks he should work on the PSP interface to ST21:46
th1aThat's an excellent idea, unfortunately, the web interface may suffice for that.21:46
th1aSo for the purposes of my demo/prototype, I essentially need to have /dev/tty.ngage exchanging data with the command line client.21:49
mgedminwhat's PSP?21:49
th1aPlayStation Portable.21:49
th1aI assume that's what the last P stands for.21:49
* mgedmin will gladly work on a 42" plasma TV interface to SchoolTool if somebody gave him the appropriate hardware21:50
th1aMy sister is trying to order a 50" plasma touchscreen for her school.21:50
th1aIt is a pain in the ass to try to figure out which one to get.21:51
th1aKind of an expensive item to screw up.21:51
tvonmgedmin: haha21:53
tvonth1a: indeed21:54
th1aShe almost ordered a Panasonic which I'm now convinced won't work with her Macs.21:54
* mgedmin very tired22:06
mgedminsee you tomorrow22:06
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tvonth1a: is STC 1.1 the one intended to be used by schools?22:08
tvonas opposed to 1.022:08
tvonwe'd like to add a few days for UI work for it22:09
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th1aI'm thinking of it pretty much like SB 1.0 vs. SB 1.1.22:23
* tvon nods22:24
th1aI want to get STC 1.0 out in a month with enough to make it functional.22:24
tvonwe'll schedule ui work for 1.1 then22:24
th1aIt is more of a time issue.22:24
th1aWe just need to prioritize.22:24
tvonwe consider the last UI overhaul as round 1.. we'd like to go through and (now that we are settled into z3) make further improvements22:24
th1aUI might be more important than features, depending on what you're doing.22:25
tvonits super important22:26
tvoner, very important22:26
tvonhrm.. need to put some stuff in to sb 1.1, namely that skinny-event view22:26
th1aWell, let me know specifically what you have in mind.22:26
tvonokay, we'll come up with a list22:27
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th1aphew.  Hitting 120 baseballs is surprisingly tiring.23:48
th1aEspecially if you're out of shape.23:48
* tvon wants to hit the cages soon23:48
th1aDid I tell you that I'm going to start playing vintage base ball?23:48
tvonno, that sounds fun23:49
th1a1890 rules.23:49
th1aNo gloves.23:49
tvonhaha, that sounds very interesting23:49
th1aMy first practice is Sunday.  Hopefully I'll actually be able to do something, since I haven't played baseball in 20 years.23:49
tvonis there like a league or something?23:50
tvonhow did you find it?23:52
th1aMy buddy Rick has played with them for pretty much the whole time they've been around.23:53
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th1aHe's an archivist.23:53
th1aHe discovered a bat that was made in Providence in that period.23:53
th1aAmong other things.23:53
tvonwhere are the other teams from? all in the area?23:54
th1aA lot seem to be in New York state.23:54
* tvon wonders if any are around baltimore23:56

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