IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-03-29

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mgedminnice article, jinty!13:08
* jinty blushes13:22
jintya good editor and ...13:22
jintyon the subject of eggs. It seems like python has something against the FHS. eggs don't really help. Also, what is a debian package, but an egg. Perhaps 2 wheels are too many.13:25
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jintybtw where did everyone dissapear to?13:49
mgedminI was ill last week13:52
mgedminAlbert was busy being a father13:52
* jinty was also being very painfully sick with flu!13:58
jintyhope you feel better. And for Albert that he savours this time.13:59
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bskahanZope3 changes broke our ACL system18:58
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th1a_alga won't be pleased.19:18
bskahanno, probably not19:19
bskahancan't use, which is faster to start/stop than z3.py19:20
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th1a_mgedmin:  When are you guys going to be able to focus on SchoolTool again, illness notwithstanding?19:24
bskahannoone from POV around19:26
th1a_Oh yeah.19:26
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th1aI have a question, bskahan.19:28
th1aI'm working on my LearningStandardDocument,19:28
* bskahan nods19:28
th1aand I've got some attributes that are sequences.19:28
th1aSo I can't just make them schema fields, right?  I mean, there's no proper widget for them, is there.  It isn't a selection list for, say, a sequence of author names.19:30
bskahanI don't believe we're currently using anything like that, but there's a List and Set schema in zope.schema19:30
bskahanand Tuple19:31
bskahanmy guess is you want List19:31
th1aI saw that but I couldn't get it to work.19:33
th1aLet me try again.19:33
bskahantake a look at zope.schema.tests.test_listfield19:34
bskahanth1a: is using List the way you probably need19:38
th1aThat helps.19:39
bskahancan't do anything with preferences on Zope Principals19:47
bskahanpreferences only apply to Schoolbell users19:47
bskahanwhich is a pain, since currently you can't login as a schoolbell user19:48
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th1aList works.19:54
th1amgedmin:  When are you guys going to be able to focus on SchoolTool again, illness notwithstanding?19:55
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mgedminright now, I hope19:56
mgedmin(I still have some outstanding urgent non-schooltool work that I need to finish ASAP)19:57
bskahanhey mgedmin alga ignas20:03
algahey bskahan20:03
algath1a: /me and ignas are concentrating on SchoolTool now20:03
tvonLooking at the auth changes by any chance?20:04
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mgedminJim added a logout method to IAuthentication2 because he didn't want to change IAuthentication for backwards-compatibility reasons20:05
* tvon nods20:06
mgedminalga, ignas, have you looked at this yet?20:06
bskahanthere's a heads up on the zope3-dev list about garret's pau commit as well20:06
tvonmgedmin: what does BBB refer to?20:07
bskahannot sure if that's relevant to sb though20:07
mgedminbackwards compatibility, afaiu20:07
bskahanbackwards compatibility20:07
tvonah, I get it20:08
bskahannot sure what BBB stands for though20:08
tvonI suspect it doesnt actually stand for anything20:09
tvoneg, XXX20:09
mgedminit was coined to look like XXX and to be easily greppable20:09
* bskahan nods20:09
bskahancnbc has the worst coverage of the grokster case20:11
bskahanpeople shouldn't be able to call themselves 'journalists' after something like this20:11
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th1aMy paper was accepted for the "Open Educational Symposium."  Now I just have to write it...20:40
th1aThis week.20:40
bskahannot sure how to get the right cursor from
bskahannm, can change it to datetime()20:44 =
bskahanignore that, wrong window21:01
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SteveA_on the subject of BBB, I wonder what a BBB gun would be?
tvona bb gun with an attached sling shot perhaps21:44
tvonor just a bb gun that is easily thrown21:46
mgedminBig BB gun21:48
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