IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-03-21

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bskahanthat thing is a bit distressing00:43
th1aI don't see how they would have a leg to stand on, unless it is ok to ignore trademarks from other contries, which seems highly unlikely.00:43
th1aIf so, I'm moving to South Africa and starting a company called Coke-a-cola.00:44
th1aRemember, SchoolTool has existed as a project for a long time.00:44
bskahanyeah, going to have to address this in the near term, I'm pretty sure TM requires active protection00:45
th1aPresumably Mark has lawyers.00:45
* bskahan nods00:46
th1aI would much rather be us than them in this case.00:46
bskahanyeah, the site looks very new00:46
th1aI can't have been around very long.00:46
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th1aI'm a little annoyed that we didn't pick up the address anyhow.00:46
th1aI guess I can check the wayback machine.00:47
bskahan   Record expires on 26-Sep-2012.00:47
bskahan   Record created on 22-Sep-2003.00:47
bskahanfrom whois00:47
th1aI'm assuming that Mark would have done the trademark when he started the project back in SA.  Assuming that our assertion of trademark is accurate on our site.00:48 circa 1996:
th1aHm... here's 2002
th1aNow I'm confused.00:51
th1aNo page in 2004.00:51
bskahanthat page from 2002 lists the (C) as 199600:52
bskahanand the design is circa '9600:52
th1aThey do have a (TM).00:52
bskahannot much we can do about it but pass it on to Mark00:53
bskahanit looks like the new site is unrelated to the old site, in everything but url00:53
bskahanthe company referred to is different00:54
th1aWe might have to start saying "" more.00:54
bskahanis the company that developed it00:55
th1aI have to go eat.00:55
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bskahanwe still win google ;)00:59
bskahaninteresting mail on the mailing list01:56
th1aThat's good.01:57
th1aLooks like we'd better move.01:57
th1aI'll have to call Mark.02:03
bskahanth1a: were you using svn when you noticed "Tomorrow's Events" were wrong?07:21
th1aOh... I guess not.07:21
th1aI've got both on here.07:21
bskahanI thought it was fixed at some point and seems to work properly here07:21
th1aOK.  Never mind.07:21
th1abskahan:  We'll have to discuss the presentation and travel plans tomorrow.07:26
bskahanyeah, we'll be at the sprints but we'll be online07:28
th1aAh.  Did you go today?07:29
bskahancouldn't today, transportation07:29
th1aWhat are you planning on doing?07:29
bskahangoing to the Zope3 sprint07:29
th1aOh... to avoid any awkwardness...  I have spoken to Stephan Richter about doing some work this summer.07:31
th1aI'm not sure how we might split it up, since he'd be just one more person working part time.07:31
th1aWe should just be able to add him.07:31
th1aBut I didn't want to broach the subject of more help before we got done with SchoolTool Calendar.07:32
bskahanthere's alot to cover for HTH in 200607:32
th1aI didn't want it to look like I thought we had to just keep adding more and more people.07:32
th1aIf we can't write a SIS in a year we suck.07:32
th1aThere's not all that much to it, really.07:33
th1aYou, me and Tom could probably do in using Archetypes in six months.07:33
bskahantimetabling, attendance, grade repoorting07:34
th1aWe don't really need to do timetabling.07:34
th1aIf Jinty gets something together, great, but you and POV aren't going to be working on it.07:35
th1aYou know what I'm worried about?07:35
th1aData migration.07:35
bskahanwhat are we looking at beyond attendance and reporting?07:35
th1aWe'll be importing records for like 3000 students.07:36
bskahanis that one school, or all the HTHs?07:36
th1aThat's like four years of all the schools.07:36
bskahanbtw, did you see the NY Times article about their SIS collapsing?07:36
th1aChicago has done that a half dozen times.07:37
bskahanfallen apart at the end of each semester?07:37
th1aHad failed SIS implementations.07:38
th1aAs of a couple years ago they had a mainframe from the 60's running things.07:38
th1aIt is the only thing that has ever worked.07:38
bskahanthat's scary07:38
th1aAnyhow.  HTH just needs the basics.  Grades, attendance, demographics...07:39
th1aThey've never gotten PowerSchool's online gradebook working for them, so they use the desktop gradebook, which of course is a nightmare, reliability-wise.07:40
th1aThey should be happy to keep their grades on the server.07:40
bskahanBaltimore uses scantron sheets for attendance, so twice a day they have to be manually collected from all the classrooms07:41
th1aI want to hack together an attendance app on a Nokia phone.07:41
th1aI've got a connection for a free N-Gage.07:42
th1aI think he's giving a talk at PyCon, too.07:42
th1aIt is pretty cool.07:43
th1aGet an interactive prompt via bluetooth.07:43
bskahansome sort of awkward marriage of space invaders and an attendance app07:43
th1aOne thing that drove Joanna crazy is that PowerSchool will absolutely not let you make a report card more than one page.07:44
bskahanthat's a wierd limitation07:44
th1aSo everyone's comments have to be limited.07:44
th1aTheir page layout engine is TERRIBLE.07:45
th1aYou really have to have Crystal Reports to use PowerSchool, in my opinion.07:45
bskahanCrystal Reports looks very intimidating from the screenshots07:46
th1aSo does Zope 3 ;-)07:48
bskahanyou have a point07:51
bskahanI'm off to bed07:51
th1aGood night.07:51
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th1aGood morning from Jetlag Central.17:17
tvonGood morning17:18
tvonBrian is sitting in on the CanDo sprint17:21
mgedmingood evening17:21
tvonbskahan and I will need to cut out of the meeting 15 mins early17:22
bska|mobileth1a: what did we decide a "Class" is called (ex. Biology II)17:38
th1aRight now, Biology II would be a course.17:38
th1aAn instance of Biology II would be a section.17:38
th1aBut the course of study described by the title "Biology II" is a course.17:39
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bska|mobilemorning/afternoon/evening all17:56
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th1aHow's the wifi at PyCon?18:00
tvonit just flickered, but otherwise I think it's okay18:00
tvonSomeone is "taking care of it" as I understand it18:00
th1aWe just lost jinty and mgedmin.18:00
th1aGive 'em a minute, then we'll start.18:01
tvonYou can't blame pycon wifi for that :)18:01
tvonNo problem18:02
th1aI know.18:02
tvonth1a: are you hyped up for pycon?18:03
tvonor are you con'd out?18:03
th1aI think I'm on an even keel.18:03
th1aThe San Diego trip was successful overall, so I'm feeling good.18:03
algaAttending any sprints?18:03
tvonspeaking of which, we could hit some tomorrow but it depends on what kind of luggage you are brining18:04
bska|mobilealga: at the CanDo sprint right now18:04
algawhat's CanDo?18:04
th1abskahan and I are attending a "finish your PyCon presentation" sprint.18:04
tvonheh, should stick that on the wiki18:04
algathat's always the most popular one18:04
bska|mobilethey're focused on making an SQL backed system though18:05
bska|mobilethe actual uses they're talking about is right in the ST application space18:05
th1abska|mobile: is talking about CanDo.18:05
bska|mobilean interesting conversation about defining Courses, Compentencies, etc18:06
th1aOK.  Let's get going.18:07
th1aalga: Congratulations on the birth of your son.18:07
algathank you!18:07
algatoday I brought them home from the hospital18:07
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jintyhey all18:08
th1aOK, Etria.  Give us an update.18:08
algahi jinty18:08
th1ajinty: hi.18:09
bska|mobileI committed timezone awareness last night18:09
bska|mobileit doesn't change the UI at all, but now all events are aware instead of naive18:09
tvonI'll be committing allday events soon, perhaps tomorrow while bskahan and th1a get the presentation together18:09
bska|mobileso we can use astimezone() and utcoffset methods18:09
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tvonI need to figure out how I can deal with tz info first18:10
mgedmin<tap> <tap> is this thing on?18:10
th1amgedmin; hi.18:10
mgedminmy IRC client went deaf 15 minutes ago18:10
bska|mobilemgedmin: hey18:10
algahi mgedmin18:10
mgedminI was wondering why you didn't start the meeting on time18:10
jintycongrats alga!!!18:10
* jinty too18:10
algawe were waiting for you18:10
th1aAnything else need to be done for the current Etria contract (after tz and all day events)?18:11
bska|mobiledon't believe so18:12
th1aOK.  POV?18:12
algaI and Ignas are working on the RESTive views18:13
th1aWhen do you expect to be done with that?18:13
algaI'm out of office since Thursday so I'm a bit out of date18:14
th1aignas_ ?18:14
mgedminignas is sick today18:14
mgedminhe was working on RESTive views on Friday18:14
* tvon discoveres he is sitting at the Twisted table18:15
th1aSo we need to shoot for making up plans for the next contract this week.18:15
tvonSounds right.18:16
bska|mobilestart them next monday?18:16
bska|mobilemeaning, finalize stories, start work on them monday18:16
th1aIdeally.  If ignas is sick and alga is being paternal, I understand.18:16
* bska|mobile nods18:17
th1abska|mobile:  yes.18:17
th1aOK.  In case you didn't get the picture from my email, High Tech High seems to be on board and I'm pretty damn excited about it.18:18
tvonIndeed, that's great news18:18
* mgedmin has a _huge_ schooltool email backlog, including all the new wonderful checkins :-/18:18
th1aAlso, the big US ed-tech conference is in San Diego next July.  HTH will be getting a ton of attention right when they're migrating to SchoolTool, so that's also a potential pr coup.18:19
jintysounds like things are starting to roll18:19
* th1a has begun to wonder if it would be possibly to fly Mark to San Diego to give a keynote.18:20
tvonthat would be great18:20
bska|mobilethat works out well18:20
th1aMoving on... back to an old favorite.  How is SchoolTool going to relate to SchoolBell?18:20
* bska|mobile would love to know by wednesday 18:21
th1amgedmin:  Thoughts?18:21
* mgedmin not sure what to say18:22
* jinty was under the impression that schoolbell is a completely separate program whose modules are used by schooltool18:22
mgedminschooltool will depend on the schoolbell.calendar and schoolbell.relationship libraries18:22
mgedminperhaps schooltool will also depend on bits within, but perhaps not18:22
tvonschooltool will import and 'tweak' the schoolbell classes.. for the most part.  right?18:22
bska|mobilethere's more generic question of how 'external application that may or may not be schoolbell' relate to schooltool18:23
tvonwell, I guess cal/event wont really need tweaking18:23
mgedminbska|mobile, schoolbell is pretty special18:24
tvonI don't think there is currently any plan for allowing 3-rd party apps to incorporate into ST18:24
mgedminschooltool depends on things from schoolbell18:24
mgedminwell, will depend, anyway18:24
* bska|mobile nods18:24
algalike calendars and their views?18:25
jintyOne point of dependencies is which version of schoolbell schooltool depends on.18:25
bska|mobilehopefully 1.118:25
th1aSo our objective with the "SchoolTool Calendar" release is to get it out quickly and have it be useful as a calendar server, not necessarily an open ended framework.18:25
bska|mobilewhat features should schooltool calendar have beyond schoolbell18:26
tvonHow much ST do we want in it?18:26
th1aJust the parts you need to do calendaring in a school.18:26
th1aSet up the tt schema18:27
th1acreate classes18:27
th1aadd students18:27
mgedminth1a, does that mean recursive groups and facets, but not absence handling?18:27
th1aNo recursive groups18:27
mgedmin(err, facets won't be recursive of course)18:27
bska|mobileno dynamic pseron info?18:28
th1aWe'll have to work it out in a little more detail, but I think we can get away without recursive groups, facets if we want to, and definitely not person info.18:28
th1aI want to put out a straightforward calendar server.18:29
th1aSomething people can actually use while we spend the next year writing a student information system.18:29
bska|mobileschoolbell with "Courses", "Teachers", and "Students" exposed in the UI18:29
th1aYeah.  And timetables.18:30
bska|mobileer., Courses, Sections, Teachers, Students, Timetables18:30
th1aThat's a big piece in itself.18:30
bska|mobileanything beyond that?18:30
th1aDisplay the calendars by period.18:30
th1aIt seems like SchoolTool Calendar will be 100% of SchoolBell plus some extra stuff.18:32
* jinty hopes that Zope 3.1 releases soon...18:33
th1aThen after we do that, we'll start on SchoolTool proper, which may be a little more of a do-over, in terms of formally creating the extensible platform of SchoolTool.18:34
th1aDoes that sound about right?18:34
bska|mobileschooltool will inherit most of schoolbell, but won't really involve changes to schoolbell itself, correct?18:35
th1aI think so.18:37
th1aThink it won't.18:37
tvonthats how I understand it18:37
* th1a imagines the Lithuanians sighing and shaking their heads.18:37
gintaswell, it is an advantage that we control both SchoolBell and SchoolTool18:38
* mgedmin is sighing, but not shaking his head ;)18:38
gintaswe can add hooks to SchoolBell when we need them for SchoolTool18:38
algacallbacks for extension18:39
mgedminas a proponent of agile development methods, I would like to reserve the option to gradually change the global architectural decisions if we find them lacking18:39
mgedminwow, that sounded impressive18:39
* jinty was impressed18:40
th1aSo, in the short term, what do we need to do to the repository to work on SchoolTool Calendar?18:40
mgedmingood question18:41
algathat's just laziness :-)18:41
bska|mobileI'm sorry folks, we have to go18:41
jintyeveryone install the current libschoolbell package ;)18:41
tvonI'm with bskahan18:41
tvonpart of the we18:41
mgedminsee you then18:41
gintassee you18:41
bska|mobilewe'll try to catch up with tom in just over an hour and 3018:41
th1aOK.  ttyl.18:42
tvonToodles.  We'll check the backlogs and whatnot... ;)18:42
*** bska|mobile has quit IRC18:42
* tvon tips his hat18:42
*** tvon has left #schooltool18:42
mgedminI liked the way we worked on schoolbell: we started from an empty package, quickly got something working in zope 3, and then built on top of that18:42
th1aLet me backtrack a bit...18:42
mgedminperhaps we can svn rm /trunk/schooltool/src/schooltool (leave it only in the 0.9 branch) and then quickly create a new src/schooltool/app with a that imports things from schoolbell18:43
mgedminand then gradually build on top of that18:43
th1aDo you think we'll need to put out a quick "SchoolTool Calendar" and then hit reset for SchoolTool proper?18:43
mgedminth1a, I don't understand your question18:44
th1aOK.  It is an important one.18:44
th1aGive me a sec.18:45
* mgedmin hands th1a two secs18:45
alganot app18:46
mgedminsymmetry with schoolbell18:46
mgedminotoh maybe not18:46
algafrom import SchoolbellApp18:46
mgedminschooltool is not supposed to be a collection of reusable zope 3 libraries that schoolbell is18:46
mgedminI concede the point18:47
* alga goes to dict concede18:47
* mgedmin does likewise, to make sure he used the proper word18:47
th1aYou did.18:47
algaFrom English-Turkish FreeDict Dictionary [eng-tur]:18:48
alga  concede18:48
alga  1. teslim etmek, kabul etmek, ikrar etmek18:48
alga  2. vermek, bırakmak, ihsan etmek.18:48
algaProbably I have too many freedict dictionaries18:48
mgedminYou do18:48
th1aThought I had gone dead there for a minute.18:49
th1aI think that what I was thinking is wrong and since nobody else seems to have been thinking the same thing at all, it is easier to not try to explain it.18:50
gintaswell, we still need to decide on a common vision18:51
th1aSo do we agree on mgedmin's idea for the source tree and rebuilding from scratch?18:51
* mgedmin agrees18:52
gintaswell, it makes sense18:52
gintasespecially if we want to use parts from schoolbell18:52
gintas%s/well, //18:52
algawe're abandoning schooltool we have18:53
th1aInitially, we'll use almost all of SchoolBell.18:53
mgedminI find "making way for the new schooltool" a better-sounding phrase than "rebuilding from scratch"18:53
th1aWe'll be porting over much of it.18:53
th1aMuch of the old one.18:53
mgedminsame as we did for schoolbell18:53
th1aSo one remaining question mark in my mind is when we start adding the extensibility to SchoolTool.18:54
th1aOr documenting it.18:54
algato tell the truth, we never really had it18:55
gintasthis might be hard as long as we don't have real-world extensions18:57
algathe agile way would be to not think of that until we need it18:57
gintasdoesn't that make it a chicken-and-egg problem then?18:57
gintasperhaps we should try implementing some functionality as extensions18:58
algawe will have to do a proof-of-concept extension18:58
th1aWell, perhaps we should be doing, say, the timetable part as an extension.18:58
th1aBecause that's something that a school might want to replace.18:58
th1aIf they've got some kind of schedule that is still wackier than what we can imagine.18:58
mgedminI agree that we should try it18:59
th1aOK.  Mull that over.19:00
th1aThat idiom might not be in dict.19:01
gintasit is, but it references 'cogitate' and 'ruminate'19:01
th1aYes.  Ruminate.19:02
th1aDo you know what ruminate means?19:02
th1aI think it is latinate.19:02
th1a akin to ructare to belch19:03
th1ato chew the cuds19:04
th1aOK.  Class dismissed.19:07
* gintas throws a paper airplane19:11
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jintywas the schooltool from way back when based on zope 2 or 3?21:17
th1aJ2EE, mofo.21:19
th1aIt as entirely different.21:20
th1ajinty:  see for example.21:26
th1aAh.  Here are the old java docs:
jintyI mean the one just before we started ripping out all the plumbing21:31
jinty"way back when" = a few months21:31
mgedminno zope 2 in sight21:31
th1aOh.  From a couple months ago?  It had Zope 3 interfaces and a couple other Zope 3 bits, I think.21:32
mgedminlibraries that usually came with zope 3 + twisted21:32
th1aNo Zope 2.21:32
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th1atvon:  It seems that the new timezone stuff breaks compatibility with the previous database.22:36
*** bska|mobile has joined #schooltool22:39
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tvonth1a: yeah22:39
th1aDo we need a new generation for that?22:40
tvonhrm... yes, I believe so but I'm not sure on my understanding of generations.. any sort of required object changes (migration) needs a new generation, correct?22:40
tvonis this something we should do now for tz or wait till 1.1. is more complete?22:41
th1aSomething like that.  I'm not sure if we want to bundle all the changes for a given release into one generation.22:41
tvonI was thinking of it as something to be bundled22:42
bska|mobilethe impression I got from alga's change to generations was that each break should add a generation22:43
bska|mobilebut maybe I misunderstood22:44
th1amgedmin has blog post on generations.22:44
bska|mobileth1a: would a weblog sort of object that could be associated with a section (sort of a poor man's assignment list) serve as a decent proof-of-concept 3rd party extension?22:45
mgedminbska|mobile, "should", yes, "must" no22:45
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:45
bska|mobilewell, that was final22:45
th1aI think notes definitely could be refactored as an exension.22:46
bska|mobilethe suck thing about moving from naive to aware times is that its all immutable, the generation basically has to create new copies of every event22:47
th1aAlso, timetables could be an extension, because we'd ideally want someone to be able to swap in a bizarro timetable we can't account for.22:47
bska|mobilenotes is a better candidate for proof of concept22:48
th1aWell, if you don't want to deal with that kind of thing, you might be able to get a job as a mail carrier ;-)22:48
th1aNotes is more straightforward.22:48
th1aThere's still a question about whether we should just try a proof of concept or redo most of it as extensions.22:52
bska|mobileI very pro having the schooltool package as small as possible and most thing implemented as components22:53
th1aMe too.22:54
bska|mobileit seems like longterm, that model would be more adaptable to a huge variety of schoolsystem22:54
th1aIf it won't cost us more than a couple weeks I'd like to start that now.22:54
*** SteveA has quit IRC22:55
bska|mobilethe other benefit is getting to the "platform" stage, where projects like CanDo could easily consider ST as a target platform22:55
tvonIf I'm Joe 3rd Party and I want to develop a calendar app very similar to but slightly different than schoolbell.. say I want to add RSS feeds or blogs for the persons or something... how would I do this?22:58
tvoncreate my own product, toss in some adapters?  import and override what I needed too?22:58
* tvon tries to kick mgedmin and whiffs23:00
th1aRight now, you'd hack SchoolBell.23:02
*** SteveA has joined #schooltool23:03
tvonhrm... I thought it would be somehow possible without doing that23:04
th1aMaybe it is.  I don't really know.23:04
th1aWell, you'd have to hack it into the templates.23:04
th1aYou might be able to do the rest with Zope3-fu.23:05
* tvon needs join/part messages back23:05
*** mgedmin has joined #schooltool23:06
tvonthat was totally a mgedmin question23:06
bska|mobileits not possible currently23:07
th1aAnyhow, I just got this message from an IE user:  Day view now looks great. All the other views are still at the bottom of the screen. No rush... just letting you know for your few Windows friends.23:07
tvonhrm, okay23:07
th1aDo you know what she's talking about?23:07
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:07
th1aBasically the calendar is shifted below the sidebar.23:08
*** mgedmin has joined #schooltool23:08
*** mgedmin is now known as mg|gprs23:08
mg|gprsone strategy is to always bump the generation script and write an evolve script whenever you change the database schema23:09
mg|gprsand do it in the same checkin that changes the schema23:09
mg|gprsthis is one extreme and probably not very practical23:10
mg|gprsanother extreme is to bump the generation number and write an evolve script just before a release23:10
mg|gprsI think the best solution is somewhere in the middle23:10
mg|gprsgroup related changes and write one evolve script for them23:10
mg|gprsthat way you get maybe 5-10 generations per release23:11
mg|gprsI think it is important to write an evolve script as soon as you change the database schema23:11
mg|gprsthen you won't forget23:11
mg|gprsif you modify an existing evolve script, that's a sign that some developer's sandboxes might break23:12
bska|mobilethat makes sense23:12
mg|gprsthat's not too big a deal, but it might be nice to send a warning to the mailing list23:12
mg|gprsyou can make some changes to the schema that do not require an evolve script23:12
mg|gprse.g. you can always add a class attribute23:12
mg|gprs(assuming that its value is immutable!)23:12
* mg|gprs over23:13
mg|gprs(xchat froze, so I started irssi... looks nice, but assumes I use a black background and colours nicks as white on white ;)23:13
tvonlight background themes are rare for irssi23:15
bska|mobile*         agrees23:15
tvonperhaps /set theme colorless23:16
mg|gprshmm, messages from me are still in white23:17
mg|gprsah, old messages23:17
mg|gprsnot new ones23:17
tvonmg|gprs: via zope3 voodoo, is it possible to create a zope app that just extens SB a little bit without actually hacking on SB itself?23:21
tvonmaybe via adapters or just importing schoolbell and tweaking some things?23:22
mg|gprswe actually do this for a zope 3 product of ours23:22
tvonah, lovely23:22
mg|gprsit gets somewhat nasty soon, though, if you need to change things that weren't designed to be changed23:23
tvonwell, for example could I add person information of some sort ( a new field), or perhaps add the ability for some content type to be added/attached to persons (like a blog)?23:23
mg|gprsattaching a content type is simple23:24
mg|gprsyou register new views and a menu item23:25
mg|gprsadding a field to an existing form is more difficuly23:25
mg|gprsyou might need to replace the existing view23:25
tvonhow about slapping on an adapter for whatever reason?23:26
bska|mobileto do what?23:27
tvonoh, you know... whatever23:27
mg|gprsoh, slapping on an adapter is easy23:28
tvonjust curious if I can add an adapter to a project just by importing it..basically23:28
mg|gprsif we want to make schooltool/bell extensible23:29
mg|gprswe should take a look at zope 3 pagelets23:29
th1aI didn't know such things existed.23:29
th1aAre they in the trunk?23:29
mg|gprsthey're like menu items, but instead of just a title and url, you can register many snippets of page templates (with associated views) for a single slot23:30
mg|gprsthey are in zope 3 trunk23:30
mg|gprscheck you the Boston skin23:30
mg|gprsit uses pagelets23:30
mg|gprshttp://localhost:8080/++skin++Boston on a Zope 3 instance23:30
* mg|gprs reads
th1aSo you see, the question in my mind is whether or not we should ignore this stuff and knock SchoolBell Calendar out the door as fast as possible, try to get all this platform stuff right first, or some combination of the two.23:34
bska|mobilemg|gprs: that paper has the best explanation of adapters I've seen yet23:35
bska|mobileI think schoolbell calendar is a solid calendar app that wouldn't be improved drastically by a quick ST-Calendar release23:36
th1aUnless you're a school.23:36
bska|mobilewould schooltool-calendar be a different package/release path than schooltool?23:37
th1aIn my mind, yes.23:37
th1aSchoolTool calendar needs to come out mid-May at the absolute latest.23:38
th1aAfter that, we have until September to straighten out pagelets, extensibility, etc.23:38
th1aAnd knock together a demo gradebook, etc.23:38
bska|mobileso schooltool calendar could theoretically be the calendar module for schooltool rather than schoolbell being the module23:39
th1aThe main thing is that we want schools to use SchoolTool Calendar in their schools next year, without worrying about adding stuff to it.23:40
th1aI want to put it out and keep it more or less stable.23:40
mg|gprsth1a: it is very good that you say things like that23:42
mg|gprsa clearly defined goal helps23:42
th1aI feel like I've said it many times, but it hasn't sunk in.23:42
mg|gprsthe bit about schools using ST Calendar next year didn't sink in23:43
th1aThe goal is for schools to use ST Calendar for a full year with few if any changes, then move to the "full" ST in the spring or summer of 2006.23:46
bska|mobilethen schooltool calendar makes sense23:47
th1aI'm leaning more toward ignoring extensibility and getting it out the door asap.23:48
bska|mobileok, then the list we came up with in the meeting makes sense23:51
th1aThe scales fall from their eyes.23:51
bska|mobile+1 on moving to a new package (from the IRC logs)23:52
th1aSo where am I staying in Baltimore.  What do I need to bring?23:53
bska|mobileFuton ok?23:53
bska|mobilethen you shouldn't really need to bring anything23:56
th1aWhere am I staying?23:57
bska|mobilewith Tom & me23:58
bska|mobilewas my understanding23:58
mg|gprsgood night23:59
*** mg|gprs has quit IRC23:59
th1aAh.  I didn't realize you guys live together.23:59

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