IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2005-03-20

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SteveAhi th1a11:02
th1aHi SteveA.11:03
th1aIMAP Calendar?11:03
SteveAit runs an HTTP server on localhost11:04
SteveAand the back end of that server connects to a folder on an imap server11:04
SteveAeach message in the folder represents an event, i think11:04
SteveAso, the HTTP server can parse out events, and just send diffs to the imap server11:04
th1aI'm too jetlagged to grok this.11:05
SteveAdunno what the author uses to parse calendar info11:05
th1aJust got back on the east coast.11:05
SteveAi wanted to ask -- do you have any gmail invitations?  i want to let my father try it11:05
th1aSure.  Everyone got 50 a little while ago.11:05
SteveAgood journey?11:05
th1aSend me his address.11:05
th1aIt was a successful trip.11:06
SteveAmy father was asking how he can access messages saved on his computer from somewhere else11:07
SteveAmy answer was basically "don't save them on your computer"11:07
th1aThat works.11:07
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