IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-03-22

th1aOK, Jennifer has to take over the computer to use Quicken...00:02
tvonttyl tom00:04
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jintyJust a random midnight thought on extensibility and packaging: It would be nice if extensibility worked by just dropping additional files into directories. That way extensions could be packaged easily and "just work" when installed and "just stop working" when removed. (apt-get install schooltool schooltool-notes schooltool-skin-daisycollege -> voila schooltool with notes and a different appearance)03:19
* jinty should get a blog03:19
bska|mobileit would be nice if configuration worked like that to03:49
bska|mobiledrop schooltool-maryland in and get the state specific requirements for maryland schools03:49
jintybska|mobile: this is probably a zcml thing, right?03:59
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bska|mobilejinty: yes, that's the way I imagine it would be in most cases04:07
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bska|mobileth1a: ayt?08:43
bska|mobilesent you an email if you see this later.08:49
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mgedminthis is very interesting for schooltool/bell packaging:20:11
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SteveAon hook methods, I think jim's events talk is a direct answer to that22:23
bska|mobileSteveA: thanks22:27
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