IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-03-15

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th1atvon:  I could probably make you an editor/manager/whatever for our Freshmeat entry, if you're interested.03:43
bskahanwe should come up with a canonical list of places to announce every release03:44
bskahanslightly different for sb/st maybe03:44
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tvonth1a: I'm fine with that05:04
th1aDo you have a login at Freshmeat?05:04
tvonyeah, tvon05:05
tvoner, lemme check, it has been a while05:05
tvonyup, tvon05:06
tvon|deskkhtml is a quirky little monster05:12
tvon|deska number of css properties work under certain conditions but not others...05:12
tvon|deskeg, min-height works normally, unless it is working on something that is absolute positioned (like our events)05:13
tvon|desk"display: table-cell" works normally, but not on :hover05:13
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th1atvon:  OK, you've got the keys to Freshmeat.08:48
tvonth1a: k, thanks08:57
th1aThank you.08:57
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th1aMy favorite line:  Graham Willett, head of Tiffin School in Kingston-upon-Thames, said: "We lost all the records relating to our old girls."18:23
th1aFrom,5500,1437862,00.html?=rss that is18:24
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* jinty thanks mgedmin for pointing out the obvious.22:25
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jintysomething about ssh tunnelling that I should have done a long time ago22:46
algahello jinty22:49
mgedminwelcome back!22:49
algaI was actually searching for your jabber id in case jabber works there where you are22:50
algaI need to make a patch to Zope 322:50
algawhen can we unfreeze the revision?22:51
algathe Zope3 svn:external22:51
jintyyou can now, I'm uploading the tarball as we speak22:51
jintybut only trunk/schoolbell22:51
jintylets wait until we know better about schooltool22:52
algaschooltool is dead, afaiu22:52
mgedminwe will resurrect (or should I say "thaw") it later22:52
algaI'd rather use schoolbell as basis22:53
* jinty has learnt to be careful about things that are difficult to reverse22:54
* jinty decides plone hates him: If the error persists please contact the site maintainer. Thank you for your patience.23:02
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th1ajinty: how are things looking?23:11
jintyhave uploaded the tarballs now. Thought it better to wait until mgedmin had gone over the last minute checkins.23:12
jintynow to build packages and send some mails.23:13
th1aWhat's the URL for the tarballs?23:19
jintyyou might want to edit the release notes.23:21
th1aThanks.  I'll work on the windows and Mac packages.23:21
jintyThere are some *exciting* database upgrade stuff in there;)23:22
th1aIs that a hassle at this point?23:22
th1aWell, I don't care so much about what's in the tarball, but perhaps we should tweak it for announcements.23:22
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* jinty removes interesting db_upgrade stuff from published release notes and applies tom's patch23:27
* jinty discovers that th1a got there first23:31
th1aDid I?23:31
algaok, see you guys!23:31
algacongrats with the release :-)23:31
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th1aGood night alga!23:31
th1aMissed him.23:31
jintyitÅ› locked for editing now23:32
th1ajinty:  Am I doing checkins that I don't remember?23:32
th1aOh, are you talking about the web page?23:33
jintyyep, there I can use your corrections23:33
th1aSure.  You have my permission.23:33
* jinty goes for a 10 min typing break23:37
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