IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-03-14

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tvonHey kids18:00
tvonHow is everyone on this bright, sunny Monday morning?18:00
* mgedmin strikes the virtual gavel18:00
mgedminmeeting time18:00
mgedmingood evening everyone ;)18:00
mgedmin1. what are the remaining issues with SB 1.018:01
mgedmin2. who is going to make the announcements and where18:01
mgedminanything else?18:01
algaissues for 1.1?18:01
algaI liked the list of issues for the 1.0 release18:02
algakeeps you focused18:02
mgedminalga: do you mean goals?18:02
algabugs in the bugtracker18:02
algatagged for the release18:02
tvonbskahan will be here in a minute, btw18:03
tvonno need to wait though18:03
mgedminpity that our release manage isn't here18:03
tvonbusy boy18:03
mgedminok, lets start with 1: remaining issues with SB 1.018:04
tvonThere is 1 unresolved bug in the tracker18:04
mgedminthere's only one open issue tagged SB 1.0 in the tracker: issue 19418:04
algaI'll fix it before end of today18:04
algalocal time ;)18:04
tvonThen we're looking pretty good... anything to discuss that is not in the tracker?18:05
algashould someone review the bugs again to see if there are other things that need to be fixed before 1.0?18:05
ignas201, 202 ?18:06
mgedminI just looked through them18:06
mgedminhow does the current release branch look with Internet Explorer?18:07
ignasand 199 is important18:07
alga199 won't be fixed18:07
algait's more of a lacking feature than a bug18:08
mgedmin186 is a wart18:08
tvonmgedmin: not good I believe18:08
tvonI'm assuming none of us have an actual Windows boot handy?18:08
tvonI'll look at the IE issues right now18:09
mgedminweeeell... technically... I suppose 75% of us have an unused windows partition on a laptop18:09
tvonI have CrossOver setup here, I just don't entirely trust it18:10
tvonso it's not a big deal, I just wanted to be sure the issues was really an issue18:10
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bskahanhi all, sorry for being late18:10
tvonbskahan: we are discussing remaining issues for 1.018:11
* bskahan is catching up with logs18:11
* tvon is screenshooting the ie bug18:12
ignastvon, real ie or cross ie ?18:12
tvonignas: cross ie, I want someone with a real ie to confirm it18:12
bskahanI've seen no evidence of crossover specific rendering bugs18:13
algabskahan: one example is the DirectX based PNG fix18:13
* mgedmin sighs18:14
mgedminI'm not good at this18:14
tvonI think it would be css related, and I suspect it is the same as native IE but issue 202 is not quite what I'd expect if someone ran across this18:14
gintasI can boot into Windows if you wish18:14
gintasit would just take a few minutes18:14
tvongintas: if you don't mind... I'll put up a screenie of what I'm seeing18:15
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mgedmindoes anyone know anything about issue 198?18:19
mgedminI vote for fixing this18:20
tvonmgedmin: I noticed it too and am somewhat baffled as to what could be causing it18:20
bskahantvon: does that happen on trunk?18:20
bskahanthe IE bug18:21
tvonbskahan: yes18:21
mgedminI'd suspect clear: left or clear: both, but I couldn't find anything like that18:21
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tvongintas: see my link?18:22
gintaswhich one?18:22
tvonwell, it's two screenies pasted together... initial view and 1 pg-down18:23
algareproduced on windows18:23
tvonbskahan: do you remember that site that took various browser screenshots of a page?18:23
tvonalga: thanks'18:23
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bskahantvon: no18:24
gintastvon: I see the same problem18:24
* jinty hates ndiswrapper18:24
tvongintas: k, thanks for rebooting18:24
* jinty is reading logs18:25
mgedminfound the problem18:25
* tvon is curious18:25
mgedmin    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 100%">18:26
mgedminif I remove style="width: 100%", the bug disappears18:26
mgedminbut navigation is squashed18:26
tvonstupid IE18:26
bskahancan go back to width="100%"18:26
bskahanits not valid but it works across browsers18:27
mgedminstyle="width: 99%" works, though ;)18:27
mgedminwidth="100%" gives the same result as style="width: 100%"18:27
tvonah, nice18:27
tvonmgedmin: wanna stick it in the css?18:27
mgedminI vote for a temporary workaround: 99%18:27
* tvon seconds18:27
mgedminis there an issue opened for this bug?18:28
tvonI think it might be 20218:28
mgedminoh, 20218:28
tvon202 is pretty nondescript18:28
mgedmingintas found another bug18:29
mgedminjavascript error in event adding form18:29
tvonie specific?18:30
mgedminwell, I didn't notice mozilla complaining18:30
gintasline 30, symbol 918:30
gintasform = document.getElementById('form'); ??18:31
ignasgintas, the workaround is done by me ...18:31
ignasit is because zope3 widgets are buggy18:31
ignasand the field has no id - only name18:31
ignasso the only way to get it is through the form18:31
ignasyet it is weird IE hiccups on this ...18:32
* tvon trails the firefox 3-click bug18:33
tvonit is indeeed css18:33
mgedminthe bug is 'newname = someexpression'18:34
mgedminthe fix is 'var newname = someexpression'18:34
jintywhat about 197?18:34
ignastvon, can you elaborate on that ?18:34
tvonignas: committing it... its the select:focus rule in css18:35
tvonignas: for 19818:35
mgedminjinty, welcome!18:36
tvonsomeone double-check 198 for me please18:36
jintyhey mgedmin, sorry im so late!18:37
mgedminwoohoo, 198!18:37
mgedminsvnupping now18:37
* jinty is marking 197, 198 for possible inclusion in 1.018:38
* mgedmin just did so with 19818:39
bskahan198 looks fixed here18:39
* mgedmin nods18:39
gintasjinty, have you tried SB with Python 2.4?18:39
ignasthe hors in daily view are not hjighlighted in any way, yet are clickable - it is kind of wird when such a big area is clickable if you do not understand that it is divided into the parts ...18:39
bskahanignas: agreed18:40
* tvon thinks he was supposed to CSS it at some point18:40
tvonI'll check it out now18:40
* mgedmin suggests :hover18:40
bskahanthat's not in 1.0, but its on the 1.1 list18:40
bskahan:hover is a pain, since IE doesn't support hover on anything but a tags18:41
tvonhave to use javascript18:41
tvonwe're already doing it for the event:hover18:41
bskahansome onhover magic18:41
bskahanthat click uses onclick anyway18:41
jintygintas: yep, in a chroot with only the package dependencies(patched to 2.4) installed and from an unpacked tarball. ftests and tests pass18:41
* bskahan notes 197 is still broken in trunk with the duration selection18:42
mgedminok, any issues tagged SchoolBell but not SchoolBell 1.0 that we should try to promote?18:44
tvonbskahan: does it convert it to minutes or just show the X hours as X minutes?18:45
* jinty thinks the current issues are the important ones.18:45
jintyand the rest warts18:45
tvonmgedmin: for 197 did you mean that "2 hours" turns into "120 minutes" or "2 minutes"?18:45
bskahantvon: put 2 in the field, choose "Hours" in the select, hit enter, the select reverts to minutes, the 2 remains18:46
jintyexcept perhaos 20118:46
tvonah, was submitting it18:46
tvonah, should <return> on that form be calling update when there is no recurrence?18:47
mgedminideally, no18:48
mgedmindo you know how to achieve that?18:48
mgedminmaybe set display: hidden on the button as well as its div?18:48
tvonI don't think css can do it18:48
ignaswell why ?18:48
mgedminit is javascript that hides the 'update' button and recurrence fields18:49
ignasi think one can display: hidden an additional submit button just before the updat button ...18:49
tvonignas: css? it just hides it in the UI, it doesnt change whats in the page18:49
mgedminI was hoping that maybe browsers will skip invisible submit buttons18:49
ignasmgedmin, i don't think so18:49
* mgedmin shrugs18:49
ignasso why not adda nother submit button ?18:49
tvonfound some javascript for it18:49
mgedminok, we have 10 minutes left18:50
mgedminlet's wrap up with the first item on the agenda18:50
ignashidden too but leading to "update record" not "update form"18:50
bskahanthoughts on upgrading 201?18:50
mgedminI think it would be a good idea to merge the fixes, even if they are incomplete18:50
tvonat the moment I think 201 would need to be reverted to the ugly behavior to be functional in Safari18:51
tvonnot that nobody should try :)18:51
* jinty screams as 3302 conflicts18:51
algajinty: use svn blame -r 3302 on the conflicting file18:52
mgedminit is a trivial fix: change 100% to 99%18:52
mgedminhow does that line look in the release branch?18:53
jinty   <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">18:53
* tvon wishes gnome menus were easily editable18:53
bskahanblame points at me18:54
bskahanfrom validation cleanups18:54
bskahanshould have moved it to CSS18:54
mgedminjinty, just s/100/99/ and all will be fine18:54
jintyok, custom backport in progress18:54
bskahandoes that bug even occur in the release branch?18:55
jintyotherwise, I will backport what I can now, then again tomorrow morning. Then release, ignoring any outstanding issues.18:55
bskahannot that the valid fix shouldn't be applied anyway18:56
mgedminbskahan, I think so18:56
tvonI'll see what I can do about 201.. unless someone knows of a more important bug to hack on18:56
bskahantable width="100" is rottenly common18:56
* mgedmin shrugs18:56
* tvon makes a note to kill the table for 2.1 if possible18:57
jintyah, almost forgot, Zope 318:57
bskahanare we going to track trunk again after the release?18:58
jintyI see no reason to keep the schoolbell branch pinned after release18:58
jintyso, i say yes18:58
mgedminjinty, backport 3305 -- it fixes a test failure on windows, and the fix is trivial.18:58
mgedminactually, wait a moment until gintas verifies the fix18:58
mgedmin+1 for tracking zope 3 trunk again18:59
mgedmin(until 3.1 is released)18:59
jintyschooltool is a different story. I would prefer to keep that pinned until it is sure how the next schooltool will be released18:59
bskahancan we up the pin for ST a few revisions?19:00
bskahan29360, from 57, specifically19:01
gintasfix in 3305 confirmed19:01
* mgedmin not sure19:01
mgedminwe will have to port all schooltool views to zope 319:01
mgedminwhy not use the trunk?19:01
jintyonly the schoolbell tarball contains zope19:02
mgedminok, agenda item #2: announcements19:02
jintyso, unless the next schoolbell is released with the next schooltool, schooltool has to be pinned19:02
* mgedmin murmurs he would feel better announcing sb if we called it version 0.10, not 1.019:03
bskahanI'd like the next sb release to coincide with the next ST release19:03
bskahanbut that's a question for TH19:04
* mgedmin nods19:04
jintymgedmin, you can quote this:
jintyuntil that is sure, it is a very bad idea to release the schooltool pin19:05
bskahanrelease announces:, python-announce19:05
jintyi.e. SB + ST co-release19:05
tvonwe won't have TZ support until the pin is at least moved... FYI19:05
* bskahan nods19:05
* jinty is thinking of sending the first two paragraphs of RELEASE as a release announcement.19:06
mgedminjinty, when is the actual release happening?19:07
jintytomorrow, I will tag and up-load the tarballs. unless there is an act of god19:07
jintyplaces to announce: Python package index, LWN,, zope lists(which?), python lists (which?), schooltool-announce/schooltool19:09
tvonanyone know of a khtml browser that doesnt suck in half of kde?19:09
bskahantvon: safari19:10
* tvon apt-cache searches safari19:10
tvonis there a zope announce list?19:10
mgedminI think zope3-users is the right place19:10
gintasI have found quite a few issues related to IE19:10
gintas1. Breadcrumbs row not tall enough (bottom of "top", "persons", "manager" is stripped)19:10
mgedmingintas, issue tracker, please19:10
gintas2. Event description field in event information view is too large19:10
gintas3. Spacing in navigation & actions menu is too large19:11
gintas4. Event delete icon (the small X) shows up as a white rectangle19:11
gintas5. "Previous" and "next" arrows in calendar views are not transparent19:11
mgedminre 4: all transparent .png files should be converted to 8-bit19:11
mgedminback to announcements19:11
gintasyou meant re 5?19:11
mgedminhow about we send an email to zope3-users, and you guys do the rest?  :-)19:11
gintasin fact I'm not sure what's the problem with 419:11
jintymgedmin, but developers might be interested in the calendaring libs.19:12
mgedminzope3-dev is the list for people who develop zope3 itself19:12
mgedminzope3-users is the list for people who develop apps on top of zope319:12
* jinty thinks there is a reason why mgedmin is sending this mail19:13
mgedminI somehow managed to sleep through the creation of the -users list, and only discovered it recently, after reading some mails in my huge backlog19:13
mgedminok, I suggest we wrap up this meeting19:13
bskahanok, the first release announce will come from jinty to the ST list so everyone knows when the release is out the door?19:14
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tvonwe can send that on to python-announce and our local ZUG :)19:15
tvonwe'll do FM too if so desired19:15
* mgedmin thought radio19:15
* bskahan goes to fire up the HAM19:15
jintytom already has an account there, you will have to speak to him19:16
bskahanradio free zope19:16
* tvon nods19:16
tvonwe'll wait for him for FM19:16
* jinty notes that the latest version of schoolbell on FM is 0.819:17
* jinty thinking the meeting is over, starts to back-port stuff19:19
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gintasjinty, there are quite a few things19:39
gintasSB looks ugly on IE in many places19:40
jintyok, but sorry, I can't wait for the release (time-based)19:41
jintyI will back port all outstanding small patches just before release though19:42
jintyprehaps it is better if mgedmin reviews before i back port though.19:42
* mgedmin did not sleep last night... an interesting book19:43
jinty:) which one? will you sleep tonight? release is tomorrow19:43
gintasmost of the patches are trivial19:46
jintyso was 329219:47
* jinty is willing to wait for the afternoon/night tomorrow if it helps19:48
jintythanks all! till next week and goodnight.19:51
*** jinty has quit IRC19:51
tvonmgedmin: you know english gooder than me19:52
* tvon just took the commonly confused words test19:52
tvonI had a handicap though, I went to school here19:52
mgedminjinty, where are you!!!19:57
mgedminok, I'm crashing20:18
mgedminI'll look at checkins tomorrow in the morning20:18
mgedminsee you20:18
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tvonnice, view source in konq is opening OOo20:36
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