IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-03-16

th1ajinty:  Eek!  Here's a little problem.00:00
th1aDoes the README in the Zope3 directory still explain how you can run Zope from there?00:01
th1aWhich, of course, doesn't work now that we've taken out, etc.00:01
th1aI just got a comment from a user trying to do that in with rc2.00:02
jintyThere is no README in the Zope# dir00:02
th1aNever mind.00:02
jintybtw, is there, so python install should work00:03
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th1aWas it in the rc's?00:04
* th1a is confused.00:04
jintyno, I added it to the tarball in 322700:06
jintybtw, you want to look at the release notes on the web page before I send out the first paragraph in a mail?00:07
th1aOK.  Which page?00:07
jintystrange url because plone hates me00:08
th1aI don't know that I'd say "integrated" with the ZMI, since you can't manipulate SchoolBell objects (people, etc) with the ZMI.00:12
th1aI guess I can edit it myself...00:12
th1ajinty:  that link you sent me to the SchoolBell package points to ""  Hope that means you haven't accidently used that elsewhere.00:16
th1aHope it *doesn't* mean...00:17
th1ayou have.00:17
th1aI need a Lithuanian to straighten out my diction.00:17
jintynope, typed the link in here. I think only the link to the zipfile on the release page is broken. because there is no zipfile (will add a "to appear soon" comment)00:20
jintythis schoolbell/schooltool gets difficult somethimes00:20
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jintyth1a: let me know when you are done, please?00:25
th1aDone with the .zip?00:27
jintyno, editing the release notes00:28
th1aSorry.  My "OK" at 5:12 wasn't very descriptive.00:28
jintyah, ok, then I'll send the mail00:28
th1aAll right, running "make test" on Mac OS and Virtual PC.  This'll take a while.00:44
* jinty has his fingers crossed00:45
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bskahanshould allday events have booked resources?00:50
tvonI can't think of a use case really00:51
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th1aI can't think of a use case either, really.01:31
th1aPhew.  I can run the SchoolBell tests on Virtual PC in just a few minutes.  I as running the whole Zope 3 suite before, which was taking hours.01:46
th1aAll the tests pass.01:46
jintyth1a: yay! out of interest, how do you make the zip?01:51
th1aYou need to change the Makefile to compile the extensions with '--compiler=mingw32'01:51
th1aI do that, 'make test' and then 'zip -r ...'01:52
th1aThat appears to work.01:52
jintydo you use a checkout or unpacked tarball?01:53
th1aI used the tarball.01:53
jintyok, thanks.01:55
jintyAnd goodnight all!02:07
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tvon needs minor updating.. still points to rc2 in places08:18
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* jinty warns that he will free up zope soon, breaking tests in the process12:53
mgedminalga wanted a new zope 312:53
mgedminyou could let him change svn:externals and fix all the tests too ;)12:54
jintyi wasn't planning on fixing the tests:)12:54
mgedminbut you were planning to break them ;)12:55
jintysorry had to first aid a dog for a while.13:00
jintyit's a pleasure to break tests on request of developers. bskahan asked too13:01
jintyah yes, mgedmin, a feature wishlist for could you put the previous/index/next day links on the bottom of the page too?13:03
mgedminyes, please, mgedmin, do add those, I also miss them!13:04
mgedminhey, waitasec -- I'm mgedmin13:04
* jinty thinks the first sign of madness is talking to oneself13:05
jintyfortunatly genius is a form af madness13:06
mgedminmwahahahaha soon the world13:06
mgedminoops, wrong channel13:06
jintythat should have been #pinky and the brain or #ubuntu-devel?13:07
mgedminoops, Debian roundup upgrade broke all my trackers13:08
jintyI suppose IRC channel names can't have spaces in them then13:08
mgedmin( is safe, btw)13:08
* jinty dosen't see a debian bug for this13:12
mgedminit's not a bug, they just don't care13:13
mgedminNEWS.Debian say "read Upgrading.txt.gz"13:13
mgedminUpgrading.txt.gz says "remove all existing instances before upgrading yada yada"13:13
mgedminI suppose it is possible to export data, recreate the instance, and reimport data13:13
jintyhehehe, sounds like we are angels13:13
jintybut seriously, ouch13:14
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*** bskahan changes topic to "Schoolbell 1.0 is out! Get it from"18:39
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