IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2005-03-13

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* tvon2 wonders if we care more about our css validating or the UI being pretty07:09
th1aIn what way is it invalid?07:09
tvon2It's not right now07:09
tvon2however, I stumbled across a mozilla-specific css property, "-moz-border-radius" whcih would give us pretty rounded corners on the calendar events07:10
tvon2but, it doesnt validate07:10
th1aI guess pretty is better.07:13
tvon2its a toughie, it would be nice to claim valid with a lil icon somewhere, but the rounded corners are nice :)07:14
tvon2well... it *could* be done without the moz css, it would be a pain though... and require some fancy javascript so trasnparent png's (for the corners) would look okay in IE07:15
th1aMake a comment in the css.07:15
tvon2k, I'll commit it, we can always revert it if someone objects07:15
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tvon|deskth1a: whenever you are around, can you try adding "-khtml-opacity: 0.85;" to style.css around line 662 (in "#calendar-view-day .event" where the opacity is set) and see if it works in Safari?08:38
tvon|deskDoes not work in Konq 3.4 so I'm doubtful, but I heard a rumor...08:38
th1aI'll try it tomorrow.08:38
tvon|deskokay, thanks08:39
tvon|deskI'm not going to be around but I'll check the logs08:39
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bska|mobilegot schoolbell working as TZ aware19:23
bska|mobilegoing to take a while to update all the tests19:24
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