IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-03-08

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th1aHow can I redirect the output (the errors) from 'python' to a file?02:03
ignas./ 2> boo.txt02:07
ignas>> will do it only with stdo iirc02:07
ignas2> will redirect stderr02:07
th1aYeah, that's what I tried first.02:08
th1aYou wouldn't believe how long that takes running on Virtual PC on my Mac.02:08
th1aI may have to break down and buy a Windows box for testing02:08
th1aand, um, games.02:08
ignaswell dualboot for em02:09
ignasit cut's the hard drive inhalf02:09
ignasyet i can live with that02:09
th1aI don't like to turn my Linux box off, although it isn't really doing any server duties anymore.02:10
* ignas too :) having 30 days of uptime was 1337 :)02:11
th1a89 days, mofo.02:12
ignasi could own you on all dooms and wuakes :P02:13
ignas^ uptime killers though ;)02:13
ignasgames in general02:13
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* bskahan casts daily curse on "Could not adapt"05:51
th1aThat's what did in the dinosaurs.05:51
tvon|deskpermissions in z3 are confusing the hell outta me06:50
th1aWhat about them?06:50
tvon|deskactually I think marius' one liner addition to notes solves my problem06:50
tvon|deskI think I just expect too much from setting a few things in zcml...  when the problem is elsewhere06:51
th1aHm.  I was suspecting that in general it would be harder to get used to using zcml.06:52
tvon|deskand adapters I suppose, I think I have a handle on those now though06:53
th1aThey're pretty abstract.06:53
th1aIt's all about adapters, though.06:54
tvon|deskit is.  They're pretty nifty I think06:54
bskahanI just wish the adapter related errors were more informative06:54
tvon|deskyeah, that would help06:54
th1a"Your eggs were just eaten by a vole."06:55
bskahanIts dark06:55
bskahanIts dark06:55
bskahanYou've been eaten by a Grue06:55
th1aMoving very slowly now.06:55
bskahando you have a windows box with outlook?06:56
th1aHm... I do not.06:56
* bskahan nods06:56
th1aI wasn't expecting much from my Virtual PC setup performance-wise, but I thought it would be good enough for testing.06:57
bskahanwhen you hit up the gate's foundation for additional funding, windows testing boxes would be good ;)06:57
th1aBut it's not really cutting it.06:57
bskahanso we can say it's at least tested in IE06:57
tvon|deskI've always wanted to try....erm... that Novell thing06:57
bskahanwine is usually good enough for testing IE rendering06:57
bskahantvon|desk: ?06:58
tvon|deskvirtual pc thing, system-inside-a-system thing06:58
bskahanth1a: did you ever get a chance to create a Wiki page for dynamic UI suggestions?06:59
bskahanif not, maybe during 'website week'?06:59
th1aI did put a link on the SchoolBell page.  Is that what you had in mind?06:59
bskahanwhich page?07:00
bskahanI think of complex JS hacks that would be cool as I'm working, but they're never the sort of "implement this now" things07:01
bskahanth1a: when is emerging-Tech?07:08
bskahanCurrently Mailman3 uses Twisted, ZPT, ZConfig, and a few other Zope3 components such as interfaces, pagetemplates, tal, and tales. Some of these are fairly old and could use updating (e.g. Twisted is still at 1.0.5). The rest of the code is new, taking a cue from Mailman 2.1 but with updates to take advantage of Python 2.3 features.07:17
th1aNext week.07:17
tvonMarius should write a little doc on creating stand-alone z3 apps07:17
tvonwould be good for the community07:18
tvonA lot of hesitation goes into "wait, this is a zope app, I have to setup *zope*"07:18
th1aMarius should split off a clone that only writes docs.07:18
tvonooh, a Marius army of coding soldiers07:18
th1aWait 'til you meet Marius.07:19
tvonI should commit these ftests first so he doesnt just hit me07:20
th1aHe's much less intimidating in real life.07:20
th1aAlthough watching him read over checkins is kind of scary.07:20
th1aThat's when I started to understand Marius.07:20
th1aTo whatever extent that I do.07:21
tvon|deskftests are straight up lying to me07:26
tvon|deskoh, no theyre not07:26
bskahandon't believe what the voices tell you07:28
* tvon|desk ignores what the voices say to say to bskahan07:28
tvon|deskyay, ftests done07:33
tvon|deskfor what we can do with notes at the moment anyways07:33
tvon|deskI would like some ACL on them, though dumbed down, eg "everyone, my groups, just me" can see this...07:34
* th1a exits his bubble bath.07:43
th1atvon|desk: +107:43
tvon|desker, cool07:44
* th1a smells like flowers.07:47
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th1ajinty: are we supposed to be doing something in particular to get into Hoary Universe?17:44
th1aI mean, can we get RC2 in there?17:45
th1ajinty:  ping17:52
algajinty: ping17:58
algajinty: probably I'm doing a wrong thing when I mark issues as 'done' after commiting the fix to trunk?17:59
algashould I set status to testing?17:59
mgedminalga, I suggested in my email to set status to testing and assign the issues to jinty18:02
ignasalga, imho yup you should mar kas testing unless you filed the bug18:02
mgedminbut I think he reads emails and perhaps he will notice your fixes anyway...18:02
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jintysometime I read mail, but I am ignoring all back-port requests without the SchoolBell 1.0 topic in roundup18:13
jintyth1a: RC2 is a bad idea, because there is a bad bug in the schoolbell.config db upgrade stuff18:14
bskahanjinty: which bug?18:14
th1aThere are also the acl bugs alga's been working on, right?18:15
th1aalga:  what's the status of the bugs you've been working on?18:16
jintybskahan: not reported, but the effect: Ask the user if he wants to upgrade his database, if he says no, do it anyway18:16
th1aalga: oh, do I have an email from the issue tracker about the bug...18:17
jintyalga: I would appreciate issues with the SchoolBell 1.0 topic not to be marked resolved until the fix is in 1.0 or I have decided not to back port and changed the topic to SchoolBell18:18
bskahanrelated to issue172, do we want a community calendar as the frontpage for Anon users?18:20
bskahanala sb 0.918:20
th1ajinty:  did you see the email from Mark?  I'm not sure what to tell him.18:22
mgedminthat means someone must change the bootstrap code to create a 'community' group in an empty schoolbell app18:22
th1aI don't think we should push that into 1.0.18:23
mgedminah, ok18:23
mgedminthen it's simpler18:23
bskahanmgedmin: I have a patch for that from a few days ago18:23
mgedminno upgrade issues for 1.0rc2 -> 1.0 final18:23
bskahanshould the community group work the way it did is SB 0.9, where every[one,thing] is a member?18:24
bskahan(me tends not to think so)18:24
* jinty tries to check his mail18:26
bskahansince community calendar is public facing, bootstrap code could create the group and add the manager to it, then if the manager wants to delegate updating the public calendar he/she can add someone else and give them access18:26
* jinty does not know what th1a is talking about (mail from Mark?)18:28
th1aHere's the pertinent line:  Are we not on track for 1.0 before Hoary any longer? Pity. Do you want a18:29
th1a0.9 or a RC in Hoary universe?18:29
jintyAs far as I know we are on track18:29
jintybut I begin to think I am missing something18:30
th1aWell, it isn't clear what the "final, final" deadlines for Hoary are.  Perhaps I should email Jeff Waugh.18:32
th1ajinty:  Do you know what you need to do with the release when it is ready?18:32
jintythe procedures have been sorted out over the last releases18:33
jintybut let me mail jeff and cc you18:34
th1aIf we'd absolutely, positively have to upload something say, tomorrow, could we squeeze out an rc3 with the security and upgrade fixes from rc2?18:34
jintyIt was my understanding that almost anything can be done if a package is in universe.18:34
th1aPerhaps you should handle the emailing.18:34
th1aCan you cc: Mark as well.18:35
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* jinty_ has brief power failure18:37
th1ajinty_:  Ok, so you're going to send a status report to Mark and JDub?18:38
jinty_yep, I will let them know my plans18:38
jinty_the dates...18:39
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th1aI guess I keep confusing the deadlines for Hoary Main and Hoary Universe.18:42
th1aI mean, we haven't been shooting for Main.  And I imagine the deadlines on the wiki pertain more to Main than Universe.18:43
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jinty_I think the published dates are for everything, its just kind of unspoken that things are _much_ more relaxed for universe.18:43
* jinty_ is not sure whether a rc3 would be useful18:46
th1aProbably not, unless it was the only way to get into universe, which seems unlikely.18:47
th1aHere's what I wrote in response to Mark:18:49
th1aWe've been working all along under the assumption that, given the scope of the work necessary to port the application to Zope 3, having SchoolBell 1.0 ready and solid for Hoary main wasn't going to happen.  My understanding is that we're on track to have SchoolBell 1.0 done next Tuesday and uploaded into universe.  Brian Sutherland is going to send you and Jeff Waugh a more precise update on where we are.18:49
th1ajinty:  that sound ok?18:50
* jinty_ killsall workrave18:53
jinty_no, the reason for not having SchoolBell 1.0 in hoary is the inclusion of Zopw3 libs18:54
jinty_in the package which makes security support difficult/downright impossible18:55
jinty_s/hoary/hoary main/18:55
th1aOK, I'll just delete that first sentence.18:55
th1aCan you mention that fact in your email as well?18:56
jinty_but tuesday is pushing it18:56
th1aI thought we were pretty much on schedule.18:57
jinty_+1/2 days18:57
th1aWhat's the hold up?18:57
jinty_for release yes, but a number of steps should happen before it can be uploaded to ubuntu18:58
jinty_the process:18:58
jinty_1 jinty uploads packages to schooltool.org18:58
jinty_2 jinty sends mail to Andreas Schulderi to upload to Debian, and waits18:59
jinty_3 jinty makes a patch for conversion to python 2.4 in hoary and tests18:59
th1aOK.  I see.19:00
jinty_4 once schoolbell has made it to unstable mail mattias klose with the patch and wait19:00
jinty_2/3 can be eliminated, but things can become a mess19:01
* jinty_ hopes for quick uploads19:02
* th1a wonders how screwed we'd be without jinty.19:03
th1aEverything Debian makes my head hurt.19:04
* jinty_ is embarrassed19:04
bskahanan event "friday 3:00 pm untill monday 1:00 pm"19:04
bskahanare saturday and sunday handled as allday events?19:04
jinty_The debian process (Not including Ubuntu):
tvoner... person view css is broken19:23
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th1aalga:  I'm going to need a summary of the default security policy for the docs.19:34
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tvonbskahan: ping19:45
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bskahantvon: pong19:53
th1aWill user prefs be backported for 1.0?20:00
bskahanth1a: they're in 1.020:02
bskahanthere's a bugfix that needs to get backported in am/pm rendering20:04
th1aWe don't have a selection for default view as daily/weekly/monthly, right?20:06
bskahanno, that would be good though20:06
bskahanwe just default to day20:06
* jinty_ does no see the am/pm rendering patch on his list of things to consider for backporting20:14
bskahanthere wasn't a bug for it, just in the commit mail20:14
bskahanI'll track it down20:14
th1aI just submitted a 1.0 bug on recurring events.20:15
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bskahanjinty_: r3214 and 310720:17
bskahanthe am/pm rendering in rc2 shows 12pm as 12am20:17
th1aI never know which is which anyhow.20:19
jinty_th1a: please mark all bugs for 1.0 with the topic "SchoolBell 1.0"20:19
th1aI did, didn't I?20:19
bskahanI just had a eureeka moment and committed a bunch of improvements to preferences, but I don't think they constitute bugs-for-backporting20:20
th1aI also made a SB 1.1 tag.20:20
jinty_I saw that, good idea to start prioritizing now20:20
th1aI just got a long feedback email, so I figured I'd better use it.20:21
ignaswhat is expected from the events that have booked resources ?20:38
ignasshould they look differently in calendar views ?20:39
ignasthe task is - make calendar views support booking20:39
ignasnow i am thinking about features we are missing20:39
th1aignas:  They didn't look differently in the past.20:39
bskahanI think they need to now20:40
bskahanbefore, the event itself indicated the booking20:40
ignasth1a, well the first change was - removing duplicate events when calendars are overlayed20:40
th1aAh, right.20:40
ignasare there any other wishlist items ?20:41
ignasi am thinking of a lis of booked resources in the box of the event20:41
th1aRegarding booked resources?20:41
ignasregarding the appearance of events with booked resourcves20:42
th1aignas:  that sounds reasonable, as long as the event is long enough.20:42
ignasyet that would clash with short eevnts20:42
bskahansmall dot icon for each, with a tooltip with the name of the resource20:42
th1aI haven't thought about it, so whatever I'd say I'd be pulling out of my ass.20:42
ignasbskahan, sounds like an idea20:43
th1aOnce we have a sufficient list of needed icons, I'll look into hiring someone to make them.20:43
th1abskahan:  btw, can you or tvon excise the house icon?20:44
ignasth1a, and what icons we are missing at the moment ?20:47
th1aWell, right now not enough to bother hiring someone.20:47
th1aWe need non-GNOME day/week/month/year grids.20:48
ignasoh the grids are stolen too20:48
bskahanthe year icon is a derivative work ;)20:48
bskahanthe back/forward arrows20:48
ignasbskahan, these two are mine ;)20:49
th1aPerhaps an icon to cue the user that they can add a new event clicking by the time on the day grid.20:49
bskahanI'd rather make the whole time row clickable with a highlight on mouseover20:49
ignasa small clockie thingie ?20:49
th1aYeah, I'd rather not have to use an icon there.20:49
bskahanputting an icon on every row gets cluttered, fast20:50
ignasbskahan, +120:50
bskahansince it was my crappy idea to do it for 0.920:50
bskahanafk for lunch20:52
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