IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-03-02

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th1aGod, it's snowing again.04:37
th1aWhat do I need to do to have a case of beer delivered to jinty in Spain?04:55
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pipshi, i just tried to have a look at schoolbell 1.0rc1 but unfortunately i didn't get very far... i ran into an error with make test13:37
pipsImportError: /home/philipp/download/schoolbell-1.0rc1/Zope3/src/zope/proxy/_zope_proxy undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS4_AsEncodedString13:38
pipsthat's all the feedback i can offer for now :-/13:40
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* mgedmin trying out schoolbell-1.0rc1 tarball17:17
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jintyoops! we seem to have .so files in our tarballs.18:42
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th1amgedmin:  What I'm trying to do is set up multiple SchoolBell instances in one Zope 3 install.20:08
th1aAt this point, I can't just run Zope 3 from our tarball, because we've stripped it down, right?20:11
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mgedminI don't know, I haven't tried it20:16
mgedminprobably you're right20:16
th1aIs it better technique to move src/schoolbell to into my Zope's src directory, or to change Zope's path?20:16
mgedminI'd change Zope's path20:16
mgedminit's just a matter of adding 'path /path/to/somewhere' to zope.conf iirc20:17
th1aI think so.20:17
jintybtw, I want to make another tarball today, rc2, without *.so files20:20
mgedminone moment20:20
mgedminI'm not sure about half of gintas's logging related changes20:21
mgedminalso, I'm going to take a look at the contents of rc1 and give you feedback20:21
mgedminI started doing this, but was interruped by some university business20:22
jintyok then, perhaps we should wait one ot two days if there is anything else.20:23
th1aI think waiting a day or two is a good idea.20:24
mgedminI think one day would be enough20:24
th1aDoes anyone have any idea of what pips might have been referring to above?20:24
* jinty is ashame about letting nasty things it tarballs20:24
mgedminI want to set up sb 1.0 rc1 on the same host where runs now20:24
mgedminand try importing current data20:25
jintypehaps pips is using windows20:25 files are not used on windows20:25
jintywell there goes that theory then20:25
mgedminjinty, where do you want my comments on the contents of the tarball?20:25
mgedminmail to schoolbell-dev?20:25
mgedminpips's error indicates that the .so file does not match his python version20:26
jintyyep, or here. I read the logs.20:26
th1aWhich is why they need to be removed, I guess.20:26
* th1a doesn't remember what .so files do.20:27
mgedmincompiled extension modules20:27
jintymgedmin: you going to try the packages? <wink>20:28
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gintasmgedmin, I'll revert that part of my logging changes then20:41
mgedmingintas, have you noticed my uncertainity?20:41
gintaswell, yeah, but you're usually right20:42
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gintasin Marius I trust ;)20:42
mgedminI *think* the changes in question are bogus, I haven't actually tried to prove that20:42
gintaswell, you better make up your mind then20:42
mgedminI'm working on something else20:43
mgedmincan't you test it somehow?20:43
gintasnot sure how20:43
mgedminremove those lines, look for warnings20:43
mgedmincause a transaction to fail or something20:43
gintashow do I do that?20:44
mgedminok, I will do that20:46
mgedminbut not now20:46
gintasjust wanted to make sure that this doesn't get accidentally dropped off the stack20:46
mgedminroundup is, obviously, inconvenient20:47
mgedminor we would just file bugs for issues that we don't want to accidentally forget20:47
gintasI expected this problem to be quickly solvable20:48
mgedminI hoped to hear that you had actually solved it ;)20:49
mgedminsomething "yeah, I did this and saw the warning, but when I added those extra lines, the warning disappeared"20:49
mgedminoh, jinty left already...20:52
tvonmgedmin: the povbot makes the plaintext irc logs, right?20:54
tvonwhats the bot?20:54
tvonah, thanks20:54
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tvonmgedmin: typo in, says its a python port of (as opposed to .pl)21:29
mgedmina pure python TLS/SSL implementation21:31
mgedminit integrates with twisted, but not with zope 3, though21:31
mgedmintvon, thanks21:31
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* mgedmin found a bug in db export script22:02
mgedminUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u017e' in position 659: ordinal not in range(128)22:02
bskahanan xml entity issue22:03
tvonpasswords maybe22:03
mgedmincalendar actually22:04
mgedminline 170 of schoolbell-export.py22:04
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mgedminI'll just commit the fix to the trunk22:04
tvoncool, thanks22:05
mgedminI know have a schoolbell-export.xml file!22:09
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mgedminit's just two lines22:09
mgedminthe second line is 3409 characters wide ;)22:09
bskahanwhere we're going we won't need <CR>22:10
mgedminheh, file *.ics identifies all ical files as "awk script text"22:11
mgedminjikes, svn commit spawned mcedit for some reason22:12
* mgedmin hates mcedit22:12
mgedminupdate-alternatives --config editor22:13
* mgedmin commits fix (one-liner)22:14
tvonI almost used PrettyPrinter so the xml would be readable22:15
mgedminrevision 3126.22:15
mgedminbtw, says this about DUMPDIR22:16
mgedmin"Usually leaving it alone is fine unless you don't have write permissions to /tmp."22:16
mgedminhowever the default DUMPDIR is /var/schooltool22:16
mgedmin(and I'd like it to be /var/schooltool/dump or something like that)22:16
mgedminactually, doesn't schoolbell 0.9 keep its data in /var/schoolbell?22:18
mgedminnot /var/schooltool?22:18
mgedminor is it /var/lib/schoolbell?22:19
tvonis jinty still sans-irc?22:19
AisteI saw Jinty about 3 hours ago here22:21
th1atvon:  pretty printing is advisable.22:24
mgedminyippee, the import was successful!22:24
tvonth1a: of the xml? it's never really intended to be looked at22:26
tvon:%s/>/>^M/g helps though22:26
tvonif you need too22:26
* mgedmin found the first bug22:27
th1aIf there is a problem you'll be happy it is readable.22:27
th1aI just sent a bug do the dev list.22:27
tvonI'll see what it would take to use prettyprinter22:27
mgedminI have a calendar event that starts at 00:00 with duration of 0 minutes22:27
mgedminthis event is not shown in the daily view22:27
mgedminjinty, if you're reading irc logs, please merge 3126 to the release branch22:31
mgedminthere were some subsequent typo fixes, but they are not critical as such22:31
tvonk, DUMPDIR=/var/schoolbell/dump22:38
mgedminbug fixed in revision 313122:56
Voblia_and apparently i forgot to commit the default start_date fix, before release (fortunately because it broke like 6 tests i fixed only today)23:03
Voblia_guess the feature will have to wait for the next release23:04
th1aWhat is the best technique for making local customizations to the interface.  Specifically, I want to add something to the footer to acknowledge the company giving me hosting to use for testing in the US.23:08
mgedminth1a, edit src/schoolbell/app/browser/templates/view_macros.pt23:10
th1aOK, but that'll break whenever I upgrade, right?23:10
mgedminif you do svn up, svn will merge your changes23:11
mgedminif you work from a tarball, you will have to do merging manually...23:11
th1aWell, let's assume here that I'm a regular user who will be using regular releases.23:11
th1aWhat is the proper method?23:12
th1aCreating a new skin?23:12
th1aIn Plone I'd edit the custom skin.23:12
mgedminzcml overrides, I suppose23:12
th1aSo just break out my Zope 3 book and create a new skin?23:13
mgedminno skins23:13
mgedminin your zope 3 site.zcml file add something like <includeOverride file="my-schoolbell-customizations.zcml" />23:13
mgedminthen in my-schoolbell-customizations include just the <browser:page /> directive that defines the view_macros view23:13
mgedminspecify a different page template23:13
mgedminthat's it23:14
mgedminof course, then you will have to keep your alternative view_macros synchronized with the upstream version...23:14
mgedmine.g. if upstream adds a new macro, and your overriden view_macros doesn't have it, things will break23:14
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th1aI have to override all the macros?23:16
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th1aHm.  Well, we'll have to make that a little more flexible at some point.23:21
th1aAt least for the footer.23:22
* mgedmin nods23:23
mgedminthe index page text should be flexible, I think23:23
mgedmininstead of just linking to persons/groups/resources, we should let the admin place arbitrary text there23:23
* mgedmin hmms23:24
mgedminthe empty calendar placeholder in does not have DTEND or DURATION23:24
mgedminI think one of those is mandatory for iCalendar files23:24
mgedminhowever db export/import succeeded despite that23:25
mgedminand there were 9 empty calendars in my data set23:25
th1aThe biggest overall usability issue I see is too many active links to places the user isn't authorized to go.23:28
bskahantoo many links in general23:30
bskahanthe interface feels cramped for some reason23:30
* mgedmin has an .ics file on disk and wonders how to import it into schoolbell23:31
* mgedmin has accidentally detached the xchat channel tab into a new window and wonders how to attach it back23:31
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th1amgedmin:  I suppose we should add an upload form at some point for .ics files.23:33
gintasth1a, that should be quite easy to do, I think23:36
mgedmincurl -T file.ics http://user:pwd@localhost:7080/persons/user/calendar.ics23:36
* mgedmin winks23:36
th1aStep 1) install Cygwin.23:37
th1a2) curl blah blah blah23:37
th1a3)  There is no step 3!23:37
th1aSee Mom, it's easy!23:37
bskahan3) ????23:38
bskahan4) Profit23:38
th1aCan we use ZPT to deactivate the link to, say, the resources index if the user doesn't have permission to view it?23:39
gintasI think we have something similar in the templates already, though I did not work on that23:41
gintaswe should ask alga or mgedmin23:41
th1aIt would be good to clean that up before 1.0 final.23:42
th1aLots of links that don't get you anywhere aren't too friendly.23:42
mgedminI've just whipped up an experimental script to export gtimelog ( data into an icalendar file23:42
th1aLet's get those slacking numbers down, mgedmin!23:44
mgedminuh oh, incriminating evidence23:45
* mgedmin prepares to do some photoshopping23:45
mgedminhmm, our daily view does not deal very well with lots of small events23:48
th1aYour timelog is a good test.23:48
bskahaninteresting app marius23:50
* bskahan installs23:50
mgedminhm if I have an event with a long title but no description23:54
mgedminit feels kinda wasteful to show just the first 15 chars in the event "title bar" and have a big empty rectangle below23:54
mgedminI added23:55
mgedmin <div class="description" tal:content="ev/title" tal:condition="python: ev.title != ev.shortTitle" />23:55
mgedminto an appropriate place in cal_daily.pt23:55
mgedminand things became better23:55
mgedminmore experimenting: I made DailyCalendarView.snapToGrid return floating point values instead of rounding to the nearest 15 minutes23:57
mgedminnow events that actually touch each look better in the view23:57

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