IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2005-02-26

* tvon is going to make an xCal spec just to piss people off00:02
tvonxml baby, it has to be gold!00:03
mgedminthere was one, I believe00:03
tvonshoulda known00:03
mgedminnever got off the ground, as far as I know00:03
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Dyne336hey meg00:29
Dyne336u traced me?00:29
Dyne336no ones talking in here00:29
Megahertzwtf you come in here for ?00:29
Megahertzschooltool ?00:29
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* mgedmin shrugs00:30
mgedminsee you00:30
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jintyhmm... I can login now to
jintybut cannot change the event I created...03:29
bskahancan you add an event to your calendar?03:29
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gintasmgedmin, ping17:24
mgedmingintas, pong17:25
* gintas has a problem17:26
gintasdaemon mode does not work ;-(17:26
gintasI wrote tests off because the original was not tested, but forgot to test it functionally yesterday17:27
gintasthe server will not respond to any requests and just sit there17:27
gintasdo I have to use ZDaemon?17:28
gintas(I hope I can do without it)17:28
mgedminI don't know17:28
mgedminhave you tried moving daemonisation before we start new threads etc?17:29
gintasgood idea17:30
mgedminthe "Started HTTP server for web UI" will need to go away too17:31
mgedminbut an equivallent message is already being added to the error log17:31
gintasit helped17:31
gintasphew, I thought I was in deep trouble17:32
mgedminyeah, it works, but I am surprised to see only one thread in pstree17:32
mgedminwhat is our default thread_pool_size?17:32
mgedmingintas, change the default pidfile name, please17:34
mgedmin'' is not quite right17:34
gintasI did17:35
gintasah, it's not committed yet17:35
gintasthe default is 10 I think17:35
gintasdid you remove the setup of the 'None' logger?17:37
gintasI can't find the error log file17:37
mgedminno, I didn't17:38
mgedminbtw, can you remove the '# XXX unit test this line' comment?17:38
mgedminI added a test, but forgot to remove it17:38
gintasyeah, I noticed that17:39
gintasI think I had an old checkout where your error handler was not yet registered17:43
gintasI must have seen it in the checkin and assumed that it was in my checkout as well...17:44
mgedminftests are painful sometimes17:50
gintasI'm getting an ftest failure, something with permissions and Dublin Core17:55
mgedmingintas, svn up Zope317:58
* mgedmin kicks the ftest differ17:58
mgedminI hate it how "..." does not match "<BLANKLINE>"18:00
mgedminit is *bad* when the diff does not fit into my 1000-line scrollback buffer18:03
* mgedmin discovers vim's :set wildmenu18:04
* mgedmin baffled18:07
mgedminplan: get rid of CalendarEventView19:10
mgedminintroduce EventForDisplay instead19:10
mgedminmake contain EventForDisplay objects19:10
mgedminadd view-specific attributes and functions into EventForDisplay19:11
mgedmin(ellpisizeTitle, css class, colour, etc.)19:11
mgedminno longer instantiate CalendarEventView a dozen times when rendering a single event19:11
mgedminalso, I'd like to split browser/ into two or three smaller modules19:13
mgedmincalendar display views, event manipulation (adding, editing, deletion) views, traversers & other miscellanery19:15
gintasthis is all nice and dandy, but don't we have more important things to do?19:18
gintasbtw, could you unwedge the geximon repository @ fridge?19:19
gintasI'd rather we tackled resource booking19:20
mgedminI have to finish calendar overlays first19:24
gintaswhat's left?19:28
mgedmindisplay views19:28
Sickbliaping ?20:01
Sickbliai got a small/big problem with edit view -20:06
Sickbliai need some sane way to do the same thing widgets do when rendering -20:07
Sickbliaif some widgets got the value in request - use the value, else - use the context value20:07
Sickbliastart_date would be the example20:08
Sickbliabecause when i am rendering form - i must know which weekday to disable20:08
Sickbliathe request data should take priority even if the field was left empty20:08
Sickbliasame for checked unchecked weekdays, (the widget was not fixed, was it ?)20:09
Sickbliai am thinking of defining differend getStartDate for both views so i could reuse the code ...20:11
Sickblianot sure about weekdays though20:11
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mgedminshould events on the monthly view display times?  I think not20:38
mgedminor maybe they should, but only the starting time20:41
Sickbliamonthly view ? i guess they could be displayed20:47
Sickbliait gives quite a nice overview ...20:47
Sickbliaat least sorte by time20:48
mgedmingintas, fails for me21:11
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gintasoh craaaap21:14
gintasfixed it21:17
mgedminremaining buglets with calendar views:21:25
mgedmin- event edit form says "add event" in the title21:25
mgedmin- clicking on events in the weekly view gives 40421:25
mgedmin- no way to edit event descriptions in add/edit forms21:26
mgedmin- clicking on overlaid events in the daily view gives 404 errors21:26
mgedmin- very short events look funny, especially if they also have a description21:28
mgedminif event1 ends at 10:42, and event2 starts at 10:43, our views think they overlap, but they don't21:29
Sickbliamgedmin, well how would you like them displayed ?21:31
mgedminI don't know21:32
Sickbliaone after another i guess21:32
mgedminhm, I have three events with slightly different shades of blue21:32
mgedminI can't tell which calendar they came from21:32
mgedmin- links in the Tomorrow's Events box always point to today's calendar21:34
SickbliaButton More in the calendar overlay portlet should throw an error ?21:39
mgedminSickblia, what's the error?21:42
SickbliaTraversalError: (<schoolbell.calendar.mixins.ExpandedCalendarEvent object at 0x4157c46c>, 'color1')21:50
Sickbliai got 1 recurring event21:50
Sickbliaand nothing more21:50
mgedminrestart zope, more likely21:55
mgedmin'color1' is an attribute of EventForDisplay21:55
mgedminnew view code gives EventForDisplay objects to page templates instead of raw calendar events21:55
mgedminit looks like you are using the new page template with the old code21:55
mgedminwhich happens if you do svnup and do not restart the server21:56
Sickbliai see21:56
Sickbliait fixed the problem21:56
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* mgedmin updated the tomorrow's events box22:11
mgedminoops, the new nice calendar url scheme has a downside22:15
mgedmingo to today (.../2005-02-26)22:15
mgedminclick on monthly (.../2005-02)22:15
mgedminclick on daily again -- you will see /2005-02-01, not /2005-02-2622:15
mgedminit's even worse when choosing the yearly view and going back22:15
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mgedminbskahan, what is etria's todo list for sb 1.0?22:29
mgedminwhat sort of checkins should I expect?22:30
bskahanuser preferences, timezone, date & time rendering, in a perfect world weekstart preference but I'm hesitant about that22:35
bskahanupgrade script22:36
mgedminwow, that's a lot22:37
bskahanuser prefs, date & time rendering work but I'm still having issues with the browser doctests22:37
mgedmindo you mean functional doctests?22:38
mgedminor the regular tests?22:38
bskahanboth actually, not having any trouble with app.tests but app.browser.tests has been troube22:38
bskahanhave to get good ftests for the rendering stuff as well though22:38
bskahanfrustratingly, every time I've been hung up its come down to zcml declarations being wrong22:40
mgedminstrange, view.visiblehours has a wrong value, but I can't see how that could happen22:43
* mgedmin is once again annoyed by firefox's random +-1pixel jerkings22:51
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