IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-02-25

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* mgedmin sped up functional tests17:10
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Vobliaany questions ?17:29
Vobliastatus of event edit view -17:30
Vobliaunit tests and functional tests - passed17:30
Vobliacould not look at the real results yet though (in a browser)17:30
Vobliathere was a bug in widgets so if it was not fixed yet - weekday checked and weekday disabled functions should be rewritten for the view17:31
Voblia(these issues are relevant to the part of the view that is already working - the conversion of context data  to fill in the fields pof the schema)17:32
Vobliai can commit it, yet imho commiting something you haven't seen yet is not a good idea ...17:32
Vobliaanything else ?17:34
Vobliaok then i am going to rerun the tests do an svn st and scp all the modified files home ;) so i could test them and hopefully commit them too17:36
Vobliasorry if that will take longer than expected17:37
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Sickbliaoh and about tests - i was wrong - they still do not pass17:37
Sickbliai got a really weirtd failure in zcml17:37
mgedminSickblia, do not keep us in suspense17:42
Sickbliasuspense ?17:42
mgedminFrom WordNet (r) 2.0 [wn]:17:44
mgedmin  suspense17:44
mgedmin       3: excited anticipation of an approaching climax; "the play17:44
mgedmin          kept the audience in suspense"17:44
Sickbliabtw - my gentoo box outperforms the muskatas :P17:45
mgedminso what's the weird zcml error about?17:49
Sickbliasomeone fixed it ;)17:50
Sickbliai mean - i modified the block so the svn up left it intact17:50
Sickbliaand it was removed in trunk so ...17:50
Sickblianow i will fix one more small issue and commit the form17:50
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mgedminiCalendar PUT now seems to work17:54
Sickbliahow is the mkid - gid package called ?17:55
Sickbliagentoo has no such tool :(18:03
mgedmincompile it from source18:03
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Sickblianow onto fixing some issues with start date in the Edit View18:28
mgedminhm, aiste couldn't log in to after the upgrade19:22
mgedminI could, though19:22
mgedminso, did anyone else try to use after I upgraded it to 0.9?19:23
gintasnope, not me19:27
gintasI logged in successfully19:27
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bskahantrying now19:30
mgedminuhh, I just got an error message19:30
mgedmin"Redirection limit for this URL exceeded.  Unable to load the requested page.  This may be caused by cookies that are blocked."19:30
bskahanhmm, i got a user/pass error19:36
bskahanbut I may not know the right password19:36
AisteI received the same error19:41
Aistethough I did know the correct username/password19:41
tvonI can login to the calendar fine19:42
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mgedmincalendar objects now have a 'title' attribute21:09
mgedminyou should use it instead of accessing calendar.__parent__.title21:09
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mgedminwaah, the ugly red schoolbell logo background is there in 0.9 too!21:58
mgedminjust look at with MSIE21:59
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bskahanany reason an adapter would work in the browser but fail in a doctest with "can not adapt"?22:16
bskahanthe traceback is stunningly uninformative22:16
mgedminbskahan, did you register the adapter in your doctest?22:18
mgedminwith ztapi.provideAdapter?22:18
bskahanmgedmin: no, thanks!22:20
bskahannow I see the local grants22:21
mgedminhmm, there's no package for mozilla sunbird in ubuntu22:23
bskahanthe sunbird nightlies segfault at startup on ubuntu here22:24
tvonthe Firefox calendar works though22:24
tvonmigration sucks22:29
mgedminah, you're writing the script22:30
tvonJust in general, it's not fun :)22:30
mgedminhuh, I just tried to feed http://localhost:7080/persons/manager/calendar (without .ics) to Mozilla Calendar22:31
mgedminit did not like the html, though22:31
mgedminhmm, mozilla does not send basic http auth creds unless challenged22:36
mgedminand our challenge is a redirect to the login form :-/22:36
mgedminjinty says (in an email) that he can't log into either22:43
* mgedmin mystified22:43
bskahanare the users there correctly?22:44
bskahanwell, not correctly, but there22:44
mgedminthe users are there22:44
bskahancan you set my passwd?22:46
bskahansomething stupid like username is fine, I'll change it22:46
* mgedmin nods22:47
mgedminbskahan, did it22:47
tvonI don't know whats wrong with you people, I can log in just fine :-D22:49
mgedminmigration code:22:50
mgedminno, nevermind, I was looking at the wrong file22:50
bskahangah, https over satellite sucks22:53
tvon<foo> over satellite sucks22:54
bskahanhttps and ssh are measurably worse22:56
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mgedminum, any known bugs in schoolbell 1.0?23:24
mgedminI need to see a system error message ;)23:24
mgedmingot it!23:25
mgedminI uploaded an event with an empty title, and it became None internally23:28
mgedminlen(None) < 17 doesn't work23:28
mgedminneither does None.encode('UTF-8')23:28
mgedminI should fix the icalendar parser23:28
* mgedmin looks23:29
bskahanthat's a bug in the event title elipsizer?23:29
mgedminno, that's a bug in the new icalendar upload view23:29
mgedminthe one in 0.9 did a title = title or '' to avoid None being stored in the event23:30
* mgedmin checks again23:30
tvonmgedmin: did you ever touch adding descriptions to the ical importer?23:32
mgedminok, the question is: do we allow ICalendarEvent.title to be None or not?23:33
mgedminI think 0.9 allowed it -- I found the "title or ''" expression in the iCal *renderer*, not formatter23:34
mgedminhowever None's break things like ellipsizeTitle23:34
mgedminso it is possible 0.9 also has this bug :/23:34
tvonthe ui stinks for None titles23:34
mgedminthe interface says 'title = TextLine(...)' -- nothing about required=False, nothing about default values23:35
bskahannothing to fill the title bar?23:35
mgedminso let's forbid titles that are None23:35
tvonsounds good to me23:35
tvoneasier to deal with23:35
bskahangoing to dinner, bbiab23:50
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mgedminnote that location and description *can* be None23:53
* mgedmin wants an interactive zodb explorer23:56
tvonfun pygtk project23:57
mgedminor ++zodb++23:57
mgedminI want to see the contents of all attributes of a persistent object!23:58

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