IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-02-22

th1aCan't we make each row in the daily view shorter?00:12
th1aTaking up less vertical space?00:12
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mgedminI would also suggest making the headers shorter00:18
mgedminmoving the title to the now-useless grey bar at the top00:18
mgedminmoving "open in icalendar" link to the actions box00:19
mgedminI would love it if the standard daily view fit into a 1024x768 screen00:20
mgedminnow I don't even see 14:0000:20
th1aYeah, that's not good.00:21
th1aIt is still acting a bit weird on Safari, unfortunately.00:21
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tvonth1a: does mac have a simple gui sftp type thingy that you know of?02:20
tvonfor the non-tech02:20
tvonbuilt-in.. ala nautilus and sftp://02:20
th1asftp?  Not that I'm aware of.02:28
th1aThere are utilities though.02:28
th1aI'm not aware of built in support.02:28
th1aThere was just something relevant on Daring Fireball I think.02:29
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mgedminWorkblia, calendar event add form does not work for me14:49
Workbliawhy ?14:50
Workbliawhat is failing ?14:50
mgedminI press 'add' and nothing happens14:51
mgedminno errors, no events14:51
Workbliaactualy the error exists ;)14:52
Workbliabut you can't see it14:52
Workbliatry selecting forever14:52
Workbliawhat inputs are you seting into the form ?14:56
mgedmintitle, start date/time, duration, no recurrence14:56
Workbliajsut added 2 events with that14:59
Workbliacan you be more specific please ?14:59
mgedminstart ./schoolbell-server.py15:00
mgedmingo to http://localhost:7001/persons/manager/calendar/add.html15:00
gintasmgedmin, I have a slight problem with the iCal views: RecurrenceRules are proxied and the code in schoolbell.calendar does not deal with that ;(15:00
mgedmintry to add an event15:00
Workbliamgedmin, wait a sec until i update my version15:00
mgedmingintas, proxied objects should never be stored in zodb15:00
mgedminlooks like adding form needs some more work15:01
* mgedmin gotta go15:01
Workbliaand i meant - can you give me exact inputs you are entering into the form15:01
mgedmin"foo", 2005-02-22, 12:00, 60, "", [ ], <Add>15:01
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mgedmin<philiKON> no, sessions are not in x3.018:26
mgedmin<philiKON> they were added for 3.118:26
mgedminI am happy that we did not decide to go back to 3.018:26
mgedminwe use sessions18:27
mgedmindoes anyone know why I have to click three times to get a drop-down list to open in firefox?18:29
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kcamachois anyone here a good python programmer from Africa :-)21:28
kcamachoOK I will check in later :-)21:48
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mgedminor just very, very slow21:57
* mgedmin working on calendar overlaying now22:07
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mgedmincalendar overlay backend just landed: persons now have an 'overlaid_calendars' property that knows about calendars, their selection status, and colours23:10
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hoffman|stonetvon: have either of you guys actually tried using XmlHTTPRequest to make REST calls?23:17
hoffman|stoneto SchoolTool?23:17
tvonNot in any useful way23:17
tvonI did get a test page setup though23:17
hoffman|stoneI'm getting ready to work on that for my ETech demo.23:18
tvonjust to query the applog on a button click23:18
hoffman|stoneI'm going to try writing some Javascript to insert a list of student names in a wiki textbox.23:19
hoffman|stoneFetching a class roster, essentially.23:19
tvonthe only catch is that I believe the page you view and the restive interface have to run on the same server/port23:27
tvondue to the mozilla security setup23:27
mgedminthat might be a big problem23:30
tvonits not a showstopper, you can have signed js23:32
tvonI just havent bothered to figure out how23:32
hoffman|stonesigned js?23:32
tvonssl signed or something, one min23:33
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tvonfor testing though, you can setup some apache rewriting to take care of things23:50
th1aAh... no, for what I was thinking I appear to be screwed.23:51
tvonah, from a wiki to a st instance?23:55
th1aI mean, it is probably possible, but the idea is to show that it is easy :-)23:56
tvonheh, yeah23:56
th1aIt would have been pretty easy, too :-(23:56
th1aI'll have to keep thinking.23:57

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