IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-02-23

th1aActually that might have been wildly insecure anyhow, since I can't think of how you'd hide the ST username and password in the script.00:01
th1aI guess the general approach I was thinking of works.  Really the only difference is that there'll have to be a page reload in there.00:04
algath1a: are you talking about hiding username/password in a script that calls wget or curl?00:17
algacurl -n00:17
algathen curl looks up the basic credentials in .netrc00:18
th1aWell, the idea was to use JavaScript and XmlHTTPRequest, although for that matter, I'm not even sure how authorization works in that context, if at all.00:18
th1aRegardless, I'll need to do it in the underlying Ruby in this case.00:19
mgedminif the script has access to the server, so has the user who runs that script00:22
th1aWell, let's say that there is a form, where you enter the url and port of the SchoolTool server, and your username and password.00:24
th1aThen the (wiki) server can fetch your class rosters from the SchoolTool server.00:25
th1aThat's reasonable, correct?00:26
* mgedmin nods00:36
th1aWhat I was cryptically referring to earlier was if I had hardcoded a username and password into javascript--I don't know how to hide it in that case.  But I know very little about javascript.00:38
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mgedminI accidentally ran ftests with python2.4 and discovered a bug in recurring event implementation01:11
mgedminthere's a comparison between a date and a datetime01:11
mgedminif I could move schoolbell to /trunk/schoolbell, I would change 'make test' to run ./ -pv schoolbell ...01:13
jintyjust 7 more days to wait, mgedmin01:14
mgedminjinty, do you use python 2.4?01:20
jintyYes, I regularly test in hoary chroots. Mentioned the errors a while back though01:21
mgedminand we didn't fix them??01:21
mgedminif ./ -fupv schoolbell gives you any errors, please report them01:21
mgedminall tests must always pass on the trunk01:21
mgedminacl.txt ftest currently fails, btw -- alga is working on it now01:22
jintydid, but was given the impression they were not important01:22
jintywill do for everything from now.01:23
jintyps. my name in the defauly nosy list would be nice as well01:24
mgedminit is there01:24
jintyhave there been no new issues since then??01:25
* jinty goes to check his roundup settings01:25
mgedminI didn't get any notifications from roundup01:25
jintyok, thanks, had assumed I wasn't added01:26
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* jinty discovers that the new works really nicely when moved to scripts (python2.3)01:32
* jinty thanks mgedmin01:33
mgedminsee you01:34
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jintyth1a: do you want to hear some first impressions of the new schoolbell?01:51
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th1ajinty:  from you?02:06
th1aYour impressions?02:08
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th1ajinty:  Sure.02:17
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th1ajinty:  Impressions?02:27
jintyhmm.. seems like my IRC has problems, so I'll just dump them02:28
jintyWorking off the standalone server:02:28
jinty1) the contrast between the red bar at the top and the rest of the screen above and below. This is a focus for my eye, so I have to force myself to look away from it. irritating.02:31
jinty2) http://localhost:7001/persons/manager/preferences.html is not available!02:32
jinty3) the three monthly calendars on the left in a daily view. the bottom is chopped off the last one.02:33
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th1aThose are good points.02:42
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* jinty thinks he needs to go and beat his firewall03:01
jinty4) Social societies and activity groups probably won't like the 8:00 -> 18:00 day. and I found no way of easily changing that.03:01
jinty5) Line under Jump To..., in my opinion is too close to the text.03:01
jinty6) Mouse clicking in the password box (login) past the end of the text puts the cursor at the beginning of the text. (firefox)03:01
jinty7) I really can't figure out access control... 8) Why do the links on the main window (e.g. people in person index) have to be underlined? visual cruft?03:01
jintyJust my pesonal first impressions. Propably a lot of stuff in there is on someones todo list, or is a bad idea.03:02
jintybut said it just in case it was useful.03:02
th1aSorry.  I was just off killing Nazis.03:03
jinty<fake offence>my great-grandfather was a mechanic in the german air force</fake offense>03:08
th1aActually, I was just overrunning an air base, so I might have just virtually mowed him down.03:09
jintyhow realistic were the screams? We were just killing an army of cockroaches in the kitchen the other day, never knew I could be so genocidal.03:15
th1aNot terribly realistic.  The bodies disappear, too.03:45
jintyaw, shucks, I have to sweep them away afterwards03:52
th1aI did dispose of a mouse today.03:53
th1aKitty is not getting the clean kills lately.03:54
th1aShe brings the fatally wounded mice upstairs and loses them, so they die in my laundry, or under boxes.03:54
jintyVery nice thing to find when you put on a shirt.03:58
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mgedminall unit and functional tests now pass with both python 2.3 and 2.415:43
mgedminI was surprised that I could run the tests with python 2.4 without having to recompile any Zope 3 extension modules15:44
mgedminalso, all tests pass both with the schooltool test runner, and with zope 3 test runner15:45
mgedmin(you need to do some special setup -- create a package include file, symlink Zope3/src/schoolbell to ../../src/schoolbell -- to use the z3 test runner)15:46
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* th1a is driving up to the in-laws for a few days.16:00
th1aconnectivity will be spotty, I think.16:01
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mgedminjinty's points19:54
mgedmin1) what color do you suggest for the red bar?19:54
mgedmin2) no, preferences aren't implemented yet; perhaps it would be better to hide that link until they appear19:55
mgedmin3) same here -- I suggest getting rid of the Navigation box19:56
mgedmin4) perhaps there should be a preference; btw the 8-18 day automatically expands if you have events outside that range19:58
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mgedmin5) screenshot?  which browser?  do you mean just "Jump to", or all portlet titles?19:59
mgedmin6) I experience the same bug; I think it's a bug in firefox19:59
mgedmin7) could you try with a newer version and elaborate a bit?20:00
mgedmin8) all links on the web must be underlined, according to usability experts (don't have a url handy now, though), unless it is clear in some other way that you can click on them20:01
jinty2,3,4,6 ok. rest will follow:20:09
jinty1) something with less of a contrast above and below.20:10
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jintyperhaps not such a deep red, or even a darker version of the grey used in the rest of the screen.. hmm even the color of the writing (pale blue???) with red writing might be better for me.20:14
jintyThough i fear we may end up with a completely "washed out" look20:15
jinty5) http://localhost:7001/persons/manager/calendar, firefox. portlets on the left hand side.20:16
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jintyIn my opinion, the line under "navigation", "jump to..." is just a little too close to the writing, because a g almost but not quite touches that line.20:19
mgedminI agree20:19
jintylooking at it again, it seems to be a more general issue.20:19
mgedminI would like the titles moved ~0.5 ex up and left20:20
mgedminalso, look at the portlets in iexplorer, the spacing is way off then20:20
mgedminnot to mention the strange red background of the logo image due to use of png transparency20:20
jintydon't have access to iexplorer :-/20:20
jintydon't notice the strange background either20:22
mgedminyou wouldn't, without iexploder20:22
jintyabout the titles, a quote from my art class many years ago: "In a composition, objects should either overlap or not touch each other. Just touching is a really bad idea" or something like that20:23
* mgedmin nods20:24
mgedminI dislike the way the first calendar line in the calendar overlay portlet touches the underline behind the portlet title20:24
mgedminI will add some padding20:24
jintywhoops: http://localhost:7001/persons/manager/calendar/@@calendar_overlay, A system error has ocurred.20:26
mgedmindon't do that20:26
mgedminit's not implemented yet20:27
jintynever again, I promise20:27
jintywhere is the calendar overlay portlet? (wtf is a portlet?)20:28
mgedminlog in as manager20:28
mgedmingo look at http://7001/persons/manager/calendar20:28
mgedminyou should see a box on the left saying "Calendars", [x] My calendar, <Apply> <More...>20:28
mgedmin-- assuming you have today's version of sb20:29
mgedminby the way, when you got a system error message on @@calendar_overlay20:29
mgedminyou should have seen this on the console:20:29
mgedminNotImplementedError: TODO20:29
jintysorry, no, just "A system error has ocurred." (Zope, Schoolbell under 1 hr old)20:31
* mgedmin nods20:31
jintystupid me20:31
mgedmintracebacks are not shown on the web in zope 3, so as to not confuse the user and avoid security leaks of things like module names20:31
jintyabout that spacing, Apply and More really shouldnt be touching the list of calenders either20:33
jintyin tha calender overlay portlet20:33
mgedminthey aren't on my machine20:33
* mgedmin wishes he could paste screenshots into irc20:33
mgedminare there any paste servers that serve images as well as text?20:34
jintydunno, should I mail one?20:35
mgedmindon't bother20:35
mgedminjust a thought20:35
jinty7) Access control.20:37
jinty_much_ better:) but, if I was not a semi programmer, I would have no idea what objects are.20:38
jintywhat does "Edit" allow me to do?20:39
mgedminask alga20:40
jintyOk, I will route all mails asking about that to alga:)20:40
jintyIt's just not obvious from first sight.20:42
jinty8) Use color?20:42
* jinty is about to take 5min rest break20:43
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tvon|deskhoary has been locking up on my laptop all day21:22
mgedminkernel panics caused by inotify?21:23
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tvon|deskprobably, whole thing was locking up when nautilus started...which uses gamin22:27
tvon|deskwith 2.6.10-4, back to -3 and it seems solid22:28
* mgedmin checks22:28
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