IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2005-02-19

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tvonWhats the status if ical importing?00:24
mgedminnot done yet00:25
mgedminthe view is there in schoolbell.calendar.browser00:26
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mgedminit is not hooked up00:26
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mgedminit would be nice to have a web form to upload a .ical file00:50
mgedminin addition to being able to use HTTP PUT00:51
th1aI'm not sure.00:51
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th1aThat doesn't strike me as practically useful, since I don't know of any clients that would save the file without also doing a PUT.00:53
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* mgedmin looks around for etria folks00:56
mgedmincontent-header looks ugly when it's empty (the underlined bar does not disappear)00:56
mgedminlook at, e.g., http://localhost:8080/nosuchpage00:56
mgedminalbert's new access control view could use some css loving too..00:58
mgedminok, it's 1 am here, time to wrap up00:58
mgedminsee you on monday00:58
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th1aGood night mgedmin.00:58
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tvon|x31I'm very happy we have irc logs :)02:28
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* mgedmin is having fun with javascript on
d2mcool, fyi: "planetzope" is at
* th1a_ goes to try yet again to fix Planet SchoolTool.17:59
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th1aI had a perfectly functioning Planet site before, but I seem to be cursed with this one.18:00
mgedminth1a, which planet version are you using?18:06
mgedminI upgraded to jeff's planet--1.0 branch yesterday18:06
th1aIt's just cron job/config script stuff.18:07
mgedminah, ok18:07
th1aIt's me.18:07
th1aYay.  Planet SchoolTool seems to have worked properly for once.18:44
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* mgedmin playing around with unit tests for javascript21:28
bskahanmgedmin: saw jsUnit on sourceforge?22:05
* mgedmin nods22:28
mgedminalthough I do not like its UI22:28
th1aAh, that's interesting.22:28
* mgedmin scratches his head trying to understand how document.cookie works22:31

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