IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-02-17

mgedminbskahan, if you create that wiki page in your home folder, will other be able to edit it?00:04
mgedminwho does say that creating your own wiki page is "not really recommended"?00:05
tvonmaybe for your random member... though I still don't entirely agree00:05
mgedminI don't seem to be able to add wiki pages in my home folder, though00:06
tvoneh.. why does have a define-macro="body" right inside a fill-slot="body"?00:11
mgedmindoes it?00:14
* mgedmin looks00:14
mgedminI think someone copied bits from the standard form macros without really understanding what they were doing00:15
tvonI'll ditch the define-macro bit00:15
mgedminunless I am looking at code reuse00:16
tvonwhen you have <div metal:define-slot="foo"></div>.. and <div metal:fill-slot="foo">blah</div>... *both* div tags are thrown away in the end, correct?00:16
tvoneg, after that, all there will be is "blah" and not "<div>blah</div>"..00:17
mgedminwhen you have <x metal:define-slot="foo">...</x>00:17
mgedminand <y metal:fill-slot="foo">z</y>00:17
mgedminyou get <y>z</y> in the output00:17
tvonah, okay00:17
mgedminsvn blame says I added those define-macro lines!00:18
mgedminviewcvs does not escape angle brackets in diffs!00:20
mgedmin(if I choose unified diff format)00:21
bskahanyeah, I've noticed that before00:21
mgedminI see, I touched spacing00:22
* mgedmin shrugs00:23
mgedminI suggest getting rid of all macro and slot definitions in page templates, except for view_macros.pt00:24
tvonI see the formbody macro defined in simple_edit/add... is it used for anything that I'm not seeing?00:26
mgedminI don't think so00:28
* jinty looks around for a blank cd, dosen't find one. decides to go home.00:28
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mgedmingood night00:36
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bskahansome z3 traceback:01:05
bskahan    mod = __import__(mname, *_import_chickens)01:05
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* tvon is confused22:43
tvonWhere would we use Annotations vs AttributeAnnotations?22:43
tvonthough... looking at relationship.annotatable the usage seems similar...  eg, "annot = AttributeAnnotations(obj)" vs "annot = IAnnotations(obj)".. and then get/set on annot22:44
mgedminwe should never use Annotations or AttributeAnnotations22:46
mgedminwe should use IAnnotations(obj)22:46
mgedminactually, I think we should define our own adapter ISomeSortOfExtraInfo(obj)22:47
mgedminand the code of the adapter should use IAnnotations(obj)['']22:48
mgedminand catch KeyErrors22:48
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mgedminand create the extra info object if it is not present in the annotations22:48
mgedminsee how IRelationshipLinks adapter is implemented22:48
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