IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-02-03

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jdubhey dudes :)09:43
jdubtvon: around?09:43
jdubhrm, 5 hours idle. i am probably way out of timezone.09:44
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tvonjdub: ayt?10:24
* tvon needs an irc client that can gracefully include timestamps in the UI10:24
* tvon thinks the world needs a non-suck irc client10:25
* bskahan suggests schooltool@conference.etria.com10:27
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* bskahan wishes would move to xmpp.gnome.org10:32
jdubtvon: your entry about beagle - is that a firefox theme, or a gtk theme?10:39
jdubtvon: the plone gui sounds interesting, but i can't get to the linked blog entry10:39
jdub(site seems to be down)10:40
tvonjdub: firefox...either the industrial theme or the gnome-fx theme10:40
jdubwhat's your gtk+ theme?10:40
tvonmhm, an indubstrial based colorscheme on the clearlooks engine10:41
jdubaha, clearlooks10:41
jdubawesome, thanks10:41
tvonyeah, I like it :)10:41
jdubbeen considering shifting to clearlooks by default in ubuntu10:41
tvonthat would be nice10:41
tvonthat or SmoothGNOME which is my normal default10:41
jdubsaves you about 2s of config time ;)10:41
jdubmmm, smoothgnome is a bit 'chunky' for default10:42
tvonI'm mostly a fan of the HIG colorscheme10:42
tvongranted that it can be done with any engine10:42
tvonIRT the the plone gui...are you talking about the Plone Desktop blog entry?10:43
tvonwhich link, there are many :)10:44
jduber, sorry10:44
tvonyeah, it seems to be down (for the past few days at least)10:44
jdubwithout the e10:44
jdubsounded cool10:44
jdubi haven't entirely bought into plone yet (dangerous on this channel?)10:44
jdubbut i'm looking forward to seeing what happens on top of zope310:45
tvonyeah, it's Sidne de Silva's blog...he does good things (CMFSubversionBrowser and such)10:45
tvoner, Sidnei da Silva10:46
tvonPretty much everything z3 sounds like delicious candy10:47
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* jinty is wondering how to start a schoolbell server from a python script in /usr/bin...20:08
jintyi.e. the one in the schoolbell module20:09
tvonthe z3 one?20:10
tvonthe zopectl or runzope scripts should do the trick I think20:11
* jinty goes to find zopectl20:12
th1aI need to do the same thing for Windows.20:12
tvonactually I see no runzope, maybe it's just zopectl now20:12
tvonzopectl = schooltool/Zope3/bin/zopectl20:13
jintyBefore I dive into these, they will be able to start a standalone instance of schoolbell?20:13
th1aNot at this point.20:14
jintyin the future?20:14
th1aWhat do you mean by standalone?  One that acts like the current version?20:15
th1aYou'll need an answer from POV on that one.20:16
jintysomething that looks veruy much like schoolbell today20:16
jintyok, thanks.20:17
th1aBoth options are open at this point.20:17
mgedminI want to rewrite the current top-level to start a mini-Zope3 instance20:17
th1aI'm not sure when, if ever, we'll have to abandon one approach in favor of the other.20:17
mgedminand hook into the publication process so that we have a SchoolBellApplication instead of Zope's RootFolder20:18
th1aZope 3 is much more flexible with this kind of thing than Zope 2, so I have to expand my consciousness to grasp the possibilities.20:19
jintyth1a: I think the standalone option is nice because it is simple, quick and easy to install.20:19
jintymgedmin: Thanks, i'll have a look for it in the checkins.20:21
jintyjdub: ayt?20:22
mgedminjinty, it's not written yet, so you'll have to wait a week or two20:25
jintyunderstood, I only meant that you wouldn't have to send me a mail. But if you want to, that would be great. I have to wait for this before I can test the packages fully.20:30
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th1amgedmin:  Can workflow transitions be triggered by events in Zope 3?21:26
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mgedminth1a, I've never played with workflow in Zope 321:30
mgedminbut I'm pretty sure the answer is "yes"21:31
th1aI'm thinking about applying workflows to persons.21:31
tvonthat would be nice21:31
th1aThat's a lot of what schools do.21:32
th1aYou're in "suspended" state until three days elapse and we meet with your parents.21:32
th1aThat sort of thing.21:32
tvonyeah.. "pre-registration", "active student"..etc21:34
th1a"9th grade," "10th grade..."21:34
tvonthat crossed my mind and I'm not sure thats the way to distinguish grades21:35
tvonperhaps by groups21:35
th1aWell, promotion is a big issue.  It is one of the harder areas.21:35
th1aAnd it can vary a lot in different systems.21:36
* tvon decides to juggle actions/tools a bit21:44
tvonin the UI..the tools div and the ZMI actions21:47
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* mgedmin is replacing magic CSS rules for calendar navigation icons with <a href=""><img src=""></a>22:00
mgedminCSS magic does not allow you to specify alternate text22:00
mgedminso if images are disabled/not available, the user sees nothing22:00
mgedminthose icons are small and hard to find with the mouse22:09
mgedminI'll try adding some text next to them22:09
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Aistehi th1a23:00
Aistedid you receive the invoice for the initial payment on the second batch of SB migration to Zope3 stories?23:00
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th1aYes I sent that to Mark on Tuesday.23:35
th1aAiste ^23:36
Aisteoh, ok, thanks23:36
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