IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-02-02

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tvonany objection to adding <?xml... to the top of zcml files?01:02
tvon...just because it's an xml file... no added benefit except maybe Nauitlus will detect it01:02
mgedminZope 3 doesn't do it01:08
mgedminI see no particular reason to start doing it01:08
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mgedminhowever it doesn't actually hurt anything01:08
tvonIt seems proper to me, but you folks are more intimate with z3...01:09
* tvon shrugs01:09
mgedminwhat does nautilus do with xml files when it detects them?01:13
tvonit's just a matter of which icon it uses and what it uses to open it01:13
tvonright now zcml shows up as plaintext, unless I add the xml dec01:14
mgedminactually, I can think of at least one reason to add an xml declaration at the top01:14
mgedminit doesn't apply to schoolbell, though01:14
mgedminbecause the reason is "you can declare the encoding if you use non-ASCII characters in zcml"01:14
tvonWell it's late there, shall I go through and add them?01:15
mgedminfeel free to add <?xml ... if it helps with the tools that you use01:15
tvonOkay, will do01:15
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* tvon wonders if the GNOME icon copyright should read "the following files are dreived from works (c) GNOME Foundation.."02:19
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* jinty wonders why tvon was looking for him17:21
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jintyIf schooltool is run as a zope 3.1 component, how does that work?18:18
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mgedminI want to remove 'update' from schoolbell.calendar.interfaces.IEditCalendar20:20
mgedminI think it is not necessary20:21
* bskahan agrees20:23
bskahanmost of the places I can think of to use that merged calendars would work as well or better20:24
mgedmindef combine_calendars(*calendars):20:26
mgedmin    return ImmutableCalendar(itertools.chain(*calendars))20:26
mgedminand update is not needed any more20:26
mgedmin(schoolbell.calendar.simple.ImmutableCalendars takes an iterable of events in __init__)20:27
th1aZ3 SchoolBell looks good so far.  I like having it integrated into ++apidoc++20:48
tvonintrospection is sweet20:49
* mgedmin hasn't seen that yet, actually20:49
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jintyanyone got an argument against me packaging the clients with python2.3-schoolbell? seems a bit of overkill to have one package for 2 shell scripts.21:23
mgedminwhat clients?21:23
mgedminschooltool-command and import-sampleschool?21:23
mgedminpackaging wxSchoolTool separately made sense (different dependencies: wxPython, no Twisted)21:24
mgedminpackaging two tiny command line scripts makes much less sense21:24
mgedminso I say yes21:24
jintythats the way I thought it.21:25
mgedminum, by "yes" I don't mean "yes, I've got an argument against ...", I mean "yes, go ahead and do it"21:25
th1aI'm trying to get a sense of what the dependencies are going to be for SB 1.0.21:25
th1aWill there still be a separate libxml dependency?21:26
th1aAnd PIL?21:26
jintymgedmin: I understood;)21:26
mgedminat the moment, no21:27
mgedmineventually, probably, yes21:27
mgedminwe will continue using libxml for parsing RESTive requests21:27
mgedminPIL -- what was it used for?21:27
mgedminscaling photos?21:27
mgedminconverting them to jpeg?21:28
* mgedmin greps the source tree21:28
th1aSomething like that.21:28
bskahanmgedmin: why did you remove the disabled booking code?21:28
mgedminbskahan, we will do it differently21:29
* bskahan nods21:29
tvonIRT user preferences, we are planning on sticking them in the PersonEditView and only displaying certain preferences if the user has a password...  any objections or would a separate view be better?21:34
* mgedmin looks at the view21:34
tvonsame place as the username/password stuffs21:35
tvonIPersonEditForm for the actual widgets.  The conflict here is that it is likely that a mojority of the people will not have actual logins, so for most people it will just be unused info21:36
tvonI'm not wild about the idea, but currently the difference between a "person" and a "user" is just the existance of a password21:36
mgedminI think I'd prefer if it were in a separate web page21:36
mgedminbut perhaps a UI trick like wikipedia's user preferences could make it work21:37
mgedminby the way, do we need persons that are not users in School*Bell*?21:37
tvongood point, I don't think so21:38
mgedminI think not21:38
th1aI think not, as well.21:38
tvonin that case putting it in the personeditview makes sense, if we are not worrying about ST at the moment... I think21:39
mgedminif we're looking at it purely from the implementation point of view, having a separate view makes more sense21:40
* bskahan goes to look at wikipedia21:40
mgedminbut if we're looking at it from the end-users (UI, usability) point of view, perhaps it would be better to have it in a single form21:40
mgedminperhaps "edit info", "group membership" and "display preferences" could be three tabs of what looks the same form to the user21:41
tvonMy thinking is that editable information on a user should be in one place.. more from the UI perspective21:41
tvonit's not like we can't make it look more linked in the ui.. "My Information" vs "My Preferences"21:42
tvonk, we'll do a separate view21:42
bskahanmgedmin: re wikipedia, you mean the list on the left that loads just the form21:43
mgedminI just do not want it to look like "name", "photo", "password", "timezone", "week starts with" are all settings on the same conceptual level21:43
mgedminbskahan, probably21:43
mgedminbskahan, it degrades very nicely if you disable javascript21:43
tvonmgedmin: I agree21:44
mgedminI would prefer it if we had just two groups of settings at the same level -- "user's info" and "display settings"21:44
bskahanI like that, but I think its overkill for schoolbell since there's only limted user info/prefs.  in schooltool there's more info by default and the posibility of huge amounts of info per person21:44
mgedminI do not think it matters much if these two groups are displayed at the same time on screen or not21:45
mgedminin schoolbell we have: - timezone, - date format, - week starts with monday/sunday, - perhaps week numbering (ISO versus what-is-it-called-now)21:45
tvonI think what-is-it-called-now == broken :)21:47
mgedminI don't know, I never used ween numbers before21:47
tvonif we implement ISO numbereing I dont think there is a reason to keep the current numbering.21:47
tvonbut, thats besides the point21:47
mgedminand when I started, I learned the ISO scheme ("1st week is the first week that has at least 4 days in the year")21:47
mgedminschoolbell only has iso numbering21:48
mgedminit also has "week starts on Mondays" and "YYYY-MM-DD" dates hardcoded, which seem a very sensible choice for me personally :)21:48
mgedminbut some people want options21:48
mgedminby the way21:49
mgedminwe have three places for navigational links in the new schoolbell21:50
mgedmin"Navigation box"21:50
mgedmin"Actions box"21:50
mgedminand the bar at the top that currently (temporarily) displays all Zope Management Interface views21:50
bskahanI'd like to not use the horizontal bar in schoolbell, because I'd like to use it to seperate major sections of schooltool.21:51
mgedminthe Navigation box will contain links that are interesting for the authenticated user21:51
mgedminthe Actions  box will contain actions that you can perform on the object that you are looking at21:51
mgedminI'm not sure if the top bar will contain anything (I was thinking about breadcrumbs again)21:51
mgedminhowever these are all vague plans21:52
mgedminand we would like to hear input from you21:52
mgedminvague plans and on-the-spur-of-the-moment decisions, actually21:52
mgedmin(I didn't like the plain-looking links that say "Edit" in informational screens, so I suggested an actions box)21:53
bskahanthe navigation and actions sound good, I was thinking about adding a second horizontal bar with the zope elements only visible for the appropriate users21:54
bskahanits something that won't be visible to many people21:54
mgedminwon't that look overcrowded?21:54
algathe zmi menu is not necessary at all imo21:54
* bskahan agrees21:54
bskahanI think the number of users who will ever need it is limited21:54
algait was just a sensible easy thing to put it so that the bar is not empty21:55
algawhen I made the skin21:55
th1aI like it.21:55
th1aFor now.21:55
algaMost of our views are not in the ZMI menu21:55
algathey're in the actions menu21:55
tvonFYI: the latest release of K12ltsp is based on RH8.021:56
th1aHm?  It is based on Fedora.21:56
* tvon was reading the wrong thing21:57
th1aWe still don't have a date selection widget, do we?21:57
mgedminnot that I know of22:04
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