IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-02-04

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th1aDoes anyone know if Zope 3 runs on Solaris?07:45
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DeanGMorning.  Is there still a schooltool wiki?  If so, please update:
mgedminafaiu there is no one single wiki, but a number of pages on are wikipages16:33
DeanGok, thanks.  Today's a zwiki bug/cleanup day and I was going through links.16:35
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tvonDo calendars work now?22:46
tvonI've noticed some related commits...22:47
mgedmintvon, do you have access to iexplorer?23:05
mgedminI found a CSS example that puts the footer at the bottom of the screen:
mgedminit seems to be in public domain "use it as you see fit"23:05
mgedminI applied it to schoolbell's css23:06
mgedminit works in firefox23:06
mgedminI don't have IExplorer handy to see if it works there23:06
tvonI have it running under Crossover Office/Wine23:07
tvonI can give ita whirl23:07
mgedminthe page claims that it works in IE5.5+23:08
mgedminbut I might have broken the rules while applying them to ie css23:08
* mgedmin commits the experimental css change23:08
mgedminif it turns out to not work, we can revert the patch23:08
mgedmincss-discuss wiki seems to be a nice source of information:
mgedminalthough I haven't explored it deeply yet23:09
mgedminsee you next week23:11
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tvonyeah, the css wiki is nice23:16
tvonHave a good weekend23:16
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tvonIt seems to work fine, though under wine the general spacing of the site isn't that pleasant23:27
tvonlooks okay but not as good as in moz23:27
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