IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-02-01

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bskahanth1a: can you explain how the quixksilver thing you want to do with notes should work?00:18
th1aWell, do you understand how the REST publishing API for Atom is supposed to work?00:18
th1aIn general?00:19
th1aThe Quicksilver plugin is actually written in Python, so we might be able to use that for testing.00:20
bskahanbut its designed for SOAP, not REST00:20
th1aIt is?00:20
th1aAre you sure?00:21
bskahanI found an example client that publishes via REST though00:21
bskahanthere's no reason that it can't work over REST00:21
bskahanbut most clients will use soap00:21
th1aYou mean Atom in general or the Quicksilver client is designed for SOAP?00:22
th1aYou can take a look at this:
bskahanthe Atom API spec uses SHOULD in describing implementing a soap interface on the server00:22
bskahanwhich means most clients will expect it, but the things the server MUST do can be done without soap00:23
th1aWhat's the URI?00:23
bskahanrelevant section is 7.100:24
th1aYeah, well, that's an appendix ;-)00:25
th1aWe're REST zealots.00:25
th1aIt is the one true way.00:26
th1aThe truth and the light.00:26
bskahanyeah, that's sort of what I'm getting at00:26
bskahanwe can do it without SOAP, but it won't work on all atom clients00:26
th1aThat's fine.00:26
bskahanwe just have to be aware of that00:26
bskahanthat link you sent is the actual quicksilver plugin you want to use?00:27
th1aSomeone else can work on SOAP sometime in 2008.00:27
th1aThat's some version of it.  The current version is in some kind of weird package I don't know how to open...00:27
bskahanis it open source?00:28
bskahancan we modify the one you sent me?00:28
th1aThat's a good question...00:28
* bskahan wishes he had a mac to try this on00:30
th1aLet's see... someone is working on a GNOME clone.  LaunchPad?00:31
th1aAlthough that's just for app launching.00:31
th1aHm.  Maybe it is called something else.00:32
bskahanthat's it00:32
bskahanfrom imendio00:32
bskahanwon't be able to use this plugin though00:32
th1aLaunch Box00:32
th1aWell, it doesn't appear to be open source.00:33
th1aAnyhow, you can use it for a reference in writing tests.00:34
th1aI'd say that we don't have to also do an xlink style REST interface for creating notes.00:35
th1aI wish it was still called Pie.00:35
th1aWhich did they pick?00:36
th1aCarrot or Orange?00:37
* bskahan wishes they'd used RDF00:40
bskahanspeaking of RDF, have you seen the piggy-bank firefox extension?00:40
th1aThat's the one that vacuums up RDF from the pages you're viewing?00:41
bskahanvery cool, general purpose RDF tool, indexes all the RDF links from pages you visit00:41
th1aHaven't tried it yet.00:41
bskahanand presents it back in an almost human usable interface00:41
th1aWhat is 'X-WSSE'?00:41
th1aFirefox seems to crash about once a day on my Mac...00:42
th1aIs that a problem?00:42
th1aI mean is X-WSSE a problem?00:42
th1aI just noticed that the Quicksilver client uses it, and it doesn't ring a bell with me.00:44
th1aSo... is that something we'd have to add support for?00:50
th1aIt doesn't look too difficult, although I don't understand things like "nonces."00:55
bskahanI don't thnk implementing that part is bad at all00:58
bskahanI'm only concerned about our HTTP handling being in flux from twisted to z3/apache00:58
th1aThis is true...00:59
th1aI think this version of the API is more up to date:
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* bskahan nods01:03
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* bskahan thinks having to test this on a mac rationalizes getting a mac mini01:04
th1aThen you could help me debug my MacOS X init script.01:04
th1aIt says "Starting SchoolTool"01:05
th1aIt works from the command line.01:05
th1aBut it doesn't actually do anything when you restart.01:05
th1aJust fails silently.01:05
th1aIt looks like the current version of the spec only talks about digest authentication, which is different, isn't it?01:06
bskahanthat's the current draft01:06
bskahanthe one you pointed to01:06
th1aOK.  I have to go eat dinner now.01:06
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bskahanironically showed up in my feed reader just now01:37
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mgedminhappy mailman day everyone12:16
* mgedmin loves the fact that you can do "somestring".encode('base64') in Python12:56
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* bskahan wonders what an appropriate mailman day gift is23:55

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