IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-01-26

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th1aArgh.  More snow.17:41
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* hazmat takes a flight to escape the snow17:47
th1aThis is a bit more than we usually get.17:47
tvonI'll bet your snow fort is rockin17:49
th1aThe funny thing is that I'm living in a neighborhood with people primarily from non-snow cultures.17:51
th1aThey don't build snow forts.17:51
th1aThey have no snow fort tradition.17:52
tvonSomeone should teach them how to build a good snow fort :)17:52
th1aAlso, they don't know that you are supposed to shovel your walk until you have a heart attack.17:53
tvonheh, insanity18:03
th1aHow much does it snow in Lithuania?18:03
mgedminthis winter -- not much18:04
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alga_Hey guys19:02
alga_I have the original Sodipodi schoolbell.svg file19:02
th1aAh.  Could you email that to the list?19:03
alga_do you think I should check it in?19:03
tvonwe also need a spot for .xcf files19:04
th1aIt might be nice to use for desktop icons on platforms that support SVG icons.19:04
tvonsrc/data or src/images maybe19:05
alga_just images?19:05
alga_src contains python packages...19:05
tvonyeah, and since nothing is generated from them19:06
mgedminI think these files should not be in src19:08
tvonI agree19:08
alga_contrib is for stuff that is not covered by SchoolTool licence19:09
tvonI think /images/ is fine19:09
mgedminI was thinking we might want to place files that are not images there too19:10
mgedminbut since nothing comes to mind, images will do fine19:10
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bskahan /data/19:19
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* mgedmin finally found the tweak for setting the initial nosy list for new bugs on issues.schooltool.org23:10
mgedminI'm adding tvon and bskahan to that list, because they asked for this on Jan 623:14
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