IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-01-27

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mgedminhm, the function that prevents cyclic membership is not entirely correct, I think13:54
mgedminit looks at all relationships, not just memberships13:55
mgedminno, I'm wrong13:55
mgedminthe code is correct13:55
* mgedmin tries to decide whether global functions in schoolbell should be namedLikeThis or named_like_this13:57
mgedminPEP-8 suggests names_like_this for global functions13:58
mgedminwe used namesLikeThis in SchoolTool13:58
mgedminZope 3 uses namesLikeThis14:00
mgedminnamesLikeThis it is then14:00
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jintybskahan: I see you committed some db upgrade code. (Hint, Hint)17:12
th1aWhen I chatted with tvon at 3:00 am, he said there was a bit left to finish, that they needed to ask Marius about.17:14
jintythanks, good to know. I'll be off for a while, but then back late tonight.17:17
bskahanpretty much17:25
* mgedmin is here17:26
bskahanhey marius17:27
bskahanafter I moved all the ApplicationObjects to a new Application I ran into a problem with getting the relationships off of the old object17:28
mgedminwhat is the problem?17:29
bskahanall of the relationship methods (specifically getRelatedObjects) rely on being able to get the links on an object and looking at link.source17:30
mgedminah, now I remember17:30
bskahanfor some reason link.source gets a no attribute17:30
mgedminI saw the checkin description17:30
mgedminhow are you looping through the links?17:30
mgedminIIRC link sets may contain links and placeholders17:31
mgedminand there are two iterator methods17:31
bskahanstarted with getRelatedObjects(old_item, URIGroup)17:31
bskahankicked the source error17:32
mgedmincould that be a broken object returned by ZODB because some things were moved to other modules and unpickling failed to work?17:33
mgedmindo you have a functional test that I could run here?17:33
bskahanthat's what I'm afraid of17:34
mgedmina sample Data.fs file, made with 0.8?17:34
* bskahan nods17:34
bskahanI'm fixing something in the calendar copy code right now, I'll dig back into the relationships in a few minutes17:35
bskahando you want me to check the 0.8 data.fs into subversion?17:35
bskahanor mail it to you?17:35
mgedminsvn mkdir db-conversion-tests17:37
* bskahan nods17:37
mgedminsvn add db-conversion-tests/Data.fs-0.817:37
mgedminsvn add db-conversion-tests/test_0.8_to_0.9.py17:37
mgedminthat script could be simple, I hope17:37
mgedminimport tempfile17:37
mgedmintempdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()17:37
mgedminimport shutil17:37
mgedminshutil.copy('Data.fs-0.8', tempdir)17:38
mgedminos.system('python ../../')17:38
mgedminor, better, import schooltool.main; schooltool.main.main()17:38
mgedminthen I can run python -i and use pdb.postmortem()17:39
bskahanmaking a simpler data.fs to checkin, been using one based on sample school17:45
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bskahanimport schooltool.main; schooltool.main.main()18:07
bskahanseems to only do part of the migration18:09
bskahandoesn't do the migration, just creates a new db18:15
mgedminah, did you rename Data.fs-0.8 to Data.fs?18:17
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bskahanshutil.copy('Data.fs-08, tempdir + 'Data.fs')18:20
bskahanlike that18:20
mgedminI don't think tempdir ends in a slash18:21
bskahanthat was it18:22
bskahanuser bskahan:12345 has calendar events18:23
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bskahanstrange, now I'm not getting an attribute error on link.source its just None18:44
bskahanbut link.retype is correct18:45
bskahan(which was true before too)18:45
bskahangetting the links as18:45
bskahan                for link in old_persons[person].listLinks():18:45
bskahanwhich is probably why getRelatedObjects returns empty tuples now instead of throwing an error18:50
mgedmingetRelatedObjects doesn't care about link.source18:50
mgedminit cares about, IIRC18:51 needs traverse(self).source18:51
mgedminah, right18:51
bskahanyeah, without source you can get little info18:52
* mgedmin working on
bskahanit sounds so simple ...18:53
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* bskahan has a meeting. back in 1.518:57
* jinty invites people interested in timetabling to have a look at http://minittml.alioth.debian.org19:10
* tvon looks19:10
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mgedminschoolbell 1.0 does not need hierarchical groups, right?19:52
th1aYes, that's true.19:53
th1ajinty:  Excellent.19:54
* th1a needs to force himself to think about TTML.19:54
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* bskahan notices he's using the exact relationship example from the relationship README20:36
mgedminwhich one?20:44
bskahanfor group in getRelatedObjects(old_persons[person], URIGroup):20:44
bskahan                    print group20:44
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bskahanI tried adding assert_(link.source is not None) to various tests and they all pass21:45
* bskahan is confused21:46
* mgedmin does not have the time to look at it right now, but will gladly debug a failing standalone migration test script tomorrow in the morning21:52
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* bskahan nods21:53
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bskahandhtml scheduling example23:57
bskahanwould really like to be able to move events around like that23:57

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