IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-01-20

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th1amgedmin:  So who is Ignas?17:57
mgedminour new colleague18:01
mgedminhe started this monday18:01
th1aExcellent.  He's going to be working on SchoolTool regularly?18:01
mgedminwe plan to do pair programming with him during this iteration so that he gets to know schooltool well18:03
th1aGood thinking.18:04
mgedminafter that we will have enough programmers so that we won't have to completely stop working on schooltool if we have work to do on a different project18:04
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bskahangroups don't have a iCal?20:44
bskahan /groups/teachers/calendar.ics20:45
bskahanvs /persons/manager/calendar.ics20:46
bskahan(making the iCal link contextual(20:46
th1aOooh.  They've got them in the REST interface, I'm pretty sure.20:46
bskahanok, they should have them in the browser as well?20:46
th1aYes, but perhaps they don't (yet).20:47
bskahanok, I'll look20:47
bskahanwondered if it was intentional20:47
th1aI don't remember when the .ics browser version appeared.20:48
bskahanactually, a side thought as I look at this20:48
bskahando people really want to open arbitrary calendars in ics, or would it be better to have an ical representation of their overlay set20:48
bskahanthere wouldn't be any way to distinguish different sources in the overlay from the client though20:49
bskahanthat would suck20:49
th1aHm...  Well, they want them to be separate, so they can edit specific ones.20:49
bskahanyeah, they're there on the rest interface20:53
bskahanyou get a ticket for pyCon yet?20:54
bskahanthe price goes up substantially on the 28th20:55
bskahanwe're going to try to go to the Zope3 sprint, not sure yet20:55
th1aOoh.  Oh shit.  I guess I didn't specifically tell you that our talk was accepted.  You didn't get an email did you?20:56
th1aDo we still have to pay to register if we're doing a talk?20:56
bskahanI was wondering that20:56
th1amgedmin:  Our Python UK talk was accepted, too.20:57
bskahancool, it was trivial to fix21:04
th1aGood catch.21:04
bskahanthe icals are there, just not in the traversal21:04
th1aProbably the same problem for resources, too.21:04
* bskahan nods21:04
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bskahanwhen's the emerging tech conference?21:06
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th1aI just posted my conference attending schedule on http://tuttlesvc.org21:06
bskahanshould add them to the schoolbell calendar21:06
th1aYes.  ;-)  I don't really use calendars, though.21:07
bskahanI spent years (seriously) training myself to use evolution21:08
bskahannow I really need evo ical write support21:08
th1aI'm looking forward to moving onto other more education oriented functionality.21:08
bskahanI was hoping to get Quills for Z3 working as a st component before emerging tech21:09
bskahandon't think its going to happen for march 12 though21:09
th1aWith Quills and ZWiki, SchoolTool could quickly become the best wiki and weblog system for schools.21:10
bskahanas part of a "Course", with the attendance sheet, calendar, and a blog for each class21:10
th1aI'm surprised that nobody else seems to be focusing much effort on that specific problem.21:11
bskahanthere's some interest in it, based on the occasional CMS question on the K12OSN list21:12
th1aYeah, there's interest.  Pretty clearly not enough interest to make it economically viable in the short term (or else I might be doing it right now).21:12
bskahanI can set up a nice teacher page in about 20 minutes with plone, but there's no "ready to go solution"21:13
th1aEek.  Looks like we're up second at PyCon, right after Jim Fulton's "State of Zope"
bskahanare we in the main room?21:13
bskahanthat seems excessive21:14
th1aThere are three tracks, as far as I can tell.21:14
th1aThe table is a little ambiguous.21:14
bskahanwe're probably not21:15
th1aI don't think so.21:16
th1a"The State of Zope" would be the keynote for a Zope conference, not a Python conference.21:16
bskahanwe went to pycon 03 most of the talks were in small room (classroom sized)21:16
th1aI would think lots of people will go to Jim's talk, though.21:16
* bskahan nods21:16
bskahanits a pretty good placement21:17
bskahanthe only 2 Zope talks I see21:17
bskahan03 zope corp was the main sponsor iirc and zope was everywhere21:17
th1aThat's interesting.21:20
bskahanshould do a BoF with Chandler folk about CalDAV21:22
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bskahansvn commit21:58
bskahanwrong window21:59
gintassvn: '.' is not a working copy22:04
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bskahandown to one failed ftest22:08
tvonis it safe to assume that a Person has a __name__ ?22:16
mgedminall our persons do22:18
mgedminit should be explicitly declared in the interface, if it isn't22:18
mgedmindoes IPerson inherit from ILocation, directly or indirectly?22:18
tvonIPerson(IApplicationObject) which has ILocation22:20
bskahanthrough IappObj22:20
tvonI should have said, "is it safe to assume that Person.__name__ is not None"22:21
tvonerm...nm, my first was what I meant22:21
mgedminhow did you get that person?22:23
mgedminif you just constructed a Person object in a unit test, it might be None22:23
tvonIt's in a test, person = Person()22:23
mgedminif you traversed to a person stored in the persons container, it will be not-None22:23
tvonI just did person.__name__ = "manager"22:23
mgedminproblem solved ;)22:24
bskahancan't you do person = Person(name = "manager")?22:24
bskahanwithout the typo22:24
bskahanis there anyway to avoid upping the Zope3 directory every time?22:26
bskahanmgedmin: I'm getting22:30
bskahanschooltool.ftests.test_events.TestEventSystem.test changed global service definitions:22:30
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bskahanall the ftests pass as of r2482 though22:32
mgedminbskahan, that message means that your test changed one of zope 3's global registries22:33
mgedminin general tests shouldn't do that22:34
mgedminbecause it might cause unexpected and hard to determine test failures22:34
* bskahan nods22:34
mgedminusually you just have to clean up by calling placelessTearDown or something22:34
bskahanthat's what I was afraid of22:34
mgedminif you did not actually change that test, just leave it be, I'll look into it22:35
bskahanI didn't change it22:38
bskahanthere is a tearDown method in that class22:39
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mgedminre: svn up in Zope 3, I'd be happy if svn up had a --ignore-externals option22:58
mgedminbut it doesn't22:58
mgedminit is, however, possible to move the Zope3 subdir to another place and then symlink it22:58
mgedminsvn up does not follow the symlink22:58
mgedminthere's an issue in subversion's tracker that suggests --ignore-externals or something like that22:59
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