IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-01-19

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jintywxschooltool client, do we still want a script in the top level directory to start it up?17:17
th1aI guess not.  We can also completely get rid of my wxgraphclient, or whatever it was called.17:20
th1aIt doesn't work anymore and I'm not going to fix it.17:20
jintyThats a good reason to get rid of it (graphclient) :)17:21
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jintydone - removed references and startup scripts. The libraries are still there though. Feel free to move them to doc/examples.17:28
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* jinty finds a zopeinterface package in debian and ubuntu and leaps for joy!!!!18:10
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mgedminjinty, I'm adding one new file (ftesting.zcml) that should not be included in 0.920:22
mgedminit won't hurt, but I'd prefer if it did not appear in tarballs20:22
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jintyok, added it to the already long list.20:44
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