IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-01-18

th1aelmo;  Are you still around?00:13
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jintyWould I be able to include components from the ZopeX3-3.0.0 tag in the packages rather than the trunk? Since we are going to include these components in the packages and the eventual zopex3 package will be based on this, it would be easier to provide security bugfix support (Nice for ubuntu main/debian unstable).19:28
th1ajinty:  So my feeling at this point is that we'll be better off having SB 1.0 in Ubuntu universe for Hoary.19:30
th1aDo you agree?19:31
jintyGood, I became scared of the idea of providing security support for most of zopex3!!!!19:32
th1aYou got that email cc from Mark, right?19:32
th1aOK.  So we're on the same page, then.19:33
jintyyep, my crushing issue is the zope3 thing. am sending a reply now19:33
th1aOK.  Thanks.19:34
mgedminjinty, re ZopeX3-3.0.0, perhaps, but I wouldn't count on it19:36
mgedminyou can try running unit tests with ZopeX3 3.019:36
jinty    from import TraversalError19:40
jintyImportError: cannot import name TraversalError19:40
jintyguess not19:40
mgedminyou can also import TraversalError from
mgedminso this can be fixed easily19:42
mgedmin(I think)19:42
mgedminhowever, more difficult problems might crop up19:42
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jintyIt would be nice when there are zopex3 packages around. But I wonder about the zope corps commitment to providing security fixes for something labelled as "eXperimental".19:44
th1aWhat's the status of Debian packaging for Zope 3.  Is anyone working on it?19:45
* mgedmin about to get a forced 3 minute break from typing19:45
jintyMattias Klose - There are packages available in ubuntu(X3-3.0.0), but nothing in debian yet.19:46
jintyI have been in contact with him, but no word on when debian packages will appear.19:47
jintyAlso the ubuntu packages are monolithic (including ZEO...), which will all be forced into main.19:51
th1amgedmin:  should I put issues in the tracker for the phases of the new contract?20:12
* mgedmin shrugs20:16
mgedminwe might try it20:16
th1aDoes "we" in this case mean I should do it?20:23
mgedminyes :)20:27
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* mgedmin would be *really* happy to see working schooltool functional tests21:12
bskahanmgedmin: I'm working on them today21:41
bskahanI was out most of yesterday21:41
th1aMartin Luther King Day.21:41
mgedminyou don't have to hurry, I'm about to go home now ;)21:43
mgedminsee you tomorrow21:43
bskahansee you tomorrow21:44
mgedminbskahan, ignore any functional test failures in src/schoolbell21:44
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jintyshould I remove the code that deletes databases?21:52
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