IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-01-13

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SteveAth1a: i must ask you about Brazil at EP01:19
th1aThe movie?01:19
SteveAthe movie01:21
SteveAi'm sharing a room with kiko, who is from Brazil, the country01:21
th1aI don't know anything about the country.01:22
th1aMore or less.01:22
th1aI sent an email to the EuroPython list.01:24
* SteveA wonders how to get a blog01:40
SteveAI've had so many bloggable observations and discoveries over the past month01:40
SteveAnow sadly lost01:40
th1aYou need a blog.01:40
SteveAeither that, or they were profound at the time, and i now forget them.  i just remember the sense of profundity ;-)01:42
th1aThe free Blogger accounts like Gintautas has are really pretty good.01:42
th1aYou need something that just works and supports publishing API's so you can use a dedicated client instead of the web interface if you feel like it.01:46
SteveAwent to the link to gintas' blog from your blog, and got some generic page01:47
th1aFrom Tuttle SVC?01:48
th1aAh.  I put in a .org.01:49
th1aI'll fix it.01:49
th1aShould be .com01:49
th1abtw, is "Gintas" a contraction of Gintautas that one uses colloquially, or just online?01:52
SteveAi think in general conversation02:13
SteveAtime for bed, said zebedee02:13
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mgedmineSchool News Ed-Tech Insider feed does not declare its encoding21:21
mgedminthis breaks the schooltool planet feed:21:22
th1aOK, I'll pass that on.21:23
mgedminuh, my blog also does not declare the encoding...21:23
mgedminI wonder why gintas's blog entries come up empty?21:23
th1aIn the RSS feed?21:23
th1aI guess they're empty on the page, too.21:24
th1aDidn't notice that.21:24
mgedminbug in planet?21:25
mgedminthe atom.xml feed does include contents21:25
th1aIt has <summary>21:26
th1aProbably the feedparser needs to be updated.21:26
th1amgedmin: Do you use Hoary?21:27
th1aIs a verion SchoolBell in the Hoary repository now?21:28
mgedmin0.8-2 is in universe21:30
th1aDoes that include everything in Debian unstable?21:30
mgedminI think so21:32
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