IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-01-12

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mgedminDojoToolkit is a project to create an open source (AFL) DHTML/JavaScript/CSS widget toolkit.11:14
mgedminmight be interesting11:14
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SteveAth1a: hi12:13
mgedmin(the url points to Ted Leung's post about Chandler's calendaring plans -- with a link to a wiki page with UI screenshots (mockups?), thoughts about CalDAVs bright future, and CalConnect consortium that "is working hard on improving interoperability amongst between calendars")12:58
mgedminattracting open source developers to a project:
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th1aSteveA: hi17:19
SteveAth1a: can you go to europython to talk about schooltool?17:19
SteveAth1a: are you interested in chairing the education track there?17:19
th1aWhen is it?17:20
SteveA(27 june - 1 July) of 200517:20
th1aI could do that.17:20
SteveAmark is into it.17:21
SteveAjoin #europython, join the mailing list, volunteer to be track chair17:21
SteveAlet's see if i can find an email i can forward to you17:22
SteveAforwarded you email17:22
SteveAlet's aim to get a talk there on schooltool and a talk on the python frameworks / libraries track about calendaring in zope 317:23
SteveAor something like that17:23
* th1a is looking around the EuroPython site.17:29
th1aI had dinner with Heimo Laukkanen when I was in Finland a couple years ago.17:33
SteveAHeimo has somewhat disappeared from the zope/python scene17:40
SteveAbeen working on java stuff i think17:40
th1aOh dear.17:41
th1aHe hasn't updated his weblog in a while, either.17:41
th1aNice guy, nonetheless.17:41
SteveAsure is17:41
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th1aSteveA:  Are you still around?21:27
SteveAhi tom21:27
SteveAI'm still around, at mark's place21:27
th1aI just realized that EuroPython is the same time as NECC, which is the big ed tech conference here.21:28
th1aI'm supposed to do some panels there on weblogging related stuff, which I could probably back out of.21:28
th1aBut I have to think a bit about which would be more useful.21:28
SteveAhmm.  so, necc will have a definite education angle.  europython will be a good venue to get python developers excited about what we're doing.21:29
th1aRight, although I'm not doing a talk on SchoolTool per se.21:29
SteveAi'm sure marius and albert and gintas will be going to europython.  maybe mark too.21:29
SteveAand aiste21:29
th1aPlus I want to go to Sweden!  NECC is in poopy Philadelphia.21:30
SteveAso on the one hand, there will be schooltool representation there, but on the other hand it would be a good venue to meet up21:30
SteveAyay, come to europython!21:30
th1aI'd better talk to the person who set up the NECC stuff I'm doing.  I'm not doing anything on my own.  In fact, I have no idea what he signed me up for...  I think I just have to show up and pontificate.21:32
th1aI'll get back to you.21:33
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th1aIt looks like it isn't a problem to back out of my NECC obligations.  I may try to participate in a panel via iSight.22:00
th1aUpon further reflection upon last year's NECC, I did spend most of the time wandering around by myself thinking "all these people are so fucked."22:00
th1aI'll have to have a full SchoolTool song and dance ready for NECC 2006, though.22:01
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tvonth1a: Just noticed the planet post to the list.  Brian just set that up last night :)
th1aAh.  I fixed my feed, by the way.  You should erase my cached posts and get them from
th1aYou're using the crappy default 0.91 feed with no dates.22:22
tvonyeah, I noticed that :)22:26
mgedmintvon, nice stylesheet!22:27
th1aI need to clean up some things.  I've been switching from Perl Blosxom to pyBlosxom and back lately due to mysterious breakages.22:28
* bskahan knows some good blog software22:28
bskahanfixed your feed22:28
th1aI can't run Plone on
mgedminbskahan, could you be more specific?22:29
tvonmgedmin: bskahan did that one22:29
mgedminoh, he's on IRC22:29
bskahanmgedmin: yeah, I was refering to quills22:29
mgedminI didn't notice22:29
mgedminmy brain is used to case-sensitive sorting22:29
th1aI guess I'm the loser in the Planet SchoolTool contest.   :(22:30
bskahanthat stylesheet is in the tarball I sent22:30
th1aAh...  I apparently didn't move part of it to the right place.22:31
th1aI only got half of it.22:31
bskahanthough, it mostly just inherits st.o/ploneCustom.css22:31
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th1aYeah.  I wasn't getting the rest.22:31
th1aWould you prefer to host it?22:32
th1aOr should I just fix the stylesheet on my server?22:33
tvondon't care really.  were leaving it up but it would be great if we could just setup somewhere22:34
th1aWell, if we're really compelled to do it right, we can just integrate it right into Plone.22:35
th1aWe'll have our own server real soon now.22:35
bskahanintegrating it into plone is on the quills roadmap, but its not trivial22:36
bskahanaccording to dreamcatcher, et al22:36
bskahanthey ran into issues with CMFSin and subscribing to feeds in Zope22:37
th1aI didn't have any problems with CMFSin.  Once I got it running.22:37
bskahanI use CMFSin, but there were some comments in the code and in the README that led me to believe a PlonePlanet product might be tricky22:38
* bskahan shrugs22:38
bskahanI'd like to see a PlonePlanet project that replaces CMFSin though22:40
th1aSince I beat you to the punch with the email to the list, I guess I should just fix my css.22:45
* bskahan nods22:48
bskahanwe're going to leave that up to experiment with planet anyway22:49
th1aHm.  I don't have the title:
bskahancheck out the index.html template I sent though, it adds links to the foaf and doap files for the project22:51
bskahanand makes the RSS discoverable to firefox22:52
th1aI thought I just switched to it.22:53
th1aYeah, I did.22:54
bskahannow its there22:54
th1aIs the title there?22:54
bskahanlogo isn't though22:54
th1aOK.  That's more like it.22:59
th1aI didn't realize everything was in the output folder.23:01
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