IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-01-14

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mgedminI wonder if GroupDAV has any relevance for SchoolBell (
mgedminit is a WebDAV based standard for exchanging groupware data11:17
mgedminapparently Ximian Evolution, OpenGroupware and KDE support it11:17
mgedminit has calendar events among other entities (represented as iCalendar VEVENT components)11:18
mgedminI wonder if it has any relation to CalDAV11:18
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mgedmin"If you are interested in the calendaring space, you should keep an eye on what's happening with CalConnect (of which OSAF is a member)." -->
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jintyhoi, anyone here can let me know what are the plans of splitting up schoolbell/schooltool/calendering16:52
mgedminwere you here when I described my vision of schoolbell/schooltool split?16:53
jintyI saw the mail to the list, but not in IRC16:54
th1a_Which day was that?16:54
jintycan you point me to a log?16:54
jintyok, i'll be back soon16:54
mgedmin<mgedmin> I still need to think about the difference between "schoolbell as an application" and "schoolbell as a collection of libraries for calendaring"16:56
mgedminidea: packages inside comprise the application16:56
mgedminother packages in schoolbell are reusable components16:56
mgedminlike in Zope 3 you have and zope.(reusablething)16:57
jintywhat do you mean when you talk about "top level package"17:00
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mgedmina package that is placed into PYTHONPATH17:04
mgedmin'zope' is a top-level package, 'zope.component' is not17:05
jintypoint: For every "component" that requires a different release schedule, I need a separate source package (in the debian sense). i.e a separate debian directory17:05
jintyI would rather manage these in the repository, but can do it outside17:06
jintyperhaps we can think of the mapping between your "top level package" and my debian binary/source packages17:07
mgedminI think we will only have two separately-releasable "things": schooltool and schoolbell17:12
jintyand the libraries17:12
mgedminwe might want to split them into two binary packages: schoolbell (application) and python2.x-schoolbell (libraries)17:12
mgedminI do not think we will ever want to release libraries without releasing the application at the same time17:12
mgedminbut we will want to release schooltool and schoolbell independently17:13
* mgedmin thinks17:13
jintywhat about outside users17:13
mgedminI am thinking, what if we want to release a new schooltool that uses a new feature in libschoolbell?17:14
jintyThen a new release of schoolbell would be forced, i.e schooltool is an outside user17:14
mgedminI do not think that is a problem17:14
jintyNo, I don't either.17:15
jintyjust I see 2 obvious choices, 2 source packages or 317:16
jintywhere the third is a collection of libraries split up into separate binary packages17:16
jintybut the choice of 2 does not preclude a later move to 3.17:17
mgedmin2 source packages sound right to me17:18
mgedminperhaps later we will want to split icalendar parser/generator into a separate package that does not depend on zope17:18
jintyThat could be done on the binary package level.17:19
mgedminoh, right17:19
jintyCreating new binary packages is easy in debian. The source ones require human intervention.17:19
jintyi.e. ftp masters17:20
mgedminunless we want to fix a bug in icalendar and release it without releasing schoolbell17:20
mgedminbut, again, it's not a big problem17:20
jintyA buxfix release of schoolbell. minimal patch.17:20
jintyAre we agreed, 2 source packages?17:22
jintybecause if so, then im missing space in the repository to put my second debian source directory.17:25
jintyth1a: Any word from Jeff Waugh yet about breaking the ubuntu freeze?17:27
th1aHm.  Perhaps I will get his attention more if I forward an email from Mark on the subject...17:29
jintyOk, then I'll try get a patch to 0.8-2 into ubuntu, getting it to work.17:29
jinty:):):) Yes, i think that would provoke a response17:30
jintyIn fact I would wish to be a fly on the wall17:30
th1aWell, since Jeff is in Australia and Mark is in England it would have to be a pretty big wall.17:31
jintysigh, just in jeffs office/(place of wor) then.17:33
jintyYou could probably include the words, "Don't make baby jesus cry" at the bottom.17:34
th1aWhat makes baby Jesus cry?  Taking his name in vain?17:35
jintyhmm, it's kind of an off the wall joke from the ubuntu conference.17:36
jintyThey were said normally when someone was about to do a thing mark wouldn't approve of.17:37
th1aIn this case I'd say Mark is asking something someone else to do something they wouldn't normally approve of, so I'm not sure how that works out, theologically.17:39
* jinty looks bemused17:42
* jinty is busy whipping up a small patch to mail to an ubuntu developer17:54
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dicego to it19:35
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* jinty has the idea of moving the debian directory to a branch after 0.9. Then splitting it into 2 (schooltool-package, schoolbell-package).21:42
bskahanjinty: I'm not sure I follow that21:56
bskahanI don't know much about debian packaging21:57
mgedminI once heard that debian maintainers are unhappy with upstream packages that contain a debian directory21:58
jintydepends who you speak to. I wouldn't like it if there was one radically different from what I was putting into debian. Too much confusion.22:04
jintyBut I would prefer one under version control, not in my private repo.22:04
jintybskahan: since there are 2 source packages, I need 2 /debian directories. The alternative is to split schooltool into 2 subversion projects.22:06
jintyor maintain the debian directories outside22:07
jintyunfortunately we still are going to be shipping 2 almost identical tarballs. A waste of mirror space.22:08
jintyhmm - or i could get the tarball makefile targets to make 2 different tarballs....22:09
bskahanthe mirror space waste will probably only be an issue through 1.022:11
mgedmina tarball without /debian inside + two different .diff.gz?22:11
bskahanI'm gussing that we'll get schooltool, schooltool-app1(schoolbell), schooltool-app2, etc after that22:12
jintymgedmin: the makefile target could export the right debian dir22:13
jintybskahan: 2 source packages (schoolbell/schooltool) with different release schedules that break up into multiple binary packages (pythonx.x-schoolbell, pythonx.xicalender)22:15
jintymgedmin: I prefer the .diff.gz to be small and readable.22:17
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th1aI just got back from the dentist.22:42
th1aI'm happy you guys are discussing this.22:42
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bskahanhave the branch merge working23:12
th1aAh.  Good.23:12
bskahangetting all the tests to work is taking a while23:12
th1aI'd imagine.23:25
th1aWe'll add this to the upcoming contract, retroactively.23:25
th1aWe'll work out the rest of the contract on Monday.23:26
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